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10 Best Coffee Machine in Japan: Expert Reviews in 2024

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If you plan to reduce your visit to your local coffee shop, the best coffee maker can help you get your delicious coffee in comfort in your kitchen. If you make coffee at your home, it will not only save your money but also save your valuable time by cutting down your visit to restaurants or coffee shops. Having a break during your work time when you make a cup of coffee, you can remove the monotony in your work. You can also focus on your work with a fresh start. There are many ways to make delicious coffee with semi-automatic, automatic or fully automatic coffee machines. Having a coffee machine is an investment – especially if you want to save money and time at the same time. However, buying the best coffee machine is difficult without knowing the minimum information about the coffee maker. In this article, we will review the 10 coffee machines in Japan. It will help you to buy the best coffee machine for your home.

If you are in a hurry, you can use the comparison table below to buy the most suitable item. The comparison table is the summary of the different items described in this article. You can buy the best item based on your budget, preference, and also our recommendation. Based on our study, we concluded that-
– Overall best product – Panasonic Fully Automatic Coffee Maker (Model: NC-A57-K )
– Editor’s Choice – DeLonghi Fully Automatic Coffee Maker (Model ECAM22112B)
– Amazon’s Choice – Nespresso F121-WH-W Lattissima One Plus Capsule Coffee Maker

Photo: DeLonghi ECAM22112B Coffee Maker

Brand: DeLonghi
Power consumption: 1450 W
Capacity: 1.8 Liters

Delonghi is a strong company enriched with the experience of over a century. This brand is famous for manufacturing only high-quality materials. Automatic coffee makers of the Delonghi brand can be a good choice for your home. This machine usually lasts long for more than three years on average. But it will last longer than that if proper maintenance is done. This automatic coffee machine has some amazing features. Descaling, cleaning, rinsing adds more efficiency to this coffee machine. It helps the coffee machine to stay clean all time. This kitchen appliance can prepare different pleasant coffee drinks like cappuccino, espresso, and latte drinks.

This coffee machine is so perfect that it keeps the original aroma of the coffee beans while grinding to give you the rich and original flavor of the coffee. With this machine, you can brew not only coffee beans but also coffee powder. If you are looking for a coffee machine to buy, do not hesitate. Grab this Delonghi Fully Automatic Coffee Maker.

Panasonic Fully Automatic Coffee Maker (NC-A57-K)
Photo: Panasonic Fully Automatic Coffee Maker (NC-A57-K)

Brand: Panasonic
Power consumption: 800 W
Capacity: 0.67 Liter

Panasonic coffee machine comes with multiple specifications. You can make customized coffee according to your taste. Panasonic coffee maker is a handy option for those who do not prefer direct cappuccino, espresso, or latte from the machine. You can adjust the milk frother, grinder, temperature manually by touch. Starting from robust espresso to milky cappuccino, you get the taste of freshly ground coffee at every drink. This kitchen appliance is pretty stylish in look. It does not take that much space because of its compact design. The steel container is used to hold the original aroma of coffee beans.

This Panasonic coffee maker has an extra feature. You can store four personalized different coffee flavors in its memory. Once you set your choice, it will remain unchanged for your memory location. In this way, this coffee machine is unique from others. For those who prefer smart machines, it is probably the best option.

Nespresso F121 WH W Lattissima One Coffee Maker
Photo: Nespresso F121 WH W Lattissima One Coffee Maker

Brand: Nespresso
Power consumption: 1250 W
Capacity: 1 Liter

Nespresso Lattissima is one of the best espresso machines available in the Japanese market. It is easy to use. It offers the best combination of any of the Nespresso models. Once someone drinks one cup of this, he will be chained to it for sure. There are varieties of Nespresso machines for different tastes of coffee.

This coffee machine appears with a soft white accent. Espresso, lungo, latte, cappuccinos, and many other flavors of coffee can be prepared by this. It takes less time to heat up. Lattissima One is one of the most compact machines which fits perfectly in your kitchen. Used materials automatically eject into an internal storage container. That’s why this machine is waste-free. This coffee machine can be a great gift for a caffeine lover.

Shiroka Fully Automatic Coffee Maker
Photo: Shiroka Fully Automatic Coffee Maker

Brand: Siroca
Power Consumption: 600 W
Capacity: 0.55 Liter

Shiroka coffee makers have a built-in grinder that can offer you freshly ground coffee. It has an outstanding build quality. The steaming process of this machine is also programmable. It helps to extract the original taste of the coffee perfectly. A new blade has been installed to improve the bean grinding performance of the coffee machine. Therefore, when warm water is poured into the ground coffee beans, the whole atmosphere spreads rich coffee flavor. Shiroka coffee maker is very easy to use and also compact. You can place this machine easily at your desired corner. This can be your suitable small kitchen appliance that will add beauty to your kitchen.

This coffee maker is compatible with both beans and powder coffee. So do not need to worry about powder or beans. A steel filter is attached to collect the oils extracted from beans. So this machine is also mess-free. At a time, you can have coffee for four persons. Besides, the glass container added with this coffee maker will help you to look at the extraction. Finally, the Shiroka coffee maker can be a beautiful present for your friend on any occasion.

Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Coffee Maker
Photo: Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Coffee Maker

Brand: Nestle
Power consumption: 1460 W
Capacity: 0.8 Liter

Nescafe gold blend coffee maker is one of the most uniquely designed coffee machines in the world. If you drink coffee a couple of times, you must be familiar with the brand Nescafe. Among all the flavors of Nescafe, Nescafe Gold Blend has a much smoother and rich taste. Barista recipes inspire the Nescafe gold blend, coffee maker. You can prepare perfect latte, macchiatos, cappuccinos, espressos, lungos or even americanos with this.

The Barista coffee can be described as a premium coffee that resembles the taste of a coffee brewed using the traditional approach. Barista style is a perfect combination of instant and finely ground roasted coffee. This coffee machine will easily match your home interior. The specialty of this coffee maker from other machines is, it appears a unique design.

Siroca Cone Type Fully Automatic Coffee Maker
Photo: Siroca Cone Type Fully Automatic Coffee Maker

Brand: Siroca
Power consumption: 750 W
Capacity: 4 cups

Siroca is another well-known brand for coffee lovers. The coffee machines of this brand have a great reputation in the market. The operation procedure of the Siroca cone-type coffee machine is also easy. A removable container is used to keep the coffee beans. This coffee maker comes with perfect grinding that helps to keep the rich flavor of the coffee flawless. The coffee is poured into a separated container. You can have a clear view of how much coffee has been extracted from the beans.


This amazing coffee maker is found in only one color. But probably, this should be the perfect color for a stylish coffee maker. This Siroca coffee maker will surely add extra beauty to your kitchen. If you are looking for a coffee machine of simple structure, then this Siroca cone-type automatic coffee maker might be your best choice.

Merita Fully Automatic Coffee Maker
Photo: Merita Fully Automatic Coffee Maker

Brand: Melitta
Power consumption: 850 W
Capacity: 1.25 Liters

If you are fond of rich coffee, then Merita coffee maker can be a good option on your list. Besides, it holds one of the top positions among the best-rated coffee machines. Now let’s talk a little about its structure. Like some other coffee makers, the Merita coffee maker has a separate container for coffee beans and water. It will let you know the water level and the amount of remaining coffee beans after each use. The grinder is structured properly to extract the rich and strong aroma from the coffee beans. You can set temperature, timer according to your demand manually.

Overall, this Merita automatic coffee maker is a very user-friendly home appliance. And its outlook is also very stylish. It will add beauty to your home or kitchen without any doubt. So, this beautiful machine should hold a place on your wish list if you are a coffee lover.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio Coffee Maker
Photo: Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio Coffee Maker

Brand: Nescafe
Power consumption: 1460 W
Capacity: 0.65 Liter

Another unique machine with a different outlook is the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio Coffee Maker. According to my assumption, the Nescafe manufacturers tried to give a robotic-type structure to this model. Whatever. Like other models of the Nescafe brand, you can prepare espresso, cappuccino, latte even with this amazing machine. This is an automatic capsule coffee machine designed to fit your coffee mug perfectly. You can enjoy varieties of flavors from authentic espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte, and more.

The usage procedure of this coffee maker is simple. It is possible to make both hot and cold coffee with this machine. Maybe very few of the coffee machines will offer you the feature of cold coffee. Again, this Nescafe coffee maker has fifteen different pressure levels that allow extracting the highest level of aroma, flavor according to your demand. Once you have a cup of this, it will fulfill you with the ultimate freshness.

Moreover, you can manually adjust the temperature and size by the toggle stick. Before buying any other coffee machines, do not forget to have a clear idea about this coffee maker. Maybe after that, you will be stuck to this Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio Coffee Maker forever.

Photo: DeLonghi Magnifica Espresso Machine

Brand: DeLonghi
Power consumption: 1450 W
Capacity: 1.8 Liters

Already we have talked about this brand, Delonghi. It is one of the top brands of automatic coffee makers. If you buy this coffee machine, you will not regret it at all. It will give you service for up to five years and even more if properly maintained. No doubt, Delonghi offers excellent value for money. It works with any type of coffee like pre-ground coffee, coffee beans, etc. If we talk about the flavor, a manual espresso machine will always give you the best, barista-like feelings. So, if you are a coffee lover strictly dedicated to the rich aroma, Delonghi manual espresso maker is definitely for yours.

Some customers may have an issue with the price of this coffee machine. The best espresso maker needs high-quality materials to be used. Good quality framing is also necessary to appear with a stylish outlook. But as mentioned earlier, once you buy this, it will surely be of excellent value for money.

Tiger Thermos Coffee Maker
Photo: Tiger Thermos Coffee Maker

Brand: TIGER
Power consumption: 550 W
Capacity: 0.81 Liter

Advanced build quality has been added to the Tiger Thermos coffee maker. High-quality stainless steel has been used in the coffee server pot. Even if you drop the container from a decent height, it will not break. The extraction of the coffee beans drips directly into the mug. This machine is mess-free. A deep rib filter has been used in this machine that steams thoroughly to bring out the real aroma.

This product is also lightweight. So, you can carry this coffee maker easily anywhere. If we talk about the outlook of the Tiger Thermos Coffee Maker, it is pretty simple. But effective when it functions.

What to consider before buying the best coffee machine?

When you are going to buy a coffee machine, depending on your budget and desired amount of control over the coffee-making process, consider the following features-

Cleaning functions:

Just like kettles, coffee machines are a risk of the build-up of limescale, but you furthermore may have lingering coffee oils to deal with and milk if your machine features a frother. Latest machines should have self-cleaning functions to assist you in retaining on top of this.

Multiple filter baskets:

If you’re after an espresso machine, choose a machine that can make double cups simultaneously or a single cup. You should choose a machine that provides two or more filter baskets for loading into the port filter.

Milk steam wand:

Perfect for lovers of milky coffees, steam wands offer you control over the amount, temperature, and froth level of your milk are common features on espresso machines and bean-to-cup coffee machines.

Double cup features:

The modern coffee machines can make two cups of coffee at a time comfortably. This functionality is convenient if you wish to drink your cups with the corporate. Coffee pod machines don’t do this.

Coffee bean grinding flexibility:

The test of coffee varies depending on the coffee bean grind levels. For example, espresso needs finely ground coffee, whereas filter coffee works well with a coarser grind. So, the best coffee machine should have the functionality of adjusting the grinding level of coffee beans. If your machine has the adjustability function of bean grinding before brewing them, that will be great for making delicious coffee.

Adjustable drip tray or espresso outlet:

A soft layer of hazelnut foam called crema is one property that defines espresso, so you don’t want the coffee to splash out! These also will mean the machine can accommodate your favorite mug, whatever the size.

All the information stated above has been published after analysis of information found from different resources. So, before buying a coffee machine, try to know the necessary specifications. As a coffee machine is an expensive product, you should know enough about the coffee machine you will buy. Contact the seller or local vendor to solve the issue if you ever face issues using a coffee machine. To read more reviews on home appliances such as the best vacuum cleaner, robotic vacuum cleaner, bidet toilet seatfloor mat, refrigerator, and washing machine, you can check our home appliance category articles on the Sakuron Japan website.

– Our editorial team reviewed this article and approved it for publication according to our editorial policy.

You can also check the Amazon bestseller coffee machine list:

Bestseller No. 1
アイリスオーヤマ(IRIS OHYAMA) コーヒーメーカー ブラック CMK-650P-B
  • 本体:幅23×奥行14.9×高さ25cm
  • 電源:AV100V、50/60Hz
  • 消費電力:600W
  • 本体、メッシュフィルター、計量スプーン、コーヒーサーバー、ドリッパー、取説
Bestseller No. 2
パナソニック コーヒーメーカー 全自動 ミル付き 沸騰浄水機能 デカフェ豆コース搭載 670ml ブラック NC-A57-K
  • 消費電力: 800W
  • 付属品 :計量スプーン, ペーパーフィルター
  • 淹れ分け:マイルド/リッチ
  • 挽き分け:粗挽き/中細挽き
Bestseller No. 3
【Amazon Alexa認定】+Style スマート全自動コーヒーメーカー タイマー付き スケジュール機能 Amazon Alexa Google Home 対応 ミル6段階 豆・粉両対応 蒸らし アイスコーヒー対応 遠隔操作 プラススタイル
  • 【+Styleだからできる!飲みたい時間に合わせて全自動スマート家電】スケジュールやタイマー設定で飲みたい時間に自動ON!​【+Style連携】プラススタイル家電と組み合わせると朝時間になるとカーテンが開き、コーヒーメーカーをON!など多彩な設定が可​ 。
  • 【スマートスピーカー対応】アマゾン アレクサやGoogle アシスタントにも対応。声でコーヒーメーカーのON/OFF操作できます。
  • 【スマホで遠隔操作】本体タッチパネルはもちろんスマホで操作可能。別の部屋や、外出先からのコーヒーメーカーを操作できる。
  • 【挽きたての香りとコクが深い味わいが美味しい】杯数にあわせた中挽き6段階の豆の挽き具合。【ミル付き全自動コーヒーマシン】豆から挽きたてコーヒーが簡単に淹れられ、ステンレスフィルターで豆の油分も抽出。コクが深い味わいおいしいコーヒーを楽しめます。【選べる杯数】1杯、2杯、3杯、4杯、5杯、6杯まで選択可能。家族での使用はもちろん、保温できるので、何度かに分けて飲みたい方にも。​​
DiscountBestseller No. 4
シロカ 全自動コーヒーメーカー アイスコーヒー対応 静音 コンパクト ミル2段階 豆/粉両対応 蒸らし ガラスサーバー SC-A211 ステンレスシルバー…
  • サイズ(約) :幅17.3×奥行22×高さ27cm/本体重量(約) :2.2kg(サーバー含む)/最大使用水量:0.58L/保温機能:30分/セット内容:本体、計量スプーン、取扱説明書(保証書)
  • ミル内蔵だから、全自動でドリップまでできる 全自動コーヒーメーカーは、挽きたての豆からコーヒーが楽しめる、ミル内蔵のコーヒーメーカー。 本体にミルを内蔵することにより、いつでも挽きたてのコーヒー豆から全自動でコーヒーを淹れられます。 豆から自動で淹れられるのはもちろん、粉からでも自動でコーヒーが淹れられます。
  • 「蒸らし」工程で、さらに雑味のないおいしいコーヒーに コーヒー粉は油脂分を含んでいるので、水分をはじいてしまいます。最初に少量のお湯を注いで蒸らすことにより、この油脂と水分がなじんで粉全体にお湯がいきわたり、浸透しやすくなります。 シロカ全自動コーヒーメーカーでは蒸らし工程をプログラムすることで、コーヒー本来のおいしさを抽出し、おいしいコーヒーが淹れられるようになりました。
  • お手入れらくらく 洗う部品は丸ごと取り外せるので、お手入れも簡単。ミル付きバスケットは丸ごと取り外せて、水洗いできます。
Bestseller No. 5
【Toffy/トフィー】 アロマドリップコーヒーメーカー K-CM5 (スレートグリーン) ドリップ式 蒸らし機能 自動保温機能 ガラスポット メッシュフィルター付き レトロ おしゃれ K-CM5-SG
  • ハンドドリップのように、コーヒー粉をじっくり蒸らしながら淹れられるコーヒーメーカー!
  • 「間欠抽出」でハンドドリップのようにコーヒー粉を蒸らしながら抽出します。マイルド、ミディアム、ストロングの3段階の味わいが選べます。保温プレートにより、抽出したコーヒーの保温が可能。抽出後30分で保温プレートの電源が自動で切れる、消し忘れ防止機能付き。
  • ノズルから抽出されたコーヒーがポット内のコーヒーを対流させることで、均一な濃さのコーヒーができあがります。1度に5杯分のコーヒーが淹れられます。メッシュフィルターとガラスポットは水洗いOK!
  • ◆◆Toffy_PREMIUMシリーズ◆◆ 落ち着いたカラーリングとクラシックなフォルムが特長。 上質なインテリアとの親和性も高く、スペックにもこだわったプレミアムラインです。
Bestseller No. 6
タイガー魔法瓶(TIGER) コーヒーメーカー シャワードリップタイプ 0.81L 6杯用 ブラックADC-N060K
  • 深リブフィルターでじっくり蒸らして香りとコクを引き出す
  • まんべんなくコーヒーのうまみを抽出する「シャワードリップ」
  • 落としても割れない人気のステンレスサーバータイプ
  • お手持ちのマグカップに直接ドリップOK

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