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Best Rice Cooker in Japan: Expert Review in 2024

Rice Cooker

In today’s modern life, people are mostly shifting towards electronic appliances. As electronics home appliances are becoming very affordable, it saves your time greatly, so having a rice cooker is highly recommended. In this article, we have reviewed the 12 best rice cookers available on Amazon. Rice cookers make it easy to cook a significant amount of rice quite easily, and the rice also stays fresh inside the pot for a long time. If you can maintain it properly, a rice cooker lasts for years and years. It is compact in design, and it can cook any grain you want in it.

If you are in a hurry, you can use the comparison table below to buy the most suitable item. The comparison table summarizes the different items described in this article. You can buy the best item based on your budget, preference, and recommendation. Based on our study, we concluded that-
– The Overall Best – Hitachi Rice Cooker (Model: RZ-AX10M R)
– The Editor’s Choice – Panasonic Rice Cooker (Model: SR-SZ100-K)
– The Premium Quality Product – Hitachi Rice Cooker (Model: RZ-V100CM R)

Panasonic Rice Cooker (Model: SR-SZ100-K)
Photo: Panasonic Rice Cooker (Model: SR-SZ100-K)

Brand: Panasonic
Power rating: 1200 W
Made in: Japan

Panasonic rice cookers rank in the top list of best available rice cookers all around the world. Build quality of these rice cookers are stylish. This Panasonic rice cooker equips with the diamond coating that comes with the pyrogenic ‘broad-brimmed cooker.’ It also comes with the heat accumulation capacity of a stove that helps transmit the heat to the core of rice by a large flame force throughout and optimizes the sweetness and flavor while cooking. This cooker has five different layers for ultimate protection. You can find different sizes of rice cookers in the shop. 

Usually, the rice cooker’s size or capacity depends on the number of family members in your house. This Panasonic rice cooker is one-liter where you can make rice for about two people. If you belong to a family with several members, then this cooker might not be of that much help to you. Moreover, this cooker has the latest IH technology. This IH or induction heating technology ensures energy efficiency and high quality. It is easy to use, and its cleaning procedure is also simple. You can equip this kitchen appliance to reduce the hassles of making rice manually.

Hitachi Rice Cooker (Model: RZ-V100CM R)
Photo: Hitachi Rice Cooker (Model: RZ-V100CM R)

Brand: Hitachi
Made in: Japan

Hitachi is another well-known brand for electronic appliances. Hitachi rice cookers usually come with different specifications. If we talk about this RZ-V100CM R model, it appears with a metallic red outlook and the latest IH technology. Its easy control and cleaning system will surely attract most of the buyers. It is one of the most premium quality rice cookers available in the marketplace. You can have a fluffy and sweet cooking experience with this cooker. The large container is developed by multilayered metal that combines aluminum and iron. These materials increase the durability of the rice cooker.

Moreover, the quality and texture of the rice are also maintained properly for these high-quality materials. The inner surface of the inner cauldron is carbon-fluorine processed so that it can be washed with rice. The water level line helps to adjust the water level. The steam produced from the cooker keeps rice moisturized for a whole day. For all these features and specifications, this Hitachi rice cooker takes position among the top priorities of many customers.

Iris Ohyama Rice Cooker (Model: RC-PD50-B)
Photo: Iris Ohyama Rice Cooker (Model: RC-PD50-B)

Made in: China

Iris Ohyama’s cookers are probably the most efficient and intelligent rice cooker in recent times. This rice cooker is found in four different variants. Each of them has multiple specifications. The great part of this cooker is, you can manually adjust your desired rice texture which makes this cooker different from all other cooking appliances. This rice cooker is structured to make your rice even more delicious. Besides, you can operate in six different modes to ensure perfect cooking according to your needs. Healthy and delicious food is easy to digest. So this brand should be a good choice as a cooking appliance.


Moreover, this rice cooker is easy to control and easy to wash. So, no need to worry about that too. This Iris Ohyama rice cooker’s features are not limited to only these few. It also provides the latest IH(Induction Heating) technology that makes this rice cooker even more popular than other brands.

Mitsubishi Electric Rice Cooker (Model: NJ-VVA10-W)
Photo: Mitsubishi Electric Rice Cooker (Model: NJ-VVA10-W)

Brand: Mitsubishi Electric
Power rating: 1210 W
Made in: Japan

If you know about the brand name ‘Mitsubishi,’ you will surely think about a brand that has earned most consumers’ trust with its quality products. Mitsubishi has launched many handy electronic appliances in recent times. The electric rice cooker is one of them. Mitsubishi rice cookers have different shapes and features. As the ultrasonic waves are used for different textures of rice, so, you can adjust your rice texture with this rice cooker.

The latest IH technology ensures how authentic this product is. This model has already earned the trust of many consumers with its quality products. Maintenance of this machine is also easy. This rice cooker can be an amazing option for your kitchen appliance.

Sharp Micron Rice Cooker (Model: KS-CF05BB)
Photo: Sharp Micron Rice Cooker (Model: KS-CF05BB)

Brand: Sharp
Power rating: 350 W
Made in: China

Sharp rice cookers come with the high build quality. The width of the inner rice pot is thick enough to prevent the rice cooker from heat injuries. The capacity is a little less than the previous models. Sharp rice cookers ensure fluffy and delicious rice. The ‘black pot’ installed inside the rice cooker helps transmit the heat to the core of the rice that making this rice more delicious. LED indicators are on when the rice cooker is functioning. Besides, the water level indicator makes it easy to cook.

You can set the timer according to how long you want to cook your rice. The operation of this rice cooker is very user-friendly. The Sharp Micron rice cooker is the best possible option for those looking for a budget-friendly kitchen appliance. 

Zojirushi Rice Cooker (Model: NW-VA10-TA)
Photo: Zojirushi Rice Cooker (Model: NW-VA10-TA)

Brand: Zojirushi
Power rating: 1105 W
Made in: China

Zojirushi is another well-known brand in this listing. This brand’s rice cookers are famous for their stylish outlook. You can cook in different modes like white rice, brown rice, etc. With the capacity of one liter, this rice cooker offers an induction cooking method. In most cases, when rice is cooked, it produces a lot of dew which then falls into the rice and changes the actual taste of the rice.

In this rice cooker, the powerful lid heater allows the lid to escape dew. Therefore, it won’t drip off when the lid is opened or closed. So overall, this is a very handy and well-structured rice cooker with a beautiful outlook. Moreover, the whole rice cooker is fully washable and easy to use.

Smart Basic Rice Cooker (Model: RC-MA50AZ-B)
Photo: Smart Basic Rice Cooker (Model: RC-MA50AZ-B)

Brand: Smart Basic
Power rating: 675 W
Made in: China

Smart Basic has earned its place in the top list among the chaos of other famous brands. The cooking experience with this brand’s rice cooker is also pretty decent. Smart Basic’s rice cookers are compact and lightweight. So you can place it anywhere easily. Besides, this rice cooker has a good enough cooking capacity. It will offer you rice with all nutritions and decent flavor. The rice pot is ultra-thick and coated with copper. That’s why it is heatproof and safe to use.

Smart Basic’s rice cooker also includes rice brand-specific cooking functionality. Power consumption rate, efficiency is above average scale. Moreover, you can adjust the timer for cooking according to your desired rice form. This rice cooker can also be a good choice for a budget-friendly user.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker (Model NP-BK10-BA)
Photo: Zojirushi Rice Cooker (Model NP-BK10-BA)

Brand: Zojirushi
Made in: 

Already we have talked about this famous Zojirushi brand’s rice cooker. Here we have another model with the same brand in the listing. This rice cooker model also conquers the latest IH technology, which is now in high demand. This model also has different shapes and colors. High-end black, high-grade black, middle class, standard black are some of them. You can easily choose the outlook that suits your home decor. Because of being steel-type body material, this rice cooker is durable and strong in build quality. You can also enjoy flavorful rice with this cooker.

Customer satisfaction with this rice cooker is on top. Most of the functionalities are almost similar to the previously described brand. You can surely own this kitchen appliance without any doubt.

Tiger Rice Cooker (Model JKT-L100TP)
Photo: Tiger Rice Cooker (Model JKT-L100TP)

Brand: TIGER
Power rating: 1200 W
Made in: Japan

Rice cooker from the Tiger brand is now in high public demand. Because of its high build quality and multi-function capability. The pot inside the rice cooker is of 3 layers far infused with copper coating. It helps to make the rice more fluffy. The latest IH technology helps to intact the actual taste of the rice. You can have a variety of cooking menus with the help of this rice cooker. You will also have some additional instruments like a measuring cup, rice scoop, wheat cup, cooking basket with this rice cooker.

The Tiger brand also provides a one-year warranty with this rice cooker. That’s why this rice cooker is now in high demand. Besides, the power consumption rate of this Tiger Thermos rice cooker is also high that proving its high efficiency.

Hitachi Rice Cooker (Model: RZ-AX10M R)
Photo: Hitachi Rice Cooker (Model: RZ-AX10M R)

Made in: Japan

We have already discussed the Hitachi brand and one of its rice cookers. Here we have another model of rice cooker from Hitachi brand in our listing. This rice cooker has a beautiful metallic red outlook. Rice can be cooked in three different ways with this cooker. The cooker’s inner pot has a carbon-fluorine coating and one inch of thickness with six years of warranty. It proves the durability of this model.

This Hitachi model is a pressure steam cooker that traps heat and steamed with steam. Steamed with high-temperature steam helps to cook delicious rice. Besides, it is equipped with Superior Cooking technology to choose between crisp, regular, and mochi textures. The power consumption rate of this rice cooker is pretty good. Overall, this Hitachi rice cooker is very efficient and more durable than most rice cookers available now.

Panasonic Rice Cooker (Model: SR-JX058-K)
Photo: Panasonic Rice Cooker (Model: SR-JX058-K)

Brand: Panasonic
Power rating: 700 W
Made in: Japan

We have also discussed the Panasonic brand and its rice cooker earlier. This brand’s rice cookers are the most premium quality cookers available in the marketplace. It is easy to operate. The buttons are marked with large fonts for easy visibility. This rice cooker contains some cool features. Delicious ripened water helps to bring out the sweetness and flavor of rice. Diamond Kagara helps with excellent heat generation and heat retention processes.

Besides, this rice cooker uses a pressure induction system for cooking. The customer satisfaction rate is also pretty high with this model. It is light and easy to handle. Most of the consumers are fully satisfied with all the features and specifications of this rice cooker. So, it can also be a good choice for you.

Toshiba Rice Cooker (Model: RC-10VSP (K))
Photo: Toshiba Rice Cooker (Model: RC-10VSP (K))

Power rating: 1250 W
Made in: Japan

Experience the art of rice cooking with the Niigata Vacuum Pressure Induction Jar Rice Cooker. Crafted with a forged kamado copper pot, this rice cooker enhances the taste of every grain through meticulous heat convection. Offering three distinct cooking modes – clear, recommended, and mochi mochi, with recommended courses completing in just about 43 minutes, this rice cooker ensures versatility in preparing your favorite rice dishes.

The Bento Course, powered by vacuum technology, extracts sweetness even when served cold, delivering a fusion of flavors and convenience in every bite. Embrace the Brown and White Rice Mixed Coat for a delightful journey into brown rice, perfect for beginners seeking a delicious and balanced mixed rice experience. The appliance’s user-friendly design extends to Easy Care, requiring only three washes for the inner case and steam mouth, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance routine. For more stubborn dirt and odors, the Care Instructions guide users on steam-cleaning methods, ensuring the longevity of this innovative rice cooker in your kitchen.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about rice cookers:

How to choose a rice cooker?

Usually, this procedure depends on the daily quantity. If you cook about 1-2 cups of rice daily, a 3-cup rice cooker would be the most suitable size. If you cook around 2-5 cups of rice, a 5-cup cooker would be most suitable. And finally, if you cook any more than 5 cups, in that case, a 10-cup cooker would be most suitable.

Can a rice cooker only cook rice?

Some people might disagree, but a rice cooker can cook more than just rice. This popular kitchen appliance can prepare meals, like ribs, pizza. It can also be used to cook barley. You can even use this to prepare your breakfast like oatmeal, pancake, etc.

Disadvantages of a rice cooker

Most of the rice cookers use non-stick technology. So while scooping out the rice, you must use the specific material for that. The sharp materials will harm the surface of the rice cooker. It may decrease the taste of rice over time.

Why are rice cookers sometimes so expensive?

Branded rice cookers are made of quality materials. This is the main reason why Japanese rice cookers are usually so expensive. Manufacturers always try to make their products stand out. So they make sure to use good quality materials even if it costs high.

All the information stated above has been published after analysis of information found from different resources. So, before buying a rice cooker, try to know the necessary specifications. To read more reviews on home appliances such as the best vacuum cleaner, toilet washlet seatrobotic vacuum cleanerfloor matmicrowave oven, and washing machine, you can check our home appliance category articles on the Sakuron Japan website.

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You can also check the Amazon bestseller rice cooker list here:

Bestseller No. 1
タイガー魔法瓶(TIGER) 炊飯器 5.5合 マイコン 調理メニュー付き 炊きたて ホワイト JBH-G101W
  • 炊飯容量:5.5合炊き(最大炊飯容量:1.0L) / 加熱方式:全面加熱(ふた・側面・底)
  • 本体サイズ:幅25.2×奥行34.9×高さ21.5cm
  • 本体重量(kg):3.0
  • 電源:100V / 最大消費電力 635W
DiscountBestseller No. 2
炊飯器 一人暮らし ひとり暮らし 1人暮らし 無洗米 2合 2.0合 新生活 おしゃれ 二人暮らし 2人暮らし 早炊き ミニライスクッカー フッ素内釜 保温 予約 少量炊き 玄米 二合炊き ミニ キッチン家電 炊飯ジャー ホワイト MAXZEN RC-MX201
  • 1人暮らしの方にもご家族にもおすすめの2.0合炊き 毎日のご飯を炊きたてで食べられる2.0合の少量炊きだから1人暮らしの方はもちろん、2でもおわかりができます。
  • 少量だから毎回おいしく炊ける2.0合炊飯器 少量炊き専用の炊飯器なら、深い水量でお米が躍るように対流が生まれてふっくらおいしいご飯に仕上がります。
  • 炊飯コースはベーシックな4つのコース搭載。 白米はもちろん、時間がない時に早炊きや米とぎ不要な無洗米など、1台で様々シーンにお使いいただけます。
  • スタイリッシュなデザインでコンパクトサイズ。 キッチンや棚にすっきり収納できて置き場所を選びません。
DiscountBestseller No. 3
ヒロコーポレーション アイリスプラザ 炊飯器 5合 一人暮らし マイコン式 ブラック HK-RC552 ヒロ・コーポレーション
  • 本体サイズ:約幅265×高さ215×奥行360mm(ハンドル含む)
  • 本体重量:約2850g
  • ■生産地:中国
  • ■素材・成分:内釜:アルミ、フッ素コーティング(厚み1.5mm)
Bestseller No. 4
[山善] 炊飯器 一人暮らし 5.5合 マイコン式 二人暮らし 玄米 雑穀米 炊き分け13種 最短20分炊飯 「メニューに合わせた白米炊き分け機能付き」 クリーンモード搭載 予約 保温 ブラック YJP-DM102(B)
  • 【炊き立てご飯をいつでも、おいしく】最大5.5合まで炊ける、家族暮らし用におすすめサイズの炊飯器。白米は1合から炊飯可能なので、いつでもおいしい炊き立てご飯が楽しめます。
  • 【炊き分けメニューを楽しむ】白米炊き分けは3種類のかたさ(ふつう/やわらかめ/かため)が選べるのと他に、カレー/すし飯/冷凍ご飯の3種のメニューに合わせた炊き分けが可能。メニューに合わせた炊き分けで、いつものご飯がさらにおいしく楽しめます。また、白米に加え、省エネ/早炊き/お湯炊き/炊込み/おかゆ/玄米/雑穀米の炊き分けメニューも搭載しており、お湯炊きでは最短20分で炊飯が可能です。
  • 【カンタン保温・予約機能】10分単位で設定が可能な予約機能搭載。時間を設定してスタートボタンを押すだけで、ごはんの時間に合わせておいしく炊き上げます。炊き上げ後は自動で保温に切り換わります。※お湯炊き・クリーンは予約できません。タイマーは24時間まで設定できますが、12時間以内(夏場は8時間以内)の設定をしてください。長時間の予約設定は、腐敗の原因になります。
  • 【クリーニングモード】お手入れ時、クリーニング機能を使用することでにおいを低減することができます。炊き込みご飯の後など、炊飯器へのにおいが気になる場合に役立ちます。
Bestseller No. 5
シャープ 炊飯器 3合 一人暮らし マイコン パン調理機能 ブラック KSCF05BB KS-CF05B-B
  • 質量:約2.7kg
  • 炊飯時定格消費電力:350W
  • 炊飯容量:0.54L
  • 保温:約12時間
DiscountBestseller No. 6
象印マホービン(ZOJIRUSHI) 炊飯器 5.5合 極め炊き IHタイプ 日本製 保温30時間 ブラウン NW-VB10-TA
  • 炊飯方式:IH(うまみを引き出し芯までふっくらしたごはんが炊き上がります)
  • 内釜:まる底なのでお米が対流しやすく、釜全体に熱が伝わる「黒まる厚釜」
  • 炊飯容量:~5.5合
  • 炊飯機能:時間をかけて芯までじっくり吸水させることでうまみを引き出す「熟成炊き」(※白米、玄米両対応)

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