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Best Gifts for Newborn Babies and New Parents in Japan (Review in 2024)

Best Gifts for Newborns Babies in Japan

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a joyous occasion, and selecting the perfect gift is a heartfelt way to convey your warm wishes. Whether you’re a close friend, a distant relative, or simply want to celebrate a new arrival in the Land of the Rising Sun, finding the perfect gift can feel overwhelming. In Japan, gift-giving is deeply rooted in tradition and symbolism, making the process even more special. If you’re looking for the ideal gift for a newborn in Japan, consider these thoughtful and culturally meaningful options. We’ll explore various options, helping you select a gift that celebrates the new life and brings joy to the parents.

Here are some of the best newborn baby gifts available in Japan, combining convenience with thoughtful choices.

1. AMERIO Baby Shower Gifts Set
2. Imabari Baby Bathrobe
3. Aikuruc Miraculous Swaddling Cloth
4. Kerätä U-sling Mesh Baby Sling
5. Richell Baby Bath
6. Green Sprouts Baby Brush & Comb
7. Babybuba Organic Baby Gift Set (Shampoo & Oil)
8. BMC JAPAN Diaper Cake
9. LeLante Diaper Storage Case/Bag
10. O’ball Rattle
11. Sassy Tooth Hardening Rattle
12. TAKARA TOMY Disney Baby Toy

Let’s jump into the detailed information of each item listed above-

The AMERIO Baby Shower Gifts Set is a thoughtfully curated collection of 12 adorable and functional items designed to bring joy to newborns and their parents. This large gift set encompasses essential baby products with a touch of Japanese charm.

AMERIO Baby Shower Gifts Set
Photo: AMERIO Baby Shower Gifts Set

Gift Set Contents:

  • Elephant Baby Pillow
  • Gauze Handkerchief
  • Reversible Tie (3 pieces)
  • Bandana Tie (3 pieces)
  • Baby Mittens
  • Baby Socks
  • Message Card
  • Gift Box & Carry Bag

Key Features:

Elephant Baby Pillow: Supports a good night’s sleep and prevents sleeping position-related issues and safeguards the baby’s head.

Gauze Handkerchief: Comfortable touch with gauze material and gentle on the baby’s skin with excellent absorbency and breathability.

Reversible & Bandana Tie: Three cute designs in reversible ties and made of 100% cotton for gentleness on the baby’s skin. It has snap button closure for easy use.

Mittens & Socks Set: Protects baby’s little hands and feet. These are ideal for preventing scratches on the face or providing warmth during outings.

Gift Set Convenience: Can be given as a thoughtful gift. It comes with a handy gift box, carry bag, and a message card.

The AMERIO Baby Shower Gifts Set stands out as a delightful choice for those seeking a combination of cuteness and practicality. Backed by a survey conducted among housewives, this set reflects the careful selection of items that promise both functionality and charm. Celebrate the arrival of a newborn with this endearing and useful gift set, a perfect addition to the Best Gifts for Newborns in Japan.

Discover the joy of gifting with the Imabari Baby Bathrobe, a favored choice among postpartum housewives according to a survey of 100 respondents, where an impressive 73% expressed their delight in this exquisite baby shower item.

Imabari Baby Bathrobe
Photo: Imabari Baby Bathrobe

Key Features:

Quality and Practicality: Highly absorbent with a consistently fluffy towel feel. Meticulously crafted using Imabari Towel from Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. Strict standards ensure the selection of only the finest towels.

Peace of Mind with 100% Cotton: Made exclusively from 100% cotton, ensuring a gentle touch on your baby’s delicate skin. A gift that exudes quality and provides confidence in material safety.

Thoughtful Inclusion: Each set includes a luxurious bathrobe, a tastefully presented gift box, and a message card. Message card features a printed message on one side, with a blank reverse for a personalized handwritten touch.

Universally Suitable: Recommended for ages 0 to 5 years old. Versatile for both boys and girls, making it an ideal choice for any newborn.

The Imabari Baby Bathrobe stands out not only for its luxurious appearance but also for its practicality, making it an exceptional gift for newborns in Japan. With the endorsement of postpartum housewives and the assurance of Imabari Towel quality, this bathrobe is a thoughtful and cherished addition to the Best Gifts for Newborns in Japan.

The Aikuruc Miraculous Swaddling Cloth is a remarkable gift designed to enhance your newborn’s sleep experience and contribute to their well-being.

Aikuruc Miraculous Swaddling Cloth baby gift
Photo: Aikuruc Miraculous Swaddling Cloth

Product Specifications:

  • Sizes: S (0-3 months), M (2.5-6 months).
  • Season: All seasons.
  • Material: 100% cotton.
  • Colors: Gray, Pink.
  • Brand: Aikuruc.
  • Country of Origin: China.

Key Features:

Risk Reduction Design: The design reduces the risk of hip and shoulder dislocation. Crafted from thin, highly breathable fabric with stretch for year-round comfort. Size chart ensures a proper fit for optimal safety.

Stable Sleep Support: Calming effect prevents the disruptive “Moro reflex”. Mimics the comfort of the mother’s womb, allowing the baby to sleep soundly.

Nonrestrictive Design: Unlike traditional swaddles, this one allows the baby to sleep comfortably in a banzai pose without restricting hands and feet.

Sweat Absorption & Breathability: Thin, quick-drying material with excellent breathability. Highly absorbent, suitable for babies prone to sweating. Can be worn over clothing, eliminating the need for an extra blanket.

100% Natural Cotton: Made from 100% natural cotton, passing domestic formaldehyde tests. Free from toxic dyes, ensuring safety for direct skin contact or even putting in the baby’s mouth.

The Aikuruc Miraculous Swaddling Cloth stands out as a thoughtful gift, prioritizing the baby’s comfort, safety, and healthy development. Make your contribution to peaceful sleep and secure growth with this remarkable swaddling cloth.

The Kerätä U-Sling, a revolutionary first carrier designed to provide ultimate comfort for both moms and babies. This simple yet versatile baby sling offers a variety of features that make it an ideal gift for newborns.

Kerätä U-sling Mesh Baby Sling newborn baby gift
Photo: Kerätä U-sling Mesh Baby Sling

Key Features:

Innovative Design for Ease of Use: Single-piece fabric with a simple, one-shoulder design. No waist belt for quick and easy wear and removal. Perfect for outings, infant examinations, and peaceful sleeping.

Horizontal Hold for All Ages: Allows a horizontal hold, ensuring safety even for newborns. Prevents the “Moro reflex” for stable and restful sleep.

Mesh Type for Summer Comfort: Mesh design for breathability, ideal for hot seasons. Comfortable for both moms and babies during warmer weather.

Safe and User-Friendly: M-shaped legs to eliminate stress on the baby. Double-locked buckle, 100% cotton for gentle contact with baby’s skin. Adjustable for a perfect fit, with a 0.8-inch thick shoulder pad for user comfort. Convenient storage pocket and washable for cleanliness.

6-Way Usage for Every Occasion: Versatile carrying styles for different growth stages. From Banana Body for snug fits to Kangaroo Body for curious exploration. Doubles as a nursing cover for breastfeeding convenience on the go.

Scandinavian Design in Various Colors: Available in eight refreshing colors, including a soothing light gray. Comes in a cute Scandinavian box, making it an ideal baby shower gift.

Recommended Age and Load Capacity: Suitable for babies from 1 month (8 kg) to 1 year old (approx. 10 kg) with an estimated load capacity of 13 kg.

Cotton Fabric Variety: 100% cotton material, soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. 

The Kerätä U-Sling is not just a carrier; it’s an experience that mimics the warmth of a mother’s hug. With its thoughtful design, safety features, and adaptability, this baby sling is an excellent addition to the Best Gifts for Newborns in Japan, providing comfort and convenience for both baby and caregiver.

The Richell Baby Bath, a soft cushioned haven designed with utmost care for the comfort and ease of both new moms and dads. This plush baby bath, made of Vinyl chloride resin, promises an exceptional bathing experience for newborns up to 3 months.

Richell Baby Bath for newborn baby
Photo: Richell Baby Bath

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 26.8 x 18.5 x 11.4 inches (68 x 47 x 29 cm).
  • Capacity: 6.5 gal (25 L); Max Line Position: 3.2 gal (10 L).
  • Product Weight: 2.8 oz (580 g).
  • Standard: PVC resin, compliant with food hygiene law.

Recommended Age and Size:

  • Ideal for newborns up to 3 months.
  • Suitable for babies with a height of up to 23.6 inches (60 cm).


Key Features:

Gentle and Cushioned Design: Soft cushioning provides a gentle bathing environment for your baby. No need for a bath net, ensuring simplicity and ease of use for parents.

Mom-Friendly Support: Gently supports mom’s arms with a sturdy edge that maintains its form under pressure. Fits perfectly on the back, offering a moderate tilt to keep the baby comfortably in place.

Secure and Practical: Stopper prevents the baby from slipping, ensuring a secure bathing experience. Easily foldable into a compact size for convenient storage and portability.

Additional Features:

  • Equipped with a hanging hook for post-bath drying.
  • W structure enhances ease of use and durability.
  • Green color adds a touch of vibrancy to the bath time routine.

The Richell Baby Bath stands out as a must-have gift for newborns, offering a perfect blend of comfort, safety, and practicality. With its innovative design and user-friendly features, this baby bath makes a delightful addition to the Best Gifts for Newborns in Japan, ensuring a soothing and enjoyable bathing experience for the newest member of the family.
(Legal Disclaimer: Capacity may vary depending on the amount of air. Avoid hot water above 122°F (50°C).)

The Green Sprouts Baby Brush & Comb set, a delightful combination of soft goat hair brushes and a kid-friendly natural wood comb. Crafted with expertise in child-rearing, this set promises a gentle and enjoyable hair care experience for your little one.

Green Sprouts Baby Brush & Comb for newborn
Photo: Green Sprouts Baby Brush & Comb

Key Features:

Premium Materials: Set includes two brushes made from natural goat hair and natural wood. Goat hair, known for its softness, is commonly used in makeup face brushes, ensuring a gentle touch for your baby’s comfort.

Soft and Smooth Feel: Super soft brushes provide a smooth and enjoyable brushing experience. Designed for gentle hair care, making it a delight for both parent and baby.

Well-Made Comb: Natural wood comb with a well-made tip, ensuring a safe and scratch-free experience for your baby’s scalp. Thoughtfully crafted with no sharp corners.

Child-Friendly Design: The brush and comb set is designed with utmost consideration for the delicate nature of a baby’s hair and scalp.

Trusted Baby Brand – Green Sprouts: Established in 1982 by Becky Cannon, a parent with experience in Japan. Born out of the desire to introduce healthy and practical baby products. Over 40 years of commitment to creating genuinely beneficial items for babies, now available in whole food organic stores nationwide.

Expertise in Japanese Child-Rearing: The product is based on the founder’s experience in parenting in Japan, ensuring authenticity and cultural sensitivity.

The Green Sprouts Baby Brush & Comb set is a testament to over four decades of dedication to your baby’s well-being. With a blend of premium materials, thoughtful design, and cultural insights from Japanese child-rearing, this set stands out as a meaningful and practical gift for newborns. Embrace the joy of tender care with natural elegance.

The Babybuba Organic Baby Gift Set is a thoughtfully crafted ensemble containing organic baby oil and hair & body shampoo. Certified by ECOCERT in France, this set ensures safe and soothing care for your baby’s delicate skin, making it an ideal gift for newborns.

Babybuba Organic Baby Gift Set (Shampoo & Oil) for newborn
Photo: Babybuba Organic Baby Gift Set (Shampoo & Oil)

Product Details:

  • Hair & Body Shampoo: 8.5 fl oz (250 ml).
  • Body & Massage Oil: 1.6 fl oz (48 ml).
  • Made in Japan.

Organic Ingredients:

  • Hair & Body Shampoo: 99.6% natural ingredients, 5.38% organic ingredients, ECOCERT certified.
  • Body & Massage Oil: 100% organic ingredients, 69.05% ECOCERT certified.

Key Features:

Safe Organic Formulation: Certified organic baby oil and hair & body shampoo. ECOCERT certification guarantees the use of high-grade essential oils and lavender water from organic cultivation. Carefully selected moisturizing and protective ingredients for sensitive skin.

Easy-to-Use Bottle Design: Push nozzle for spill prevention in the baby oil. Foam pump bottle for quick and convenient use of the hair & body shampoo.

Relaxing Lavender Scent: Natural sweet and refreshing lavender scent encourages relaxation and cozy sleep. Lavender flower water and lavender oil contribute to the soothing effect.

Gentle Care Instructions: Detailed directions for a gentle and effective bath routine, ensuring a thorough yet comfortable wash. Oil recommended for daily moisturizing care and heartwarming oil massages.

Beautifully Packaged Gift Set: Comes in an original gift box, making it a perfect present for baby showers, celebrations, and more. Specially designed for Japanese skin, ensuring compatibility and effectiveness.

The Babybuba Organic Baby Gift Set offers a harmonious blend of safety, functionality, and simplicity in baby skincare. With a focus on organic ingredients and a gentle lavender scent, this set ensures a pampering experience for newborns, making it an exceptional addition to the Best Gifts for Newborns in Japan.

BMC JAPAN Diaper Cake is an absolutely delightful baby shower gift that combines practicality and charm. This thoughtfully curated set includes 3 hand towels, 6 bibs, adorable teddy bears, and 8 diapers in 4 different types.

BMC JAPAN Diaper Cake
Photo: BMC JAPAN Diaper Cake

Key Features:

High Absorbency Hand Towels: Set includes 3 hand towels made of 100% cotton 6-ply gauze. Convenient loop for easy hanging on a hook.

Reversible Style for Softness: 100% cotton 6-ply gauze reversible style with a gentle touch. Highly breathable, absorbent, and features a fluffy and soft texture for safe use with babies.

Variety of Diapers: 4 types of diapers in small sizes, including Goon, Mary, Moony, and Pampers. Allows parents to experience the usage of each manufacturer.

Safe Domestic Inspections: Thoroughly inspected for safety and quality by dedicated staff in Japan. Ensures the utmost care for the precious skin of the baby.

The BMC JAPAN Diaper Cake is not just a practical gift; it’s a delightful experience for both parents and their newborn. With a combination of essentials and cute additions, this set is a charming addition to the Best Gifts for Newborns in Japan, promising both utility and joy.

The LeLante Diaper Storage Case is a versatile and lightweight solution for keeping all your baby essentials in one organized place. Weighing under 330 g and made from eco-friendly felt material, this diaper stocker is not only easy to carry but also gentle on the skin.

LeLante Diaper Storage Case/Bag newborn baby gift
Photo: LeLante Diaper Storage Case/Bag

Key Features:

Diaper Stocker Convenience: Designed to store diapers, baby bottles, wipes, changing mats, toy towels, and more. Lightweight construction for easy portability, ideal for on-the-go parents.

Eco-Friendly and Durable: Crafted from a special eco-friendly felt material, ensuring a gentle touch on the skin. Reinforced edges to maintain its shape, adding durability and longevity.

Quick Access and Organization: Removable divider inside for organized storage of baby items. 8 outside pockets for quick and easy insertion and removal of essentials.

Perfect Gift Option: Simple design that seamlessly blends with any interior. Recommended as a thoughtful baby shower or newborn gift.

The LeLante Diaper Storage Case combines functionality with a stylish design, providing a practical solution for parents on the move. Whether as a personal parenting companion or a cherished gift for new parents, this storage case offers convenience and organization in a chic package.

Discover the joy of play with the Bright Starts O’ball Rattle™, a delightful creation from the Kids2 brand, renowned for its fun designs and vibrant colors that bring smiles to babies worldwide.

O'ball Rattle newborn baby gift
Photo: O'ball Rattle

Key Features:

Award-Winning Design: Specifically crafted to fit little fingers, promoting hand-and finger development with ease. Recognized for its innovative design, ensuring safe and engaging play for newborns.

Easy Grip and Safe Material: Soft and flexible toy, free from BPA and other harmful substances, ensuring safety for babies. Designed with 29 finger holes, allowing even small fingers to grasp and shake securely.

Convenient Portability: Perfectly sized for baby strollers, diaper bags, nursery rooms, and play areas, offering entertainment on the go. Lightweight and portable, making it easy for parents to carry and entertain their little ones anywhere.

Engaging Features: Vibrant beads inside the rattle create a captivating “clicking” sound with every movement, delighting babies. Soft material ensures gentle interaction, providing comfort for delicate baby hands during play.

The O’ball Rattle is an ideal gift for newborns, offering engaging sensory stimulation and promoting early developmental skills. Its combination of safety, portability, and entertainment makes it a cherished addition to any baby’s toy collection.

Introduce the little one to a world of sensory delight with the Sassy Tooth Hardening Rattle. Designed for the developmental journey of babies, this vibrant rattle offers a range of features that engage and stimulate their senses.

Sassy Tooth Hardening Rattle
Photo: Sassy Tooth Hardening Rattle

Key Features:

Varied Textures and Colors: Four wings with different textures and colors provide a delightful tactile experience for babies. The irregular and smooth fun wings encourage exploration.

Cooling Effect: The light blue wings can be refrigerated for a cool touch, making it a soothing option during hot summer months or teething discomfort.

Easy-to-Hold Design: Crafted with a colorful and ergonomic design, the rattle is easy for little hands to grasp. The bold and contrasting colors stimulate visual development.

Interactive Features: Rolling beads in the green wings create a fun twirl sound, enhancing the auditory experience for babies.

Chewable and Safe: With a focus on safety, the rattle is designed for teething relief. It is easy to clean and can be disinfected using various methods for hygiene.

Developmental Benefits: Stimulates the development of lips, tongue, and language through mouthing activities. Encourages tactile exploration and supports limb development.

Expert-Designed: Developed in collaboration with experts in developmental psychology, Sassy toys incorporate bold colors, varied textures, and shapes to engage and support a baby’s early development.

Educational Components: The base includes simple shapes and a contrasting color scheme to promote visual recognition. The variety of textures and materials aid in sensory exploration and learning.

Sassy Tooth Hardening Rattle offers a perfect blend of entertainment and developmental support, making it an ideal gift for newborns. Spark curiosity and enhance sensory experiences with this expertly crafted baby rattle.

(Safety Caution: Parents are reminded to use the product under direct supervision, avoid damaged items, and keep it away from potential hazards.)

Embark on a delightful adventure with the TAKARA TOMY Disney Baby Toy, inspired by the enchanting world of Winnie the Pooh. Perfect gift for newborns and up, this versatile toy offers six unique stages of engagement, ensuring lasting joy and developmental support for your little one.

TAKARA TOMY Disney Baby Toy newborn gift
Photo: TAKARA TOMY Disney Baby Toy

Key Features:

Versatile Play Options: This toy offers six different play configurations, from a crib attachment to a standalone gym, ensuring hours of entertainment as your baby grows.

Customizable Rotation Speeds: Choose from three rotation modes to match your baby’s personality and mood, including slow, normal, and random, providing engaging experiences tailored to their preferences.

Interactive Features: Equipped with a variety of lullabies, natural sounds, and Pooh theme songs, along with a Pooh voice feature, the toy captivates your baby’s attention and fosters auditory stimulation.

Easy Assembly and Reassembly: Simple assembly allows for effortless setup and conversion between different play configurations, ensuring convenience for parents.

Night Light Function: Incorporates a convenient night light function, making it ideal for soothing bedtime routines or nighttime diaper changes.

Durable Construction: Built to last from birth, this toy boasts quality craftsmanship and durable materials to withstand the rigors of playtime.

Developmental Benefits: Encourages visual tracking, hand-eye coordination, and sensory exploration, promoting healthy development at every stage.

Adorable Winnie the Pooh Design: Featuring iconic characters from the Winnie the Pooh series, the toy adds a touch of charm to your baby’s playtime.

Safe and Secure: Designed with safety in mind, this toy meets rigorous safety standards and is suitable for use from birth onwards.

From captivating melodies to stimulating lights and sounds, the TAKARA TOMY Disney Baby Toy offers a world of discovery and joy for the little one. Give the gift of magical playtime with this delightful addition to any nursery.

When buying the best gift for a newborn in Japan, consider the following important points and guidelines:

Safety Standards: Ensure that the gift adheres to Japanese safety standards and regulations for baby products. Look for safety certifications and labels to guarantee the product’s suitability for infants.

Age Appropriateness: Pay attention to the recommended age range for the gift to ensure it is suitable for a newborn. Newborns have specific needs and preferences, so choose items designed for their developmental stage.

Material and Texture: Opt for gifts made from soft and hypoallergenic materials, considering a newborn’s delicate skin. Choose items with different textures to stimulate the baby’s sense of touch.

Functionality: Consider gifts that serve a practical purpose for both the baby and the parents. Items such as swaddles, baby clothes, and diaper bags are not only cute but also functional.

Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of cultural preferences and sensitivities when selecting gifts. Choose items that align with Japanese traditions and customs.

Ease of Use: New parents appreciate gifts that are easy to use and maintain. Look for items that simplify daily tasks, such as easy-to-clean baby gear or straightforward baby care products.

Versatility: Select gifts that can adapt to different stages of the baby’s development. Items that grow with the child or have multiple uses provide long-lasting value.

Gift Sets: Consider purchasing gift sets that include a variety of baby essentials, ensuring a well-rounded present for the newborn and parents.

Cute and Adorable Design: Embrace Japan’s affinity for kawaii (cuteness) by choosing gifts with adorable designs featuring popular characters or gentle, pastel colors.

Ease of Maintenance: Opt for items that are easy to clean and maintain. Machine-washable fabrics and simple care instructions make life easier for busy parents.

Presentation is key: In Japan, gifts are often beautifully wrapped with care. Consider traditional Japanese wrapping cloths (furoshiki) or a special gift box.

Remember to consider the personal preferences of the parents and the baby’s specific needs when selecting the perfect gift. Adding a personal touch, such as a heartfelt note or customized item, can make the gift even more special.


Selecting the perfect gift for a newborn in Japan involves embracing cultural significance and thoughtful consideration. Whether it’s traditional attire, symbolic decorations, personalized figurines, or practical baby items, each gift carries the warmth of good wishes for the little one’s journey ahead. May these gifts add a touch of joy and tradition to the precious moments shared with the newest member of the family. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us. On our website, you can also find articles about baby products such as balance bikesschool bagsportable high chairs, twin baby strollers, baby car seats etc. You can also write your intended item in the search bar and hit enter.

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You can also check the Amazon bestseller newborn baby gift list:

DiscountBestseller No. 1
AMERIO 出産祝い 男の子 人気ギフト12点セット ベビー 赤ちゃん お祝い プレゼント (男の子用(1))
  • 【人気の出産祝いセット】可愛くて実用性の高いベビー用品のみを厳選し、産後に貰って嬉しいギフトセットをご用意いたしました。合計12点入りのボリュームたっぷりのギフトセットです。
  • 【ギフトセット内容】ゾウさんのベビー枕×1、ガーゼハンカチ×1、リバーシブルスタイ×3、バンダナスタイ×3、ベビーミトン×1、ベビーソックス×1、メッセージカード×1、ギフトボックス&手提げ袋×1
  • 【ベビー枕&ガーゼハンカチ】◎ベビー枕:産後の赤ちゃんは頭部が柔らかく、向き癖により頭の形が変形してしまうことがあります。赤ちゃんの頭部を守るために、ベビー枕をお使いください。◎ガーゼハンカチ:汗を拭いたり、お口周りを拭いたりと、何かと便利なアイテムです。綿素材のため、吐き戻しなどの水分もしっかりと吸収します。
  • 【リバーシブルスタイ&バンダナスタイ】◎リバーシブルスタイ:可愛らしい3種類のデザインをご用意しています。ガーゼ素材のため、赤ちゃんのお肌にも優しく、吸水性や通気性にも優れています。◎:赤ちゃんのお肌に優しい、綿100%素材を使用しています。スナップボタン式のため、着脱もスムーズです。赤ちゃんの可愛さを引き立てる、3種類のデザインをご用意しています。
DiscountBestseller No. 2
iSiLER ベビーフレーム 手形 足形 フォトフレーム 置き掛け兼用 無毒で安全 赤ちゃん 出産祝い 内祝い ベビー記念品 ホワイト 33.3 x 28.2 x 2.4 cm
  • お子様への初めてのギフト、素敵な贈り物に:新しく生まれたお子様の最初の写真、手形、足形を永遠に保存することができます。お子様が大きくなった後に、素敵な思い出として振り返ることができます。
  • 無毒で安全:パイン材のフレームは頑丈で、長期間の保管中、ゆがんだり、白カビが発生したりしません。粘土は非毒性かつ無臭の自然素材を使用しており、べたつくことのない柔らかく滑らかな手触りです。赤ちゃんにご使用いただいても全く安全です。
  • ボリューム感のあるギフト:手形・足形用に4つのスペースが用意されて、お名前・誕生日・身長・体重・血液型の記録が、赤ちゃんの写真をやさしく囲むようにデザインされています。赤ちゃんに深い愛を注いでくれます。フレームの内側は0.8cmの厚さとなっており、付属のビーズで装飾することもできるようになっています。
  • 長期間の保存可能:ご使用された粘土セットは、透明、防塵のアクリル板でひび割れや変色からしっかりと保護されます。置き掛け兼用なので飾る場所を広く選べます。また、インテリアとして馴染みやすいデザインです。
Bestseller No. 3
aden + anais(エイデンアンドアネイ) 【日本正規品】出産祝い ベビーギフト モスリンスワドル おくるみ Now+Zen 120x120cm 0か月~ 2枚 ASWC20014J 120x120センチメートル (x 2)
  • aden + anais (エイデンアンドアネイ)で大人気のモスリンスワドル2枚セット。
  • モスリンコットンは、長年おくるみとして使われてきた伝統的な細かな織りの通気のよい素材です。 ムレを防ぎ、体温調整が苦手な赤ちゃんが快適に過ごせるようサポートしてくれます。赤ちゃんのモロー反射をおさえ、ぐっすり眠ることができると言われています。洗濯機で洗え、使うほどに柔らかくお肌に馴染むため赤ちゃんに安心してご使用いただけます。おくるみとしてはもちろん、ママの肩にかければベビーの吐き戻しによる汚れ予防に、さっとかぶせて授乳ケープに、と様々な用途にご使用いただけます。大切な方へのギフトにもぴったりです。
  • モスリンコットンは、通気の良い織目の細かいコットンです。通気が良いため体温調節が苦手な赤ちゃんにも最適。 洗濯機で洗える素材で、洗うたびに柔らかくお肌になじんでくれます。大きめサイズのエイデンアンドアネイのおくるみはベビーカーの日よけや授乳ケープ、プレイマット、おむつ台カバーなど、多用途に使えるアイテム。コンパクトにたためるため外出時に1枚持っておくと安心です。
  • 【梱包サイズ】23 x 23 x 6.6 cm【重量】500 g 【素材】 モスリンコットン100%
Bestseller No. 4
ディズニー お誕生おめでとうギフトセット くまのプーさん
  • (C) Disney.Based on the "Winnie the Pooh"works by A.A.Milne and E.H.Shepard.
  • 電池は使用しません。
Bestseller No. 5
Amazonギフトカード 封筒タイプ - 金額指定可(ベビー)
  • 【ご注意】法律によって認められる場合を除き、返金および返品できません。
  •で使えるギフトカードです。数億種の商品・サービスに利用できます。 ※Amazonギフトカードなど、細則に基づき一部制限あり。
  • スライド式のケースが付属します。
  • ギフトカードには額面が記載されない場合がありますので、あらかじめご了承ください。額面は納品書またはギフトカードの封入パッケージのシールに記載されているシリアル番号(Card Serial No.)下4桁と、Amazonショッピングアプリ内またはの注文履歴内の注文内容ページに記載のシリアル番号下4桁を照合することでご確認いただけます。
Bestseller No. 6
出産お祝い専用カタログギフト PREMIUM CHOICE [ お渡し用紙袋付 ] (AOOコース)
  • 商品内容:出産お祝い専用カタログギフト PREMIUM CHOICE AOOコース [掲載商品数]約200点・[ページ数]124ページ
  • のし包装形態:「カタログギフト」をお入れした箱を「バースセレブレーション」の包装紙で包み、「出産お祝いカード」を貼付し、「御出産御祝のし」をお付け致します。
  • ご注意:出産お祝いカード、「御出産御祝」のし、お渡し用の手提げ袋が付いた状態でAmazonから出荷となりますため、カード無し、のし無し、手提げ袋無しのご指定はできません。手提げ袋のデザインは変更になる可能性があります。
  • 出産お祝いカードの文章、包装紙の柄について:商品画像でご確認下さい。カタログギフトの有効期限:受取日から6ヶ月

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