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Best School Bag For Kids in Japan: Review in 2024

School Backpack

Parent’s one of the concerns is if their kid’s school backpack is convenient enough every day. Comfort becomes a priority, particularly because of the increased weight, which might cause injury to the children. A school backpack should not be a burden for children; it should offer them comfort. Well-known health concerns resulting from the transport of overweight baggage. In addition to mental stress, back discomfort, neck discomfort, bone abnormalities, and lung difficulties are likely in youngsters. Buy a lightweight backpack and encourage them to wear the bag on both straps with different compartments. Make sure you have a cushion on the straps and the back of your back.

In addition to the overweight issues, parents are also concerned about their child’s safety and security. Because of their busy schedule, sometimes parents can’t afford to be with their children while dropping and picking them up from school. They need to depend upon the school bus, or sometimes they have to send their child alone. For those parents, a GPS tracker added to the school bag can be a very reliable option. This article will point out some best quality school bags with many features that will surely make you feel safe about your child.

If you are in a rush, you can buy the best item based on your budget, color and material preference, and our commendation given below. Based on our study, we concluded that-
– The editorial choice – Coulomb Girls’ Randsel School Bag
– The overall best buy – Coulomb Sonata Series Boy’s School Bag
– The lowest budget buy – Baobab’s Wish Randsel (Bab-RnG58 model) School Bag

Randsel School Bag
Photo: Coulomb Girls Randsel School Bag
Brand Coulomb
Manufacturer Coulomb
Model No. 2019
Color Black, Light Blue, Light Violet, Red, Dark Brown
Material Fabric
Dimension 34 x 27 x 20 cm
Weight 1,300 gm

This brand will introduce you to another good quality suitable backpack for girls. It is made of high-quality pearl textiles. This product will provide a good and soft feeling with a clever and convenient look. Easy to dry, 6-color, waterproof material Made of respiratory and lightweight synthetic leather, sumptuous fabric, and metal accessories, fake triple stitching in regions with heavy abrasion. The weight for youngsters is lowered and as long as feasible longer to last. Easy to use one-touch lock for youngsters. Align the hardware and press the metal handle to lock it automatically to keep the lock in mind. Open and close safely, straightforward, and simple. It has a small failure and can be used with tranquility for six years.

School Bag
Photo: Coulomb Sonata Series Boy's School Bag
Brand Coulomb
Manufacturer Coulomb
Color Black, Navy, Silver
Material Faux Leather

The Coulomb Sonata Series Boy’s School Bag showcases original camo fabric, creating a calming and lifelike design inspired by March’s “Durugi.” Crafted with premium quality artificial leather and pearl fabric, it’s an ideal choice for kids who seek uniqueness. Attention to detail is evident with hooks on each side, highly breathable antibacterial fabric at the back, one-touch lock, and a D-ring design for both safety and style. The fashionable and cool finish, coupled with water repellent and breathable materials, ensures durability and comfort. The 6-year seller warranty and bonus items, including a transparent cover, shoe bag, and more, make it a standout choice.

School Bag
Photo: Fit-chan School Bag
Brand Fitchan Randsel
Manufacturer Fit-chan Randsel
Model No. 2024 model
Color Black
Dimension 31 x 23.5 x 12.5 cm
Weight 1,100 gm

This brand’s backpacks come with a little different design. Air fresh is used to create lightness and respiration on the back and the rear of the shoulder belt. The rear and side are very thick and lose form to avoid distortion. When force is used, hand-sewn sections, such as the shoulder base and the bottom rim. The back foundation consists of two layers of tissue to make it long-lasting. In addition to the adhesive treatment, the textile that covers the buckle is strengthened by stitching.

The big pocket is easy to utilize and handy. The front pocket is a large BOX pocket. It may be opened to the left and right by use of a double zipper. The towel, amulet, phone, etc., may be utilized for tiny goods. The automatic lock mechanism is comfortable and safe. If the metal fitting is fitted with the magnet, the metal fitting rotates and locks simultaneously. It is a basic function of current school backpacks that must be kept from closing.

School Bag
Photo: Tsubame Lightweight School Bag
Brand Tsubame
Material Swallow fiber, artificial leather (microfiber)
Color Black, Blue, Red, Brown, Pink, Purple
Suitable for Boys, Girls
Dimension 31.5 x 24 x 11.5 cm
Weight 1,100 gm

The Tsubame Lightweight School Bag stands out with its user-friendly design and thoughtful features. Its round pockets, compatible with A4 and clear files, open widely for easy access to small items. The Y-cut back ensures excellent breathability and prevents clinging to backpacks, providing a comfortable fit. The shoulder belt, with 8 adjustment holes allows for easy customization as per the child’s growth.

Safety is prioritized through reflective materials strategically placed for visibility. The one-touch auto-lock feature prevents contents from falling out, offering peace of mind. To open, a simple clockwise turn of the lock knob releases the lid, and the worry-free 6-year warranty and 45-day return policy add an extra layer of assurance for both parents and children.

School Bag
Photo: FancyLuLu School Bag
Brand FancyLuLu
Material Leather
Color Blue and Brown, Black and Brown, Brown, Blue, Black
Department Boys

The FancyLuLu School Bag is a stylish and functional choice with a design that remains appealing over time. Crafted from scratch-resistant Clarino, it maintains its premium texture over six years of use. Weighing approximately 4.6 oz, it’s both durable and lightweight. This bag is also waterproof and features antibacterial properties. The back, designed for comfort, is breathable and quick-drying. The one-touch automatic locking mechanism adds convenience to its safety features. Equipped with reflectors for visibility, it also includes a charm ring for carrying small items. Additionally, it comes with a transparent cover, timetable table, and name card as practical bonuses.

School Bag
Photo: Baobab's Wish Randsel School Bag
Brand Baobab’s Wish Randsel
Manufacturer Randsel
Model No. Bab-RnG58
Color Black, Navy, Black, Red, Pink, Marine blue
Material High-Quality Synthetic Leather
Dimension 33 x25 x 17 cm
Weight 1200 gm

Randsel is a Japanese-style backpack usually made of firm stitched artificial leather. Randsel backpacks are overwhelmingly popular in Japan, where over 90% of elementary schoolchildren use them to carry their books to school. Both girls and boys can use this model bag. This product is a lightweight, waterproof finish item. It has a huge space inside the bag. Kids can place A4-size flat files. Randsel backpacks offer several advantages over other designs—they are durable enough to last for six years of elementary school use, have a water-resistant Artificial leather construction, and provide child-friendly design and functionality. Moreover, Baobab’s Wish Randsel brand school bag offers 6 years of warranty.

We hope our product review will help you choose the best school bag for your kids. You might like any of the bags listed on the website. You should think carefully before you buy anything expensive; otherwise, you may regret it. We recommend you experience the varieties and discover which one might be the best choice for your family. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

– Our editorial team reviewed this article and approved it for publication according to our editorial policy.

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