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Best Balance Bikes for Kids in Japan: Expert Reviews in 2024

Balance Bikes and Kids

After having a child, each parent wishes for proper and healthy growth for them. Children’s growth depends upon different parameters. Like necessary nutrition supplied by food, playing games requires both physical movements and imagination power. The age between two to twelve is the main period for a child to grow up. In these years, children learn new things and new activities very fast. Besides, a child becomes physically stronger if he has gone through physical development stages. Different activities and instruments can help your child with physical development at this age. A balanced bike is a good playing instrument that develops physical structures and enriches mental health with thrilling experiences. Balance bikes are low bikes that have no installation of pedals. These bikes are designed as practice bikes before the transition to regular bikes. Balance bikes help toddlers to learn to balance and grow a sense of control. We have done rigorous market research on balance bikes. In this article, we shall explain the 6 best balance bikes for kids available in Amazon Japan. Based on the functions and impacts, let’s find out some of the top-quality balance bikes available in Japan.

If you are in a hurry, you can buy the best item based on your budget, preference, and our recommendation given below. Based on our study, we concluded that-
– Overall Best Product– Strider Sports Model Balance Bicycle
– Editor’s Choice – INFANS Kids Balance Bike
– Budget-Friendly Product – Graphis Pedal Free Bicycle

Infans Kids Balance Bike
Photo: Infans Kids Balance Bike

Model No: Single Model
Weight: 2.72 Kg
Maximum Weight Recommendation: ‎24.95 kg

Balancing is an important thing to learn for a child. And the best way to capture this is by riding a balance bike. ‘Infans’ balance bikes are specially designed thinking about this concept. Moreover, these bikes help to gain more leg muscle strength. As the balance bikes are pedal-free, the kids will have to move forward using their legs which is good exercise for their age. The steel body material adds more durability to the balance bikes. Besides, these Infans balance bikes are so lightweight that even your child will be able to lift them and move by himself.

The finishing of these bikes is outstanding. The outer part has been given a non-toxic powder coat finish to prevent the balance bike from unwanted scratches. Moreover, the height of the seats can also be adjusted. The handlebars provide an extra grip that adds high safety to your kid. Besides, the handlebars are fully rotatable which helps to take easy curves on the road. If you want to give something as a gift to your child, this bike will be a good option in that case. So from all sides, this balance bike is a perfect package for your child.

Photo: Yvolution Junior Pedal Free Balance Bike

Brand: Yvolution
Model No: 101049
Weight: 3.49 kg

Short description of the Yvolution Junior Pedal Free Bike:

‘Yvolution’ bikes are fashionable in their outlook. It is a perfect pedal-free kick bike for children from one year to four years. These kick bikes are lightweight and easy to move. Besides, it provides an adjustable seat by which you can control the height according to your kid. This pedal-free bike is available in three attractive colors. So, you have the option to choose this bike for both boys and girls. The most exciting feature of these ‘Yvolution’ bikes is, that they provide a double-width wheel that is very helpful for balancing.

It also delivers good practice before switching to one-wheel bikes. Besides, it adds more stability to the balance bikes. By this two-wheel, kids learn to balance faster than usual. For these safeties, ‘Yvolution kids’ bikes are one of the top priorities of parents nowadays. Besides, children would always love to have this bike as a gift.

Strider Sports Model Balance Bicycle
Photo: Strider Sports Model Balance Bicycle

Brand: Strider
Model No: 517490
Weight: 3 kg

‘Strider’ bicycles’ looks are very sporty, which is the main point of attraction for most consumers. This model is the most wanted one in Japan in recent times. ‘Strider’ bicycles provide twelve inches of tires appropriate for kids of one to five years old. Besides, the seats are cushioned properly to give extra comfort to the rider. The handlebars are also cushioned.

‘Strider’ bikes provide two years of warranty, which is a unique feature. As these bicycles do not have any brakes, the handlebar is fully rotatable. It helps to release the impact of the chest in case of a fall. Braking sense is a necessary thing in the time of riding on a two-wheeler or a three-wheeler. But children at this age can not grow up with that sense properly, which can sometimes cause unexpected accidents. That’s the reason why most of the kid’s bikes do not provide hand brakes. But anyway, the ‘Strider’ bikes should be on the priority list of many buyers. It can also be a very good gift item for kids.

HZDMJ 3 in 1 Folding Balance Tricycle
Photo: HZDMJ 3 in 1 Folding Balance Tricycle

Brand: HZDMJ
Manufacturer Reference: ‎NDHLSLC-C
Weight: 6.6 Kg

‘HZDMJ’ folding tricycles are designed differently from other kid bikes. Most of the kids’ bikes are pedal-free. But if it is not your preference, then this tricycle might be a perfect one for your kid. Its tires are made of high-quality foam that provides a good grip. Moreover, the most interesting part is, this tricycle is very compact. You can fold it, replace the pedals, and replace the back handlebar. And because of being lightweight, you can carry this product with you anywhere you want. The high-quality aluminum body ensures its durability. The triangular structure gives more stability to the rider.

These bikes also provide a warranty of 3 years. So, while buying this product, do not forget to take the warranty card from the provider. Most parents would love this tricycle because of its portability. The ‘HZDMJ’ brand gives more priority to the quality of its products. If you click the product link and do a little research about this tricycle, you will see it has an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 for instability, durability, and lightweight. So, you can feel safe with these tricycles.

Bekilole Balance Bicycle
Photo: Bekilole Balance Bicycle

Brand: Bekilole
Color: ‎Orange (Be Brave)
Weight: 1.81 Kg

The ‘Bekilole’ bikes are the most uncommon ones on the list. It is designed differently from any other brand of bike available. Because of its ultimate structure, the ‘Bekilole’ bike can also be described as a tricycle. It comes in different colors, and it is suitable for both boys and girls. It is an ideal toy for a one-year-old baby. This bike is safety certified which will please most parents. As a parent of a child, the most important thing you want is safety. This bike provides great safety. This is a four-wheel bike and a little small in size. So, it becomes easy for beginners to ride on this. The steering rotates 135 degrees which avoids sharp turns.

This bike’s low center of gravity function helps the kids sit down firmly and lift from the bikes themselves. It will help to improve their leg muscles. The body is made of sturdy carbon steel. The soft non-slip handles and cushioning seats provide a comfortable posture. Besides, these bikes are very lightweight and easy to carry. A one-year warranty is also provided with this bike. If you are looking for bikes for your one or two-year-old baby, this model would be perfect.

Graphis Pedal Free Bicycle
Photo: Graphis Pedal Free Bicycle

Brand: Graphis
Model No: GR-BABY
Weight: (Approx.) 3.5 kg

This is another pedal-free bike on this list. ‘Graphis’ branded bikes are a little similar in outlook to the previous ‘Strider’ brand. These bikes are robust in build quality. Because of its sporty outlook, many customers would love to have this pedal-free bike. If you notice, all the bikes mentioned earlier in this list do not contain any brakes. But sometimes, brakes may cause unwanted issues with the kids. Analyzing that, the developer has designed this bike with only one brake on the back wheel. This brake will not cause any damage or any accident to your child. In this world, we find people with different kinds of preferences.

Some parents might feel trouble in their mind with such a pedal-free bike that does not contain any brakes. So, Graphis brand’s bikes will be a good relief for them. Besides, these bikes have a balancing stand so that you can balance your bike anywhere you want. It can also be a good present for your child on their birthday.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about balance bikes for kids:

What is the perfect size of a balanced bicycle according to age?

Bike size measurement is done according to the wheel size. The coordination between the bike size and children’s height is a necessary part of choosing a bike. If your child ages from 2 to 4 years, a wheel size of 12 inches would be perfect. Similarly, for 4 to 6 years of age, choose a 14 inches wheel. And lastly, for kids of 6 to 12 years, a wheel size of 16 or 18 inches works fine.

Impacts on child growth

Children are eager to do something new. Riding a bike will be an interesting part of their life for sure. Balance bikes are designed considering the body movement of the kids. It encourages the babies to use their arms and legs to move forward. Cycling helps to develop leg muscles and as well as strengthens bones.

Moreover, regular cycling boosts stamina and develops cardiac muscles. It also helps with coordination and balance. So, cycling at an early age is necessary for every child for proper body and mind development.

Ways to improve balancing

Before riding a bike, a child needs to do balancing properly. Parents can help their children in this matter in many ways. Here we are going to discuss some exercises that surely will help anyone with balancing. 

i. Standing on one leg, raising the other leg behind.
ii. Standing up and sitting down on a chair without using a hand.
iii. Sometimes stretching loosens muscles which helps with balancing.
iv. Walking, and climbing improve muscle strength which also improves balance.

Are balance bikes worthy?

It is a common nature of every human being that they buy; will it be worth it or a waste of money? In the case of a balance bike, many people consider buying it a waste of money because of the short-term use of material. The reason behind this thought is also somewhat meaningful, somewhat not. At the early age of your child, you must give high priority to your child’s growth. It would be best to create an environment where he can expose himself and enrich himself with the crucial functions of mental and physical health. A balance bike is a perfect playing instrument for a child to improve physical growth, movement, and activities at this age. After a certain age, the growth rate starts decreasing. No parent would like to see that with their beloved child. So at this point, invest in your child’s mental and physical fitness as much as you can. Do not hesitate.

Does it actually work?

Sometimes a misconception is seen regarding a balanced bike. Some people think that a balanced bike will teach a child how to do biking. No, it is a completely wrong concept. It does not teach your child bike riding. Rather, it helps with only balancing. The primary purpose of balance bikes is to teach your child how to balance while they are sitting and in motion. These bikes are developed for your child to sit and push themselves along the ground with their feet. These lessons will help your child in the future when he is supposed to have a motorbike. So hopefully, the confusion is plain and simple now.

The information provided in this article has been published after analysis of the available data from different resources. As a washlet is an expensive product, you should know enough about the device you will buy. So, before buying a washlet, try to know the necessary details. Contact the seller or local vendor to solve the issue if you ever face issues using the device. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us. On our website, you can also find articles about baby products such as baby car seatsschool bagsportable high chairs, etc. You can also write your intended item in the search bar and hit enter.

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You can also check the Amazon bestseller balance bike list:

Bestseller No. 1
STRIDER(ストライダー) 12 SPORT (スポーツ) バランスバイク18ヶ月から5歳に最適 レッド [並行輸入品]
  • 本体組み立て完成時の全長 :84.11cm
  • 対象性別 :男女共用
  • 最大耐重量:33kg
  • タイヤ:パンク防止EVA(エチレン酢酸ビニールコポリマー)
Bestseller No. 2
STRIDER(ストライダー) 12 SPORT (スポーツ) バランスバイク18ヶ月から5歳に最適 オレンジ [並行輸入品]
  • 本体組み立て完成時の全長 :84.9cm
    対象性別 :男女共用
  • 最大耐重量:31kg
  • クラシックタイプよりも快適なシートとなっております。
Bestseller No. 3
STRIDER(ストライダー) 12 SPORT (スポーツ) バランスバイク18ヶ月から5歳に最適 イエロー [並行輸入品]
  • 本体組み立て完成時の全長 :84.11cm
  • 対象性別 :男女共用
  • 最大耐重量:33kg
  • タイヤ:パンク防止EVA(エチレン酢酸ビニールコポリマー)
Bestseller No. 4
Kitakawa jp バランスバイク キックバイク ペダルなし自転車 高さ調節可能 12インチ キッズバイク 乗用玩具 シンプル 乗り物 お祝い プレゼント 男の子 女の子 (ホワイト)
  • 【安全な設計】このバランスバイクはグリップエンドは衝撃吸収性が高く、転倒時の衝撃を和らげお子様の手をしっかり守ります。高品質のノーパンクタイヤ装備、一体型ホイールハブ、スムーズなベアリングを搭載、メンテナンス不要で、耐久性に優れます!地面からの衝撃も抑えます。
  • 【快適な体験】このキックバイクのクッション性に優れたサドルで、乗り心地がいい。衝撃低減効果も抜群!シート形状も人間工学に基づいた形状で、子供に快適なサイクリングをサポートします。砂利や小石の多い公園、荒れた悪路でも、子供たちは楽しく乗ることができます。
  • 【超軽量 ポータブル】金属の使用を減らし、2kgの圧倒的な軽さを実現しました。子どもが一人でも扱いやすく、持ち運びも簡単なので気軽に遊びに行けます。持ち手付きでが付いているので、持ち運びに便利です。
  • 【ご注意】※安全のため、公道や坂道で乗らないでください。※転倒した場合の頭部の衝撃やケガを減らすために、使用時は幼児用ヘルメットを着用してください。※保護者の方は子供から目を離さないようにしてください。
Bestseller No. 5
ラングスジャパン(RANGS) バランスバイクミニ ブルー 2
  • 遊びながら自然と身に付くバランス感覚
  • バランス感覚と反射神経を養うことができる乗り物です
  • 対象年齢:2歳以上 耐荷重:20kg
  • ヨーロッパ安全基準CEマーク取得商品
DiscountBestseller No. 6
ラングスジャパン(RANGS) バランスバイク アルミマット レッド
  • 超軽量! 重量約2kg
  • 丈夫でサビにくいアルミ製
  • バランス感覚と反射神経を養うことができる乗り物です
  • <サイズ表記>サドル最低地上高:30cm サドル最高地上高:36cm ●重量:約2kg●耐荷重20kg●目安となる対象年齢:2歳以上

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