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About Us

Sakuron Japan G.K. is a product review website. We provide very authentic reviews of different products such as baby products, eco-friendly products, beauty & fashion products, home appliances, electronics products, travel & outdoor gear, and so on. Sakuron Japan G.K. is a team of 11 members with different expertise. We aspire to make an impact on environmental protection, and information source of organic products. We also plan to write articles on car parts items in the future.

Why Sakuron Japan G.K. Website?

In Japan, almost everyone speaks in Japanese. Most of the websites are only in the Japanese language. Therefore, it is very difficult to find the best products in Japan for foreigners without knowing Japanese. So, Sakuron Japan has created this website to make foreigners’ lives easy.

We review different products available on Amazon Japan to save time by online shopping and authentic product information before your shopping decision. We encourage our visitors to buy products online. Because we believe it saves your valuable time. We discuss the different product features, comparative quality, usage, and so on. Those types of information are very helpful for online purchases from online shops like Amazon. We always try to provide honest reviews and the best recommendations to make a wise decision before purchasing from Amazon. We are interested in promoting green and environment-friendly, unique products. That’s why every time you visit the Sakuron Japan website, you will find reviews on amazing, unique, sustainable products.

We may or may not get a very low commission from product referrals, but our sole motivation is your happiness. So our team regularly lists new products. We do not directly sell anything.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is a happy shopping experience for everyone.

Our Vision

Make the largest online resource of different products in Japan.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more, feel free to contact us.

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