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Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in Japan: Expert Review in 2024

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

What is RoboVac or Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

A RoboVac is an automatic robotic vacuum cleaner that is built with sensors and driven by programmable controllers. Several small brushes are attached to this machine which helps the RoboVac to suck all the dirt easily. You can operate this device by your phone or laptop or by any digital device via Wi-Fi. You do not need to stand by the cleaner all the time. That will surely save your time, and you can have a rest. Our life is becoming easier and simpler day by day with the advancement of the world. So, the demand for these artificial machines is increasing. Based on the functions, electricity consumption, cost, etc., features, let’s find some high-quality robotic vacuum cleaners available in Japan.

If you are in a hurry, you can buy the best item based on your budget, preference, and our recommendation given below. Based on our study, we concluded that-
– The Overall Best – Roomba i2 robot vacuum cleaner
– The Editor’s Choice – Anker Eufy RoboVac 15C cleaner
– The Lowest Budget Product – Lefant M210 robot vacuum cleaner

robotic vacuum cleaner
Photo: Anker Eufy RoboVac 15C robotic vacuum cleaner

Brand: Eufy
Model No: T2120
Weight: 2.6 Kg
Capacity: ‎0.6 L
Product Dimensions: 32.5 x 7.2 x 32.5 cm
Special Feature: Anti-Collision, Appointment Timer

If you do not want to compromise with the quality, this Anker brand is definitely for you. Because of being thin, it is easy to carry, and it is probably the thinnest model in the history of robovac. Anker Eufy comes up with the best suction power among all other robotic vacuums that adds extra attention to this product.


Moreover, it wears a very classy outlook. BoostIQ technology is installed with this cleaner which helps to automatically adjust the suction power of the vacuum according to the surface area. It has five different modes which you can operate easily via Wi-Fi. With these unique features, Anker Eufy has earned the commandable trust of a large group of customers. If you are thinking about having a robovac, we suggest you should try this model at least once.

robotic vacuum cleaner
Photo: Ultenic D5S Pro robotic vacuum cleaner

Brand: Ultenic
Model No: 88-012301-40-ULTJP-8
Weight: 4.7 Kg
Product Dimensions: 32.5 x 32.4 x 7.3 cm
Special Feature: Ultra-Thin, Alexa Compatible

Ultenic is another brand of robovac. It is thin and compact in design. In the field of race, a product with high quality and unique designs comes first. This Ultenic D5S pro is one of them. You can control this by remote or even by an app. And the main interesting thing is that it is also compatible with Alexa.

This robotic vacuum can automatically adjust its suction power following the surface area. Besides, five different cleaning modes fulfill its amazing functionalities and features. After one time charge, it will support you for up to 150 minutes, and because of being thin in design, it can go even under your sofa and bed for cleaning. Finally, the Ultenic D5S Pro is a compact product with a beautiful design and stunning functionalities.

robot vacuum cleaner
Photo: Roomba i2 robot vacuum cleaner

Brand: IRobot
Model No: i215860
Weight: 3 Kg

The Roomba i2 robot vacuum cleaner offers a powerful 10x suction force, striking a perfect balance between performance and price. Its floor tracking sensor ensures efficient cleaning with a regular and correct running pattern. The vacuum features automatic charging and resume capabilities, returning to the base when the battery is low and continuing from where it left off. Utilizing iRobot’s proprietary Dirt Detect Technology, it focuses on cleaning areas where debris accumulates.

The iRobot Genius and Voice Assistant provide personalized cleaning suggestions based on the home’s layout and habits. With a state-of-the-art AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system and 10x suction power, it effortlessly lifts and absorbs hard-to-remove dust and debris. Equipped with 2 rubber dual action brushes, it’s suitable for various flooring materials, preventing pet hair tangling.

robotic vacuum cleaner
Photo: Anker Eufy RoboVac G30 Hybrid robotic vacuum cleaner

Brand: Eufy
Model No: RoboVac G30 Hybrid
Weight: 2.9 Kg
Product Dimensions: 44 x 34 x 12 cm
Special Feature: Appointment Timer

Anker is a renowned brand in the field of electronics all over the world. That’s why in our shortlist of robotic vacuum cleaners, Anker has owned another position. This Anker Eufy G30 Hybrid cleaner contains all the cool features of the previous Anker 11S model. Besides, it provides a smart, dynamic navigation system that is equipped with gyro and acceleration sensors. This feature adds more efficiency to the movement of the cleaner.

Each feature is more efficient than the previous models like suction power, cleaning modes, control system, etc. Side brush, water tank, cleaning brush, waterproof pad, etc., add extra efficiency to the cleaning process of Anker Eufy RoboVac.

robot vacuum cleaner
Photo: Lefant M210 robot vacuum cleaner

Brand: Lefant
Model No: M210
Weight: 3 Kg
Product Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 7.8 cm
Special Feature: Anti-Collision, Appointment Timer

The Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, upgraded from the M201 to M210, offers enhanced functionality, quiet operation, and improved charging efficiency. With Freemove 3.0 technology, it navigates various floors, preventing falls and adapting to obstacles. Optimized for carpet cleaning and ideal for pet owners, it features powerful 2,200 Pa suction and a brushless design. With a 120-minute working time on low suction, it operates quietly, offering six cleaning modes and controlled via the Lefant app.

Compact in design, the robot is only 11.0 inches in diameter and 3.0 inches in thickness, making it suitable for small spaces and reducing the risk of snagging. Equipped with a 6D anti-collision infrared sensor, it detects the environment from all directions, avoiding obstacles and preventing tipping. The M210 returns to the charging station automatically after completing its cleaning cycle or when the battery is low, ensuring a long battery life.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Photo: AIRROBO P20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Model No: P20
Weight: 3.8 Kg

The AIRROBO P20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner combines powerful suction with a slim design, featuring an upgraded Japanese Nidec brushless motor for consistent 2800 Pa suction. With a height of only 3.1 inches, it reaches under furniture easily. The proprietary scraper technology efficiently captures dirt and fine dust on various surfaces without causing damage. The AIRROBO app ensures quick and easy linking, allowing users to check cleaning paths, set schedules, and control voice announcement volume.

With four cleaning modes and adjustable suction levels, including a silent mode at 55 dB, it adapts to different cleaning needs. The vacuum operates for up to 120 minutes continuously and includes a large 20.3 fl oz dust box.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about robotic vacuum cleaners:

What are the Pros and Cons of RoboVac?

RoboVacs are not good in terms of cleaning carpets. Small particles like hairs, dust, etc., can not be sucked up properly by an average RoboVac, as they need high suction power to be removed from the carpet. In this case, traditional vacuums are best. But not all RoboVacs fail in this job. Some high-quality ones will cost a little extra, but they will clear up your floor with perfection. If you are running out of time to maintain your daily tasks, a RoboVac is there to make your life easier.

What is the lifespan of a RoboVac?

This measurement has been generated by analyzing the consumer report over the years. A good quality RoboVac can support you for almost five years. But it does not matter how long the lifetime is if you cannot maintain your electronics properly. So, you cannot avoid proper maintenance.

How frequently it should be used?

In terms of operating a cleaning machine, it fully depends upon your need. Like, you use a washing machine when you have dirty clothes to be washed. Just like that, you operate your vacuum when your floor or carpet gets dirty. But it is advised to use a RoboVac daily. Otherwise, if the amount of dirt gets higher, it may cause an issue while sucking up.

Is RoboVac noisy?

No. One of the advantages of a RoboVac is, that it does not produce loud noise like the traditional ones. As the robotic vacuum lacks suction power over the traditional cleaners, they run quietly.

Usage of electricity & costing

If the tension of the electric bill does not let you sleep at night, a robotic vacuum cleaner is a blessing for you. It consumes less electricity per unit of time. That’s why it can be described as an energy-saving appliance. A chart of the energy consumption rate is provided below –

Power of vacuum Cost per hour(approximately)
800W 0.38 ¥
1000W 0.47 ¥
1200W 0.57 ¥
1600W 0.76 ¥
1800W 0.85 ¥
2000W 0.95 ¥
2200W 1.04 ¥
2400W 1.14 ¥

How to operate a RoboVac device?

The RoboVac is comparatively easy to operate via Wi-Fi. But it is still ok if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection. You cannot control different functions without Wi-Fi. By operating with Wi-Fi, you can schedule your RoboVac’s working period remotely. The machine will do its job automatically. Most people use it with Wi-Fi.

Can traditional and robotic vacuums replace each other?

Till now, no. RoboVacs do not have all the functionalities like regular ones. Again, regular vacuums do not provide the facilities like robots. RoboVacs will operate as long as the battery is charged. On the other hand, regular vacuums will run as long as you provide an electric connection. A quick comparison can explain better why not-

Specifications Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Traditional Vacuum Cleaner
Suction Power Low High
Electricity Consumption It depends on the power used per unit. But comparatively less than the traditional ones. Comparatively higher than the robotic vacuums.
Batteries Rechargeable Both rechargeable and non-rechargeable
Noise Low High
Carriable Yes No
Operated by Wi-Fi, Mobile App, Alexa Human

The information provided in this article has been published after analysis of the available data in different resources. If your robot-type vacuum cleaner breaks down after the warranty period, it is possible to repair it. Don’t chalk up the bot as a total loss until you check to see if the broken part is available as a replacement. You can contact the seller or local vendor to solve the issue if you ever face issues using the device. To read more reviews on home appliances such as the coffee maker, bidet toilet seatfloor matgaming chair, and microwave oven, you can check our home appliance category articles on the Sakuron Japan website.

– Our editorial team reviewed this article and approved it for publication according to our editorial policy.

You can also check the Amazon bestseller robotic vacuum cleaner list:

Bestseller No. 1
Anker Eufy (ユーフィ) RoboVac G30 Hybrid (ロボット掃除機) 【スマート・ダイナミック・ナビゲーション 2.0 / 2-in-1 吸引・水拭き両用/Wi-Fi対応/超薄型/強力吸引/自動充電/BoostIQ搭載/境界線テープ対応/効率的な清掃/スマート機能】ブラック
  • スマート・ダイナミック・ナビゲーション 2.0:ジャイロセンサーと加速度センサーに加えPathトラッキングセンサーを搭載したスマート・ダイナミック・ナビゲーション 2.0により、より正確な経路で部屋の隅々まで掃除できます。
  • 2-in-1のハイブリッド設計:吸引による掃除だけでなく、硬い床の水拭きが可能なモッピングモードを搭載しています。環境や目的に合わせてモードを使い分けることで、あなたの家の床をピカピカに保ちます。使い捨てモッピングクロスにも対応してメンテナンスも更に簡単になりました。
  • 掃除経路マッピングに対応した便利なアプリ機能:Eufy Cleanアプリを使用して掃除の開始・終了のコントロールやスケジュール設定、モード変更等をスマートフォンから簡単に行えます。また、掃除経路をアプリ上に表示してどこを掃除したのか一目で確認することが可能です。
  • パッケージ内容:Eufy RoboVac G30 Hybrid、充電ステーション、ACアダプタ、サイドブラシ、清掃ツール、水タンク、モッピングクロス、防水パッド、取扱説明書
Bestseller No. 2
ロボット掃除機 2800Pa 強力吸引 お掃除ロボット ロボットクリーナー 音量調節 静音 120分間 WiFi App対応 リモコン遠隔操作 Alexa対応不可 自動充電 落下防止 衝突センサー 自動掃除機 AIRROBO ブラック
  • パワフルな吸引力と薄型デザイン:弊社従来品と比べアップグレードされた日本製ブラシレスモーターを搭載したことで、従来品で課題があった吸引力の低下を解決し、2800Paのパワフルな吸引力を常に保持し清掃が行われます。高さわずか7.8cmのため、ソファーやベッドの下など手の届かないところまでパワフルな吸引力で清掃が行われます。
  • Scraperテクノロジー機能:AIRROBO独自開発のごみ・ホコリを効率的に拾い上げる回転ブラシ形状設計により、床やフローリングの隙間にある細かいホコリまで取り逃さずしっかりキャッチします。床やフローリング、畳でのご使用を考慮した素材を採用したことで、床やフローリング、畳を傷を付けずパワフルな吸引力で清掃が行われます。
  • アプリとの連携も早く簡単:AIRROBOアプリは自動検索機能付きですのでロボット掃除機の電源を入れればアプリが自動的に認識し連携通信を始めます。連携は約7秒間で完了します。AIRROBOアプリを使って、簡単に清掃経路の確認、スケジュールの設定、吸引モードの調節などが行えます。また、P20ロボット掃除機にはこれまでの弊社製品には無かった音声アナウンスの音量調節機能が新たに搭載されました。
  • 4種類の清掃モードと段差乗り越え機能:「自動掃除」「スポット掃除」「弓形掃除」「エッジ掃除」の4種類からお好きな清掃モードを選択頂けます。吸引モードについても、「静音モード 800Pa」「標準モード1500Pa」「強力モード1900Pa」からお部屋の汚れ具合などに応じて選択頂けます。「MAXモード」はボタンには表示されていませんが、スポットモードで掃除中にMAX吸引力が自動的に作動し、最大2800Paとなります。また、20mm以内の高低差に対応しておりますので、段差により稼働がストップせず清掃作業が続けられます。なお、不在時や就寝時にもご使用頂けるよう、静音モードでの稼働音は55dBに抑えました。
Bestseller No. 3
【11000Pa強力吸引 全自動掃除機】ECOVACS(エコバックス)DEEBOT T30 OMNI ロボット掃除機 お掃除ロボット 水拭き 両用 毛絡まない モップ洗浄 自動ゴミ収集 11000Pa強力吸引 回転型水拭き機能 高精度マッピング 3D物体識別回避 3Dマップ 静音性
  • 【革新的なクリーニングソリューション】エコバックスが誇る最先端技術と最新機能を搭載。隅や角の清掃範囲UP、障害物に対する適切な自動判断を通じて、1mm単位までの正確なエッジクリーニングを実現。Zero-Tangle テクノロジーはデュアルコーム構造で、毛髪やペットの毛の絡まりを防ぎます。
  • 【パワフルな清掃力】進化した11,000Pa の吸引力に水拭き機能を備える。OZMO Turbo 2.0を搭載、加圧回転式デュアル電動モップと清掃作業中のモップ水連続補充が可能。次世代レベルの清掃力は特にカーペットの清掃で実力を発揮します。
  • 【最先端AIを活用した新たな清掃体験】さらに賢くスマートな障害回避システム ”3D物体回避(TrueDetect)3.0” で、任せて安心の掃除。マッピング技術”TrueMapping 2.0”を採用。お部屋の間取りを正確に記憶し隅々まで効率的に清掃。清掃中にカーペットを検知すると、モップを自動でリフトアップ。カーペットを濡らさずに清掃。
  • 【メンテナンスも最小限に】取り外し可能なベースプレートとアップグレードされた濾過構造で、長時間でもメンテナンスフリーな運転を実現します。床掃除の煩わしさを解消。
Bestseller No. 4
ECOVACS(エコバックス) DEEBOT Y1 PLUS ロボット掃除機 5000Pa強力吸引 自動ゴミ収集 水拭き 両用 お掃除ロボット 掃除機 モップがけ 静音 最大150日分のゴミ捨て不要
  • 【N10 PLUS進化版】【最大150日分のゴミ捨て不要】ダストボックス内部のゴミは自動的に排出されます。5リットルの超大容量ゴミパックにより、ゴミと髪の毛を150日間まで保管でき、ゴミパックを頻繁に掃除する必要性が大幅に減少します。また、ゴミパックも抗菌素材を使用して、清潔な室内環境を保ちます。
  • 【パワフルな清掃力&静音】強力吸引力5,000Pa。カーペットの毛の奥に入り込んだペットの毛やホコリはもちろん、重みのあるゴミも超強力な吸引力で根こそぎ吸い取ります。また、カーペットに乗り上げると自動で吸引力をマックスモードに変更し清掃を行います。また、最適化されたブラシ素材と吸引口構造の設定で動作音はとても静か、リモートワーク中も気になりません。
  • 【吸引と水拭きが一度の清掃で終われる】進化した優れた吸引力とOZMO水拭きシステムで、吸引と水拭きが一回の走行で完結し、清掃能力がさらに強化されます。ケチャップ、コーヒー、油などの頑固な汚れもきれいに拭き取ります。また、水拭き掃除を同時にする場合、カーペットを感知すると乗り上げずにお掃除します。
  • 【マッピングで効率的な掃除】LDS LiDARとバンパーにより、壁までの距離、家具の位置や形状を測定し、複雑な構造を持つお家にも部屋の間取りに合わせて清掃時間が最短になるような走行ルートにて実行します。ご自宅の各階で複数のマップをスキャンして保存します。
Bestseller No. 5
Anker Eufy (ユーフィ) Robot Vacuum Omni S1 Pro (ロボット掃除機) 【回転加圧式ローラー型モップ搭載/自動ゴミ収集ステーション/モップの自動洗浄・乾燥機能付き/モップリフト/洗剤自動投入/水拭き両用/AIマッピング 掃除経路確認/AIカメラ搭載 障害物回避/アプリ操作/落下・衝突防止 / 最大24ヶ月保証】
  • これまでにない最高の機能美へ:究極の掃除性能、完成された美しい動き。全自動で常に清潔を保ち、床を驚くほどに美しく掃除する。これまでにない究極の掃除体験を、この一台で。
  • 驚くほど美しい床に:水拭き掃除をしながらモップの汚れを本体内で洗浄する「Always-Clean Mop」を搭載し、モップの汚れを広げず掃除可能。約1kgのモップ加圧でこびりついた床の汚れも綺麗に。最大8000Paの吸引力でカーペットの奥の毛やホコリまで吸引。
  • 完成された美しい動き:自動運転やドローンに使用される3D技術を応用した「3D MatrixEye」によりEufy最高レベルの障害物回避性能を実現。間取りを高速かつ高精度に検出可能なdToF LiDARを搭載した「TrueCourseマッピング」により、部屋の隅々まで漏れなく・効率の良い掃除経路を自ら設計。
  • 常に清潔で美しく:全自動クリーニングステーションを付属し、モップ洗浄・乾燥や掃除後のゴミ収集まで全自動で完結。浄水タンク内で生成されるオゾン水を使用し、床やモップの除菌まで可能。

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