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Best floor mats in Japan to protect the home from messes: Review in 2024

Floor Mat

Floor mats are very convenient to protect the home from messes. If you have a baby or pets, they will play and mess the home floor. They will drop foods, spill away water, and so on. So, we recommend using floor mats for a clean house. The best indoor door mats are made of absorbent and durable materials that are comfortable enough to walk on but strong enough to last. These mats should feature a non-slip backing (often made of rubber) so they won’t slide around. It’s also important that the mats are easy to clean, with a low profile (ideally under 1/2 inch thick) to avoid getting in the way of your door.

In this article, Sakuron Japan team reviewed 6 best floor mats to protect your home from messes. All of these products are available on Amazon Japan and you can get delivery of those item within 1-3 business days.

If you are in a hurry, you can buy the best item from the comparison table below. The comparison table summarizes the different items described in this article. You can buy the best suitable item based on your budget, preference, and our recommendation. Based on our study, we concluded that-
– The Editor’s Choice – Uyoyous Large Tile Carpet
– The Overall Best Product – Hagiwara Freely-Cuttable Flooring Sheet
– The Best Budget Product – CB Japan Porto Colorful Joint Mat

Uyoyous Large Tile Carpet
Photo: Uyoyous Large Tile Carpet

Large Size Increased Protection: With an ultra-large size of 19.7 x 19.7 inches (50 x 50 cm) per sheet, you can easily place it up with less effort to put it in. PVC backing Tile carpet protects furniture from dings, stains, and nicks caused by pets and nicks.

Soundproof, Anti-Slip, Floor Protection: The polypropylene fiber drains well and dries quickly. The tile carpet has excellent heat retention and durability, reducing noise from the stairs. The bottom of the tile mat is made of anti-slip PVC and has excellent anti-slip properties. Abrasion-resistant to wear and pilling. (Comfortable to the touch, approximately 0.2 inches (5.5 mm) thick)

Provides a much better feel when walking barefoot. It is gentle on your pet’s feet and reduces damage when jumping out or falling off the chair. It is approximately 5.5mm thick, so the mat won’t get caught when you open or close the door. Even if you move the caster wagon, you won’t have to worry about the difference in steps.

Freely Cut: You can easily cut Uyoyous carpet with scissors. So, you can lay it snugly according to the size and shape of your room. You can place it in a kitchen, living room, hallway, and other places according to your own nice.

Freely Placed: Uyoyous large tile carpet can be used in all kinds of places, such as offices, offices, businesses, entryways, hallways, stairs, living rooms, kitchens, etc.

Photo: Rihans Joint Mat Tile Carpet

High Quality Material and Anti-Slip Tile Mat: The tile carpet is made of 100% polyester, Back: Acrylic resin. High quality material makes the mat anti-pilling and durable.

The adhesive processing is not easy to slip, so the adhesive surface is highly sticky, and it stays firmly on the floor and stays in place. To remove the mat, simply peel it from the edge of the mat. Does not leave any sticky residue. When placed for a long period of time, there may be some marks of peeling of the tile mat, install once a week and let the suction part touch the air.

Reduces Daily Sounds, Protects Floors, Can Be Used in Various Places: The tile carpet has a soundproofing effect and reduces noise from falling objects and is also effective for children playing in the room. Place it in your room to soften your pet’s sounds.

Many places to use: It is selected in rental rooms, children’s rooms, living rooms, offices, hallways, kitchens, entryways, and more.

Easy to Clean, Mix and Match Freely: Cleaning robots, adhesive cleaners, and vacuum cleaners are supported, making it easy to clean. It is very convenient to replace only dirty mats. Tile carpet will wrinkle after washing, please lay flat for a while.

Easy to cut: This mat can be cut freely, because it is only 0.2 inch (4 mm) thick. The tile carpet is approximately 0.2 inch (4 mm) thick, so it is convenient to open and close the door.

You can freely cut it with a cutter or scissors according to your preference. Just place it in a small entryway or stair mat size to prevent stains.

Compatible with floor heating: The tile mat is easy to transfer heat and can be used in winter. Suitable for all seasons. Suitable for underfloor heating (max temperature: 80 degrees). It is not recommended to place joint mats on uneven surfaces, on carpets, on carpets, on tatami mats.

Warranty/ Product replacement: Rihans products come with 90 days warranty and a 12 month worry-free warranty. If you have any problems with the product (damage, defective, color difference), feel free to contact seller. Seller will provide a thorough warranty service.

Flooring Sheet
Photo: Hagiwara Freely-Cuttable Flooring Sheet

The Hagiwara mat sheets can be easily cut with scissors according to where you want to put it. You can easily remake the floor on a damaged floor, near a window where you are worried about sunburn on the flooring, around the water, at the entrance, etc. Since it is made of resin, it can be wiped off quickly even if it gets dirty.

Functions and features:

  1. “Water-repellent and antifouling treatment” that is easy to remove with a single wipe when it gets dirty.
  2. “Flameproof products” that are difficult to spread even if the fire burns.
  3. “Antibacterial processing” that suppresses the growth of bacteria.
  4. “Mold-proof processing” to prevent the growth of mold from spilled foods and liquids.
  5. Because it is thin, there are few steps with the floor and it is difficult to trip.

How to set up/ do fitting works?

    • Immediately after opening, there may be wrinkles due to the nature of the product, but if you wind it in the opposite direction and straighten the warp, it will gradually heal.
    • At the beginning of use, there may be a product-specific odor, but in that case, it will gradually fade after a few days of ventilation.
    • The attached non-slip seal is an adhesive / adsorption type.

How to attach the non-slip sticker.

  • Peel off the release paper and attach the adhesive side to the back of the mat.
  • Peel off the transparent film on the opposite side and press the suction surface against the floor to fix the mat.
  • If the sticking to the floor becomes weaker, clean the adsorption surface with a cloth moistened with water and dry it to restore the effect. The adhesive surface cannot be reattached.
  • The pattern may differ from the one shown in the photo.
  • On floor heating and hot carpets, the product may expand and contract due to heat.
  • The appearance of colors may differ depending on your display environment. In particular, the colors of the images with the products up are carefully adjusted, but the vivid colors and subtle shades may look different.

Other features:
Anti-scratch cushioning: The seat has moderate cushioning to protect your floor from scratches. With a thickness of 1.8mm, there is little difference between the floor. You can easily remake your floor by simply placing it on your windows or entryway where you are concerned about sunburns on your floors.

Suction type non-slip sheet: Non-slip sheet is included so you can use it without using double-sided tape or glue to prevent slipping or sliding. The suction surface will not stain the floor and can be applied or removed. It will be delivered in a circular wind. If the winding habit is not fixed, you can try to reverse it and stretch the warping; it will be fixed gradually.

Quick wipe cushioned floor material: The non-slip sheet can be removed quickly so you can quickly clean up the gap between your flooring. It stays in place, so you can use it without stress, even in homes using rumba cleaning robots.

For preventing dirt and dirt from entering your entryway: Just place it in your front door to create a bright impression. It is easy to wipe off, so you can wipe it off with a mop or other wet or dirt on rainy days. Depending on the floor material, the anti-slip sheet may not stick to the surface.

For living with pets: Place it in your pet space to prevent soiling. Because, it is made of PVC, it does not stain and can be wiped clean. It can be used under food dishes or under gauges or under pet toilets.

Thermal Joint Mat
Photo: Tansunogen Soundproof, Thermal Joint Mat

Tansunogen mat is non-formaldehyde, safe for children. It is a large size mat that reduces installation time, includes side parts, highly cushioned, scratch-resistant, shock-resistant mat. It is made from PE resin and it has good sound insulation capacity. Tansunogen mat can be easily cut with a cutter or scissors, so you can freely arrange it easily wipe it off when dirty. It is easy care product and suitable for underfloor heating.

Other information of the Tansunogen mats are as followings-

Size: When placed in 4 vertical columns x 8 horizontal rows, 183.5 x 92.5 inches (466 x 235 cm) (6 tatami mats), Outer dimensions: Width 23.2 x Depth 23.2 x Thickness 0.4 inches (59 x 59 x 1 cm) per piece, Set Contents: Interlocking Floor Mats x 32, Side Parts: end borders with corners x 32, end borders without corners x 32.

Weight: 19.8 lbs (9 kg), Material: Surface: OPP Body: Polyethylene (PE) resin, Color: White (wood grain), Package Size: Width 24.0 x Depth 24.0 x Height 13.4 inches (61 x 61 x 34 cm), Package Weight: Approx. 22.0 lbs (10 kg).

Country of Origin: China and Vietnam.

Care instructions: If the mat gets dirty, simply wipe it off thoroughly with a cloth, or wash it with water. Remove the mat and wash it on a regular basis as if moisture seeps in the gaps between the parts, it may cause mold to develop. If the smell bothers you, let the mat air-dry in a shaded, well-ventilated space.

Due to the characteristics of the polyethylene (PE) material, minor flattening occurs on areas that bear weight during use. Therefore, when using a new mat with an already used mat, please note that there may be cases where it may not join together properly.

Large Size Suction Mat
Photo: FUNHOO Joint Type, Thick, Large Size, Suction Mat

Product information of Funhoo mat:

Large Size: It is difficult to find very large size mat in the store. However, the Funhoo mat is a large size 17.7 inches (45 cm), so you will need about 1/2 of the amount of cards. The large size makes it easy to place and reduce the hassle of laying.

Easy Installation: You can easily change the image of your room by simply placing the joint mat as much as you need. Easy to cut with scissors, and can be attached to every corner.

Wide Compatibility: Many places to be used such as-
1) Entrance area (convenient for preventing scratches on floors such as bicycles and chairs, etc.
2) Hallways (as a countermeasure for elderly dogs and elderly people, and prevent slipping)
3) Kitchen (if glass or ceramic tableware is dropped, it will absorb shocks, so it won’t break easily).
4) Indoor (it absorbs noise from falling or pulling the chairs, making it ideal for soundproofing measures).

Heat Retention/Durable/Antibacterial Material: The reverse side is made of upgraded polyurethane material, softer than other products, and is more durable and does not have adhesive like glue even if you put it on hardwood for a long time. It has excellent heat retention, so you don’t have to worry about cold flooring in winter or cold air conditioning.

The surface is made of special fiber with silver ions, which has high antibacterial deodorization and mildew resistance, keeping the mat clean.

Easy to Clean: It is also compatible with vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners, so it is easy to clean. If it gets dirty or damaged, just remove the dirty area and wash it in the washing machine.

Warranty: The seller strive to ensure the quality of the product, but in the event that the product is defective, the seller will respond to exchange or return refund. If you have any problems during use, please feel free to contact the seller at any time. The seller will respond as soon as possible.

Colorful Joint Mat
Photo: CB Japan Porto Colorful Joint Mat

Product Size: Width 11.8 x Depth 11.8 x Thickness 0.4 inches (30 x 30 x 1 cm), approximately, each part.
Primary Material: Polyethylene.
Country of Origin: China.

Main features:
Safe & Safe: CB Japan conducted rigorous quality tests to ensure the compatibility of the mat in homes with babies. Even if your child falls suddenly, it will cushion the impact on the child. It is also very hygienic as the dirty parts can be removed and washed easily.

Excellent Sound Insulation: With its firm elasticity, it absorbs and reduces noise by absorbing and reducing noise from children’s footsteps and vibrations.

Easy to Clean: The mat of the dirty parts can be removed and washed, making it easy to clean. Even if you spill snacks or juices, simply wipe them off.

Free Arrangement: Joint-type connection for easy connection. You can change the shape according to the location, and the layout is freely adjustable. You can easily cut it with a cutter or scissors, so you can lay it perfectly in the corners of the room.

Pet Friendly: Beyond safeguarding against dirt and scratches, this mat is pet-friendly, offering elasticity for comfortable seating for your dog or cat without compromising flooring integrity.


This floor mat comes with a few precautions to take under consideration before or while using. They are as follows:

Initial Smell: Due to the nature of the material, there may be a slight odor when first used. If you are concerned about it, it’s advised to place the mat in a shaded area and ventilate by opening a window.

Silicone Application: Silicone is applied to the surface during manufacturing, which may make it slippery. You can address this by wiping the silicone with a cloth dipped in mild detergent and ensuring it’s dry before use.

Post-Use Slipperiness: The flooring may become slippery after use, and if so, you can wipe the floor surface with a wet towel.

Floor mat buying guide:

Before buying the floor mat, you should measure the total floor space you want to cover with the mats. At the same time, it is better to make a plan of how sheets you are going to use for different rooms. Based on the size of the room, and available mat sheet size, you should decide which mat is best suitable for your room.

Secondly, depending on the purpose or the place of use of the mat, you should decide on the most suitable type of mat. For example, if you buy a mat that absorbs water or liquid and place it in the kitchen or dining area, there is a high possibility that the mat will absorb liquid and damage the floor very quickly. So, you should decide on the floor mat based on the location and purpose of the mats.

Thirdly, If you buy mats for the room of your child, it is better to buy colorful mats. Because kids love to play on the colorful mats.

Sometimes, the stock of the mats finishes quickly. You should keep some extra sheets in stock. Because if there is damage in a very small portion, you can replace that small portion from the stock item. Another point is that the mat’s color, size, and shape vary depending on the stock lot/batch of production. So, to match the mats sheet properly, it is better to have some extra stock items. Due to an installation error, or if the product is processed during installation, you may face a shortage of the mats. So, it is better to keep consideration of those things in advance.


We have outlined all the information you need to get the right floor mat for your intended use, suitable for your circumstances but still fashionable and affordable. We know that the final choice is still yours. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

-Our editorial team reviewed this article and approved it for publication according to our editorial policy.

You can also check the Amazon bestseller floor mats list here:

Bestseller No. 1
【吸引・水拭き2in1】水拭き掃除機 Tineco(ティネコ) Floor One S5 Combo* ハンディ静音 パワフル 乾湿両用 掃除機 スマート 電動モップ 長時間稼働 軽量 コードレス掃除機 フロア 水そうじ ペット WiFi対応 音声ガイド・アプリ 自動絞り 専用洗剤 メーカー二年保証 *Floor one S5 Slim
  • 【乾湿両用掃除機、ハンディにも!】吸引と水拭き掃除を同時に実施。本体のメイン機を取り外すことでハンディ掃除機(吸引)にも切り替え可能です。乾湿ゴミどちらも対応するため、家全体の掃除がこれ1本で可能になりました。【多機能を簡単切り替え】ボタンひとつで多様な掃除モードに切り替えて、様々なシーンの掃除ニーズに対応します。
  • 【壁際も死角無し】新しいローラーデザインにより、壁際や角の汚れも残さずクリーニングできます。
  • 【低騒音で安心】エアダクトを最適化し、モーターから発生する音も低減。また自動で吸引力を調整することで無駄なハイパワー状態を回避、低騒音の新しい清掃体験を生み出します。
  • 【軽量設計】同シリーズのFloor One S3に比べ0.7kg軽量化。女性やお子様にも使いやすく、収納スペースも削減。【多機能を簡単切り替え】ボタンひとつで多様な掃除モードに切り替えて、様々なシーンの掃除ニーズに対応します。
Bestseller No. 2
フリーカット 敷くだけリメイク床シート 木目 ナチュラル 約90×250cm
  • サイズ:90×250cm
  • 素材:(表)塩化ビニル (裏)不織布貼
  • 付属品:吸着式滑り止めシート(5cm×5cm)×12枚(粘着/吸着タイプ)
  • 生産国:日本
Bestseller No. 3
Makinolabs フロアタイル はめ込み 置くだけ アカシア AC001 接着剤不要 床暖房対応 12枚セット フローリング シデフロア 裏面パッド付き ペット対応 賃貸OK
  • 床面に接着せずにタイル同士をはめ込んで置くだけで簡単に設置が可能なフロアタイルです。長さ調整はカッターナイフでも可能です。
  • 【施工面積】12枚で約1.6㎡(約1畳)【1枚のサイズ】幅:152(146)mm × 長さ:914(908)mm × 厚さ:4mm + 1mm(裏面パッド) ※( )は結合部分を除いた床面寸法【1枚の重量】1.13kg(1ケース12枚で13.5kg)
  • 無垢材フローリングのような質感とPVC(SPC)材ならではの耐久性にこだわった多機能なフロアタイルです。
  • 表面には防汚・抗菌のUVコート、裏面には軽微な下地調整、防音及びズレ防止に効果のあるIXPEパッドが付いています。また表面の微細な凹凸加工によって滑りを軽減するため表面はさらりとしたマット(艶消し)な質感です。
Bestseller No. 4
スーパーオレンジ フローリング 洗浄・防汚・消臭除菌の効果 すべりにくい成分配合 本体 400ml 汚れ 床そうじ 界面活性化剤 オレンジの香り フローリング専用 クレンザー ワックス効果 消臭 除菌
  • 汚れを落としてワックス効果。フローリングの質感を保ちキレイが長持ち。
  • 詰め替え用フローリングのお掃除はこれ1本でOK。汚れを落としながら、ワックス効果をプラス。
  • 使えば使うほど汚れにくく、キレイが持続。オレンジのやさしい香りでお掃除も楽になります。
  • 【成分】界面活性剤(1%ポリオキシアルキレンアルキルエーテル)、変性シリコーン、フッ素樹脂、オレンジオイル、柿タンニン、除菌剤
DiscountBestseller No. 5
OXICLEAN(オキシクリーン) 酸素系漂白剤 つけ置き シミ抜き 界面活性剤不使用 無香料 500グラム (x 1)
  • 商品サイズ (幅×奥行×高さ) :69mm×69mm×191mm
  • 原産国:中国
  • 内容量:500g
  • ブラント名:OXICLEAN(オキシクリーン)
Bestseller No. 6
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  • Hold to jump higher.

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