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6 Best Ladies Wallets in Japan: Fashionable, and Trendy in 2024

Best Ladies Wallet in Japan

In this modern world, every person is fashion conscious. Most of the women want to be appreciated for their fashion and style. Due to the high consciousness and awareness of beauty and fashion, everybody wants to have the latest trendy accessories. So, most of the women wear designer clothes, select the best footwear, and many more. To catch the real fashion hype, women want to have fashionable handbags and stylish accessories. When you want to select a nice wallet or purse, the high-quality leather products are on top of demand and value. Women of all ages and groups love these accessories. Fashion icons and celebrities also carry these wallets. Whenever any woman sees any celebrity carrying these purses, she also desires to have one for herself. These fashionable wallets are available in different online stores.

After going through all the wallets available on the online shops of Japan, we, the Sakuron Japan team, have selected the best products. In this article, we shall review the best women’s wallets of 2024, which are trendy and available in the Japanese market. Hopefully, this will help you to choose the best according to your desire and budget.

If you are in a rush, you can buy the best item based on your budget, color & material preference, and our recommendation. Based on our study, we concluded that-
– The overall best buy – Kipling Teddi Solid Wallet
– The budget buy – Nautica Wallet
– The editorial choice – Michael Kors Jet Set

The 6 Best Ladies Wallets in Japan: Fashionable & Stylish

1. Michael Kors Jet Set
2. Nautica ACCESSORY Women’s Wallet
3. Travelambo ACCESSORY Women’s Wallet
4. Vera Bradley Long Wallet
5. Women’s Teddi Solid Wallet
6. Gerry Weber Wallet

In the following section, you will find detailed information about the new trendy wallets-

Michael Kors Ladies Purse
Photo: Michael Kors Purse

Buyer Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Color:  Black, Yellow, Navy, Pink, Brown, Red, White, Optic White/Silver

Brand Michael Kors
Manufacturer Michael Kors
Material Canvas
Outer Material PVC Leather
Closure Snap
Dimensions 18 x 10 x 2.5 cm
Weight 136.08 g

The new Michael Kors Jet Set is one of the best-rated women’s travel trifold wallets available on Amazon. It has already achieved 3929 ratings on Amazon, which is quite impressive. It is constructed with PVC leather material which gives this purse a comfortable feel and classy look. And the signature logo on the top increases its brand value.

Almost nine variants of colors are available so that you can choose your favorite one matching your dress. This Michael Kors purse contains four open pockets and eighteen credit card slots so that you can easily carry your cell phone, money, home keys, debit, and credit card. The multi-color variant and large carrying capacity are the main attracting features for many ladies to choose Michael Kors. It might be a superb choice as a gift item, and it will please everyone for sure. You can watch a review video on the item.

Women's Wallet
Photo: Nautica ACCESSORY Women's Wallet

Buyer Rating: 4.7 out of 5
Color Variants:  Black, Indigo, Tropical Punch, Fuego Red, Plum, Bay Stripe, Petal Pink.

Brand Nautica
Manufacturer Nautica
Material Leather
Style Fastener
Closure Snap
Dimensions 7.5x4x1.25 inches

Nautica Women’s wallets are one of those best ideal wallets to demonstrate you as organized. High-quality leather material gives this a premium touch. This wallet provides fourteen credit card slots and two additional hidden pockets giving you more luxury. Two large internal compartments help you to carry your smartphone, some cash, home keys, and other necessary materials that you need. Some of these wallets also provide an external zipper pocket. The smart snap closure keeps your cards safe. Nautica Wallets are the perfect choice for every woman as it is also available in many variants.

But it is also true that there are some mixed feelings about the outfit of the product. Several people have said that they don’t get the actual outfit that they see while ordering. But anyways, the interior has satisfied almost every customer.

Women's Wallet
Photo: Travelambo ACCESSORY Women's Wallet

Buyer Rating: 4.6 out of 5
Color Variants:  Green, Multi, Gold champagne, Purple steel, Pink champagne, Blue classic, Red.

Brand Travelambo
Manufacturer Travelambo
Material Faux leather
Closure Fold in half
Dimensions 19.05 x 10.67 x 2.03 cm
Weight 127 g

Travelambo produces one of the high-quality wallets for women on a cheap budget. Good quality leather with a stainless cover makes it look excellent. It contains 18 card slots and two separate zipper pockets to hold cell phones, cash, or other small items. The buckle-up snaps of this wallet give it a secured and organized look. Travelambo accessories are available in several colors that help women to choose according to their taste.

Though these wallets have two separate compartments to carry, space is not spread enough to take many components at a time. If any lady tries to carry some cosmetics and a cell phone and cash, the wallet becomes very bulky, and sometimes it looks odd. Overall, this wallet is good enough for average budget consumers.

Ladiy's Wallet
Photo: Vera Bradley Long Wallet

Buyer Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Color Variants:  Raspberry Medallion, Neon Blooms, Bedford Blooms, Desert Floral, Floating Garden, Holland Garden, Indio, Shore Thing, Indiana Rose, Green, Super bloom, and many more.

Brand Vera Bradley
Manufacturer Vera Bradley
Material Cotton
Style Zipper
Closure Zipper
Dimensions 3.18×15.88×10.8 cm
Weight 198.45 g

The most exciting part of this Vera Bradley Long Wallet, which attracts most ladies, is that it is available in multiple designs and variants, unique and fashionable. It has achieved 1750 ratings already. The build material is full cotton which gives it a comfortable touch. This cotton fabric is the signature part of Vera Bradley. This purse is rated five stars for its comfort and style by most consumers. Besides, it provides a vast space to carry id cards, credit cards, cosmetics, jewelry, cell phones, and many other things.

Inboard bag, slide, safe turn lock on the front, and two ID windows make it easy to take pictures. The strong magnetic closure ensures your materials’ safety, so why Vera Bradley is one of the top choices for most women.

Photo: Kipling Women's Teddi Solid Wallet

Buyer Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Color:  Blue, Gray

Brand Kipling
Manufacturer Kipling
Material Nylon
Style Zipper
Closure Snap
Dimensions 19.05 x 2.54 x 9.53 cm
Weight 113.4 g

Kipling Women’s Teddy is a solid and compact designed wallet that earned 246 ratings on Amazon. There might be mixed feelings among the consumers while looking for this product because of its different building quality. Nylon material is used to construct this product. It has space for everything and fits perfectly in the handbag. Besides, this wallet is very budget-friendly. For this, many buyers want to have it.

But this product might be out of the list of many consumers because of its building material. Many buyers prefer cotton or leather material rather than nylon. Those won’t love to have this wallet on their wish list. Again, this brand has only a few variants which create fewer options for consumers to choose from. These are some demerit points of this Kipling Women’s Teddy Solid Wallet.

Women's Wallet
Photo: Gerry Weber Wallet

Buyer Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Color:  Black, Gray, White, Brown, Pink

Brand Gerry Weber
Manufacturer Mueller & Meirer Accessories
Inner Material Polyester
Outer Material Leather-Synthetic/PU
Style Wallet
Closure Fastener
Dimensions 19 x 1 x 10.5 cm
Weight 149.69 g

Gerry Weber Wallets are one of the top choices of many women because of their outer material. High-quality PU leather is used as outer material, which will give you a comfortable feel. High-quality zipper closure is used to provide high safety to your materials. The company name is engraved nicely on a silver plate on the front side, giving it a premium look.

Gerry Weber Wallets are also available in different colors. So, ladies can choose their wallets according to their dress outfits. Besides, this wallet provides ample space to carry all necessary instruments perfectly. But unfortunately, this product has some issues with its longevity. According to the product specifications, this model ought to be placed amongst other materials on the choice list.


Amazon Japan is an enormous online platform where several variants of the same products or materials are available. Costs vary from one brand to another, even according to build quality and material quality. Here in this article, we have prepared a ranking of some of the top brands of lady’s wallets, keeping a deep eye on material quality, holding spaces, longevity, and product price. Without these six, there are some more brands and variants available on amazon.

– Our editorial team reviewed the article and approved it for publication according to our policy.

You can also check the Amazon bestseller ladies wallet list:

DiscountBestseller No. 1
LASSE MOA 財布 レディース 長財布 かわいい おしゃれ 女の子 ラウンドファスナー 大容量 ツートンカラー (ブルー)
  • 🌸【 ツートーンカラーが映える長財布 】ホワイト×カラーの2トーンカラーが映える、ラウンドファスナータイプの長財布です。ウサギのシルエットがかわいい、シンプルで使いやすいデザインです。※ウサギのタッセルは取り外しできません
  • 🌸【 たっぷり入るのがうれしい 】LASSE MOAレディース長財布はカード入れポケットが8ヵ所、小銭入れスペース(ファスナータイプ)、札入れスペース3ヵ所、大ポケットが2ヵ所と抜群の収納力!たっぷり入るのでお財布1つでお会計もラクラク♪
  • 🌸【 札入れポケットも使いやすい 】お札入れスペースは3つ設けており、スマートフォンも入る大きめサイズ。レシートとお札を分けたりと自分の使いやすいようにカスタマイズできます(画像はiPhoneXになります)
  • 🌸【 仕様 】カード入れx8、大ポケットx2、お札入れx3、小銭入れx1(ファスナータイプ) 【 素材 】合皮(PU) 【 サイズ 】横 19.4cm ×縦 9.6cm×厚さ 2.5cm 、重さ 約180g【 付属品 】ストラップ
Bestseller No. 2
[SENDEFN] 財布 レディース 二つ折り 財布 本革 人気 おしゃれ 触り良い 正規品 (小銭入れ付き) RFID&磁気スキミング 防止
  • 【ミニ財布】お札入れ x 1、カードポケット*5、IDウィンドウ*1、ジッパーポケット*1(2つのコンパートメント付き)、取り外し可能カードスロット*1。こちらのミニ財布には、日常の小さな財布のすべてのニーズを満たすことができます。
  • 【RFIDスキミング防止機能】当社のレディース財布は、RFID情報を遮断し、不正なスキャンからRFIDチップに保存された貴重な情報を保護するための先進的な独自遮蔽材が搭載されています。これにより、クレジットカード、デビットカード、スマートカード、RFID運転免許証などのその他のRFIDカードが盗まれるのを防ぐことができます。安全で安心します。
  • 【上質な牛革】上質な牛革で作られており、コンパクトな構造で、ポケットやショルダーバッグにぴったりです。いつもお財布の中が整理できないという人にはおすすめです。
  • 【スペック】サイズ(約) 縦10cm×横13cm×幅3cm 重量150g 。手のひらサイズの革財布は、ポケットやハンドバッグに完璧に入れることができます。
Bestseller No. 3
Junzhiyi 長財布 レディース ロングウォレット PUレザー 財布 多機能 カード8枚入れ 大容量 ウォレット 人気 お札入れ スマホ入れ 小銭入れ スキミング防止 ストラップ付き 手持ち さいふ(ブルー)
  • ♥収納力抜群のおしゃれで可愛い長財布です。
  • ♥サイズ:横19.5cm×縦10cm×厚さ2.5cm 、重さ約160g。付属のストラップは用途に合わせて取り外し可能です。
  • ♥ラウンドジップでたっぷり収納でき、カード、お札、小銭とレシート、切符、免許などきれいにまとめられて便利です。
  • ♥普段使いはもちろん、プレゼントとしてもおススメの商品になっています。デート、通勤、通学、旅行などに適しています。
Bestseller No. 4
三井紫町 財布 レディース長財布 本革製 大容量 セパレート型 小銭入れ 大容量 ファスナー トップレザー本革の財布
  • メイン素材: レザーで作られて、高級感、ファッション性、機能性を兼ね備えた大人のラウンドジップ長財布です。
  • 軽量で持ち運び便利:このレディース財布 財布のサイ19.5*10.3cmで、単に手持ちで持ち歩くことだけではなく、バッグに入れることもできます。
  • 大容量:本長財布は2部分を分けて物の分類もきちんとできます。1部分はスナップボタン式で、主にカードとお札入れ用です。それに、もう1つ部分はファスナー部分です、ファスナーを開くと、中に2つ部分もあります、一つはコンパートメントで、もう一つはスナップボタン付の横長財布 レディース
  • L字設計を採用の小銭入れ:人気財布 レディース ブランドお客様の声にお応して、スナップボタンを採用しました。小銭入れの出し入れがぐっとスマートになります。弊社の長財布では、小銭入れにも十分なマチを設計、開口部のサイドまでしっかりと開くように設計し、一目で全ての小銭が確認できるようになります。
Bestseller No. 5
[マイケルコース] 長財布 35F8GTVT3B ストラップ付 シグネチャー レディース (BROWN ブラウン) [並行輸入品]
  • モデル:JET SET TRAVEL LG TRVL CONTINENTAL ジェット セット トラベル ラージ トラベル コンチネンタル
  • 品 番:35F8GTVT3B
  • サイズ:約横20cm×縦10cm×厚み2.5cm、重 さ:約290g、素 材:PVC、レザー
  • 仕 様:・開 閉:ファスナー式 ・外 部:なし ・内 部:ファスナー式小銭入れ×1、お札入れ×3、オープンポケット×3、カードポケット×16、IDポケット×1、付属品:ケアカード ※箱、保存袋なし
Bestseller No. 6
[SENDEFN] レディース 長財布 大容量 小銭入れ付き 触り良い RFID&磁気スキミング防止 本革 おしゃれ 人気 正規品 ウォレット
  • 【大容量&長財布】当社のレディースの長財布には多くの必需品を収容でき、4*お札入れ 、24*カードポケット、2*IDウィンドウ、1*ジッパーポケット(2*お札入れと1*ジッパー付き)、1*リストストラップがあります。電話、現金、硬貨、カードと領収書、IDカード、家族写真などを持ち運ぶことができます。カードやその他の持ち運びに必要なすべてのものを収納するのに適したサイズです。
  • 【RFIDスキミング防止】SENDEFNの財布レディースには、電子万引きから安全で、RFIDスキャナーやリーダーの保護を防ぐ先進的なRFID SECURE技術が搭載されています。RFIDチップに格納された貴重な個人情報を不正なスキャンから保護します。
  • 【便利に持ち運ぶ】長財布には高級本革で作られた、手触り感が良く、高品質の革はお財布の寿命を確保し、繊細なプロセスは財布の美しさを確保しました。リストストラップがあり、お財布を便利に持ち運ぶことができ、外出が多い人におすすめです。
  • 【仕様】約19cmx 10 cmx 4cm、重量:260g、財布には大容量で、外出時に貴重品を保管するのに十分なスペースがあります。レディースの長財布は結婚、クリスマス、誕生日、アニバーサリー、バレンタインデーの理想的なプレゼントです。

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