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Best Computer Desks to work from home: Expert Review in 2024

Computer Desk

Our daily life is inconceivable without the use of a computer. A computer table or desk adds up to an essential part of our workstation. Whether it’s for your first PC, or your home business, a computer table is essential. No working professional can think of a day without a computer table. Especially during this post pandemic situation of COVID-19, many employees started working from home. So, they must make use of a computer table or a workstation when they are using their devices for extended periods. People who sit in unconventional places may experience severe back pain at a time. It can be reduced by using a computer desk.

People in recent times tend to be creative. And so as with their materials. Computer tables come in different sizes and shapes. The custom-designed computer tables are always on priority. The presence of a fancy designer workstation is enough to make people believe that you are a creative soul. Computer tables can be manufactured with different materials like wood, plywood, steel, glass, etc. Now let’s talk about some other features of a computer table. However, with so many options available in the market, price range, and functionalities, it can be challenging to buy the perfect computer desk for you. This article might be helpful for you to know the sizes, heights, and variety of unique features of the best 10 computer desks for working from home in Japan.

If you are in a hurry, you can buy the best item based on your budget, preference, and our recommendation given below. Based on our study, we concluded that-
– The overall best buy – U-POWER Gaming Desk
– The editorial choice – Aka Supaku Computer Desk
– The budget choice – VIVO Stand-Up Computer Desk

Experience stability like never before with the U-POWER Gaming Desk. Engineered with rare A-shaped legs, this desk not only offers excellent stability and zero wobbles but also adds a cool aesthetic touch, responding seamlessly to intense gaming movements. The versatility of the desk extends beyond gaming, making it suitable for office tasks, live deliveries, home work, and even serving as a dedicated children’s study desk.

Gaming Desk
Photo: U-POWER Gaming Desk
Best Use for Gaming, Computer work
Color Black
Product Dimensions D x W x H 60 x 140 x 75 cm
Item Weight 16 Kg


When it comes to functionality, durability, and user-friendly features, the U-POWER Gaming Desk excels. The large PU leather mouse pad provides a luxurious feel without compromising on functionality. The tabletop, crafted with a P2 grade environmental panel, ensures both durability and safety. Added conveniences include left and right earphone hooks, a drink holder, and a carbon steel frame with high-quality paint for enhanced durability.

Assembling the U-POWER Gaming Desk is a breeze. The company has meticulously crafted an assembly instruction manual from the customer’s perspective, ensuring an easy and straightforward setup. All necessary tools are thoughtfully included for a hassle-free assembly process. Committed to delivering quality and exceptional service, the U-POWER Gaming Desk is manufactured under the close supervision of a Japanese manufacturer. The brand takes pride in offering complete after-sales service, aiming to provide the fastest support in the industry. Should any issues arise, U-POWER assures customers of their best support.

Discover a transformative work experience with the SHUWEI Standing Tabletop Desk, designed to reduce fatigue and improve efficiency, especially during telework and desk work. Recognizing the strain posed by prolonged sitting, this desk offers adjustable height settings, allowing for easy posture changes and effortless transitions between sitting and standing modes. By doing so, it not only mitigates health risks associated with extended periods of sitting but also alleviates the burden on your back, significantly enhancing overall work efficiency.

Standing Tabletop Computer Desk
Photo: SHUWEI Standing Tabletop Desk
Material Engineered Wood Metal
Item Dimensions LxWxH 73D x 47W x 6H cm
Color Black
Weight 8.26 kg


In this case, the standing feature is useful. Again this unique feature can be helpful for industrial meetings. You can easily adjust the height according to your requirement. The design of this desk is pretty simple. This desk does not provide a larger amount of space like other desks and also it lacks additional chambers. But you can easily accommodate your laptop, or monitor with keyboard, mouse, and more.

The convenience of the SHUWEI Standing Tabletop Desk extends to its smooth and adjustable altitude features. Utilizing a gas pressure elevation system, this desk allows for easy height adjustment ranging from 6 to 40 cm. Furthermore, as a folding desk that requires no assembly, it can be used immediately upon receipt and easily stowed away in just a few seconds after use.

Experience optimal flexibility with the Aka Supaku Computer Desk, as it allows customizable installation in any direction, catering to various room configurations or individual preferences. The design ensures a generous storage capacity on your desk, offering organized space for small items such as stationery, A4 size documents, tall magazines, printers, and more.

Aka Supaku Computer Desk
Photo: Aka Supaku Computer Desk
Brand Aka Supaku
Material Wood Metal
Item Dimensions LxWxH 80 x 120 x 119 cm
Shape L-Shape
Color Dark walnuts


One standout feature is the “Spide” design, enhancing storage speed and accessibility. This innovative concept enables users to swiftly reach for desired items without the need to stand up from their seats. The desk seamlessly integrates a rack and desk, creating an efficient and easily accessible document shelf. This unique design not only maximizes storage capacity but also adds functional space to the workspace.

The Aka Supaku Computer Desk prioritizes excellent durability and stability. Crafted from melamine material known for its resistance to heat, abrasion, and stains, the desk not only looks beautiful but is also easy to clean with a simple wipe. The thick top plate prevents sagging, ensuring long-term durability and providing a robust load capacity. The desk is waterproof, stain-resistant, rust-resistant, promising prolonged usage without compromising its integrity. Featuring a simple structure, this computer desk is easy to assemble, making it accessible for users of all genders.

For those who want to improve desk work efficiency and be comfortable with a larger amount of space, this desk is the cherry on the cake for them. This is such a desk where two people can work together with a good amount of table space. This desk is still specious even if you spread your documents, notebooks, and other files in addition to your computer.

Computer Desk
Photo: ODK Computer Desk
Brand ODK
Material Wood, Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 55 x 160 x 70 cm
Weight 19.7 kg
Material Engineered Wood, Metal
Color Black


The ODK Computer Desk stands out as a versatile and efficient workspace solution, offering a range of features designed to enhance organization and productivity. The left side of the desk boasts two shelves, providing visible storage for various items. Notably, the upper shelf is customizable, allowing users to adapt the storage space based on their needs. On the right side, a dedicated CPU shelf is included, accommodating larger items such as PC cases. This thoughtful design ensures efficient storage even in limited spaces, with a foot area providing ample room for neatly storing chairs with armrests.

In terms of construction, the ODK Computer Desk features a sturdy design with excellent stability. Equipped with two crossbars to prevent swaying, the steel frame ensures durability and robust support during use. The legs are thoughtfully designed with adjusters, providing a firm feel without any rattling, ensuring a stable and reliable work surface.

Additionally, the top board of the ODK Computer Desk is composed of three connected boards, forming a single top plate. Crafted from melamine material, the desk is not only resistant to dirt and moisture but also allows for easy cleaning with a simple wipe. The product is backed by customer support in the rare event of initial defects or missing parts, ensuring assistance is available at any time.

For people who live in small residences, this folding desk is a great choice. The solid iron frame construction provides high stability as well as durability to this desk.

Foldable Desk
Photo: Yamazen Foldable Desk
Brand Yamazen
Item Dimensions LxWxH 40 x 80 x 70 cm
Material Engineered Wood
Item Weight 7.6 Kg

The table surface is manufactured with scratch-resistant melamine and environment-friendly wooden materials. The handsome amount of table space lets you work with all your necessary files along with your computer. The one-button folding technology adds extra beauty to this computer desk. Overall, this is a desk with a pretty simple design and setup. And it is suitable everywhere and people of all sectors can use this.

You can be confident with high-quality material and scratch-resistant, melamine surface. This affordable desk can perfectly carry a huge amount of stuff. The moving function is also very easy. The desk comes fully assembled and can be set up in seconds.

Among all the stand-up desks, the VIVO brand’s computer desk has pleased most of the buyers. Most importantly, VIVO is the first product in Japan to be convinced because of its popularity. It shows the brand value of this product already exists.

Computer Desk
Photo: Vivo Computer Desk
Brand Vivo
Model Number DESK-V000KG
Color Dark Grey
Item Dimensions LxWxH 40.64 x 80.01 x 11.43 cm
Item Weight 11.8 Kg

The design of the desk is perfect to make you feel comfortable even after long hours of work. If you are sitting for a long period, it may cause severe back pain and neck issues. So whenever you are tired of sitting, just stand up and adjust the height according to yours. It also helps to improve the productivity of your work.

You can also use this computer desk as a dual platform to increase your workspace. This desk comes pre-assembled. So there is no hassle left for the consumers. The desk is suitable to use both at home and in an office environment. It can support the teachers who need to teach using both a computer and a whiteboard. The build quality of this computer desk is also up to the mark. With all these features, this stand-up desk must take placed on your wish list.

The FlexiSpot EF1 Electric Adjustable Computer Desk is designed to combat the hazards of prolonged sitting by offering an electrically controlled adjustable work table. It has sturdy legs and a spacious tabletop. The desk provides an impressive lifting range, adjustable from 71 to 121 cm at a speed of 35 mm per second. With a robust load capacity of 70 kg users can effortlessly tailor the desk to their preferred height, promoting a dynamic work environment.

Adjustable Computer Desk
Photo: FlexiSpot EF1 Electric Adjustable Computer Desk
Material Wood, Metal
Item Dimensions L x W x H 60 x 120 x 71 cm
Color White
Load Capacity 70 kg

This electric desk can be adjusted to your preferred height with a single button. Adjust the height to fit your body and chair to relieve the burden on your body. Children and women can easily adjust the desk to any altitude they want. You can freely switch between standing and sitting, even when working at a desk for a long period, and it also improves blood flow, effectively preventing pain in your neck, shoulders, and legs.

A notable feature is the memory function, enabling the desk to remember frequently used heights. Users can easily return to their preferred heights with a single press, enhancing convenience and adaptability. The desk also incorporates an alarm function, serving as a helpful reminder to prevent prolonged periods of sitting, particularly for individuals engrossed in work, hobbies, or studying.

During installation, the tabletop’s screw holes are strategically positioned for compatibility with the leg plates. Users are encouraged to refer to these positions during the installation process. Additionally, the remaining screw holes are designed to be compatible with other FlexiSpot models. For an efficient installation experience, the use of an electric screwdriver is recommended.

Computer Desk With Storage Space
Photo: Wujunh Computer Desk With Storage Space
Brand Wujunh
Color Oak
Item Dimensions L x W x H 100 x 45 x 73cm
Top Plate Material Wood
Item Weight 20 Kg

Features of the Wujunh multi-function computer desk:

  • Made of sturdy and stable steel frame and thick panel table top
  • A large desktop holds your laptop and provides enough space to clutter things
  • Innovative design, reasonable layout, and spacious bottom space make it more effective
  • Multi-functional: This desk can be used as a computer desk, office workstation, conference desk, study table, writing desk, gaming desk, etc. You can personalize your home office with this functional desk
  • ?Multi-functional desk?This desk can be used as a computer desk, computer desk, office desk, study desk, work desk, and various practical needs

More specifications of the product:

Option Type: Oakboard+Black
Material: Wood plate + steel frame
Size: 100x45x73cm

Package List: 1 x Computer Desk

Note: Due to different production batches, product details may be a little different. If you mind the difference, please buy it carefully.
– Please allow 1-3 cm differences due to manual measurement.
– Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
– Spacious workspace design, large workspace, easy to store small items such as monitors, books, teacups, notebooks, etc.

The Pykes Peak standing computer desk is designed in Japan. This is an electric standing desk that has excellent functionality and is developed to cover the common sense of the past. Traditional standing desks were difficult to assemble, hard-to-use, and less durable. The Pykes Peak brand has been researched for a long period, and not only solves the problem of standing desks, but also your customers “wanted this!” This is a 2024 next-generation model that incorporates all of the needs of this product. The theme of “Make your work time healthy and enjoyable” has also been paid attention to in design.

Standing Desk
Photo: Pykes Peak Standing Desk
Brand Pykes Peak
Top plate material Walnut
Item Dimensions LxWxH 120 x 60 x 119 cm
Package Weight 44 Kg

There are options to buy from 4 different colors that will blend in with your office, living room, home office, etc. (Special use for Japanese people who are the most sitting in the world!

The Pykes Peak standing desk can be adjusted to the height that suits your preference, and you can easily adjust it to your preferred height. You can easily switch between work positions and work in a better position for 30 minutes of sitting or sitting for 30 minutes. Do you want to experience health support and productivity support at your standing desk? [Shortest class in the industry! Easy assembly in 5 minutes to 10 minutes: After surveying 50 people who purchased a traditional standing desk, 48/50 people said that it “was difficult to assemble it in a crowd, we didn’t think it was so complicated…” Traditional standing desks feature TIER 2-4 levels of technology and the number of components included so we found that the difficulty of assembly is a challenge. However, PYKES PEAK uses “TIER-1 level technology” in the S-200 so many parts are already built-in. Therefore, the level of assembly is minimized. In addition, unlike conventional models, there is no need to purchase additional tools, and a hole top plate is already included, so assembly time is the shortest class in the industry. The simple assembly takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

Some features of the Pykes Peak Standing Computer Desk:

It features several features that have never been before. Increased convenience and safety. To listen to the needs of your needs and make the working environment more comfortable, we adopt many of the latest features not found in previous models. Easy-to-Read Display & Operation Pad: This model has a LED display that displays the height in a numeric value and is very easy to operate. 3 USB ports for charging, making it easy to charge smartphones, computers, electronic products, etc. that are essential for work. (Type A: 3.6 – 6.5 V 2.4 A / 6.5 – 9 V 2 A / 12 V 1.5 A Type C: 5 V 3 A / 9 V 2 A / 12 V 1.5 A Maximum 18 W Output for each port) (4 height memory functions that can be used with one touch. (Wide Drawer) The top board comes with a drawer that is 28.3 inches (72 cm) wide x 13.6 inches (34.5 cm) deep. Store small items neatly (Anti-collision system based on gyroscope) Obstacle detection function detects an abnormal voltage when it hits an obstacle while moving up or down or downward Specifications: Safe and safe for manufacturing factories. Reliable top plate size: 47.2 x 23.6 inches (120 x 60 cm). Lifting range: 27.6 – 46.9 inches (70 – 119 cm).

Lifting speed: 10.0 lbs (25 mm). Compatible power supply/frequency: 100 V/50 – 60 Hz. S-200 is manufactured in an ISO-9001-certified world-class factory. In addition, the product has passed all safety standards including PSE Mark, CE, RoHS, FCC, etc.

Warranty: It offers a 1-year warranty and customer support. If the product is defective within the warranty period, you can return the product or get a free replacement for the parts.

The thick steel plate processing and stable leg material have a good balance between the wood grain top and the metal legs, so it is easy to move around and relocate.

Computer Desk
Photo: Plus Fantoni Computer Desk
Brand Plus
Material Wood
Item Dimensions LxWxH 100 x 71 x 72 cm
Top plate dimension L x W 100 x 71 cm
Item Weight 32 Kg

It is made in collaboration with Fantoni, Italy. Fantoni is an office furniture manufacturer located in Uudine, a city in northwest Italy. The simple, finished design is timeless and timeless. PLUS Garage employs its attitude to making things, named “Fantoni” on the product, and plans and sells original products in collaboration with “Garage×fantoni”.

Fantoni is awarded for its corporate activity at the 18th Milano Triennale, the Compasso d’Oro alla Carriera. The manufacturer is committed to environmental activities and acquired the FSC Forest Certification in 2002 at Plaxil and Lesonit factories. The top plate is 100% recyclable.

The tabletop of the desk is a particle board that shatters thumbs, etc. into chips. This material is 100% recycled wood. This raw material is professionally collected in a region within a radius of 150 meters and includes some wood exhausted from the Fantoni factory. Material processing is compliant with EPF (European Panel Federation) recycled material safety standards. Electrical connection and wiring hole: The wiring hole cap can be opened or removed. Use according to the amount of wire. The wiring hole cap is stamped with “FANTONI UFFICIO”. Products with a depth of over 31.5 inches (80 cm) are assumed to be used as a meeting table, so there are no wiring holes. A desk with a depth of 28.0 inches (71 cm), a width of 47.2 inches (120 cm) is a place for a wiring hole, and a width of over 55.1 inches (140 cm) has two wirings.

Other features of the Plus Fantoni computer desk:

Country of Origin: Italy
Assembly time: Approximately 30 minutes for 2 adults.
Use the tools included with the product
Shipping: If it is sold by, it will be shipped directly from the manufacturer, unlike standard shipping. Height: 28.3 inches

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about computer desks:

What should you need to notice before buying a computer table?

i. Material:

Probably it is the most important thing to consider when buying a computer desk. As the cost, the outlook, and the weight of a desk, all depend on the building material. The preference is not the same for all consumers. Some go for the usual design and average building material. While some creative minds look for premium architecture. Usually, students prefer computer desks that are lightweight and provide an extra bit of space. And professional employees go for the premium ones.

ii. Size & Shape:

Computer desks are made in all sizes and shapes to satisfy the requirements of the users. You may buy a computer desk for your home or even for your office. The size of the desk mainly depends on where you are going to place the desk and how much space you need on your desk. If you need space only for your laptop or computer, you should go for the smaller ones. And if you need to carry multiple materials along with your computer, you should consider the desks with a larger amount of space.

iii. Assembled or Ready to Assemble:

You may find computer desks in both assembled and ready-to-assemble condition. Usually, desks with multiple partitions do not come as assembled. Again some low-quality tables that are constructed with processed wood also come in ready-to-assemble conditions. Mostly the premium ones come assembled. The main confusion between assembled and ready to assemble is no matter how skillfully they are put, you won’t be able to match up to the visual appeals of pre-assembled computer tables. Recently, the demand for computer desks is at a large scale. So necessary pre-knowledge before choosing your desk is an important part.

What should be the height?

The comfortable height for your computer desk depends on your height, the device you operate, and the daily timetable you maintain. Some may find this issue needless. But the height of your desk highly influences your health and productivity. As we spend so much of our time looking at our devices, whether it is a computer, laptop, or phone, we are putting pressure on our eyes and body regularly. Sitting uncomfortably for a longer period can cause frequent back and neck pain. According to the studies and economic design guidelines, the standard height of a computer desk should be around 75 to 80 centimeters.

What are the benefits of a standing desk?

There are several benefits of standing desks. Out of several benefits, here are some-
1. Improve posture and refresh.
2. Health benefits.
3. Work hard for long periods.
4. Prevents loose work and supports work efficiency.
5. Eliminates oversitting with a standing cycle every 30 minutes.


We have outlined all the information you need to buy the best computer desk that is right for your intended use and also comfortable for long-time use. However, we know that the final choice is still yours. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us. And, if you are planning to other home appliances, you can visit our home appliance category here: Sakuron home appliances.

– Our editorial team reviewed this article and approved it for publication based on our editorial policy.

You can also check the Amazon bestseller computer desks list:

DiscountBestseller No. 1
アイリスプラザ パソコンデスク デスク収納 整理 ラック付きデスク オフィス 机 PCデスク テレワーク ブラック 幅114㎝ RTPCD-1200
  • デスクとラックが一つになった便利なデスク。 4段のオープンラックから必要なものをすぐに取り出せるので作業がはかどります。 パソコンや資料を置ける広さの天板で勉強やテレワークに最適。
  • 【手が届くマルチラック収納】 オープンラック一体型デスクは必要なものが見やすく、すぐに取り出せて効率よくデスクワークができます。 4段のラックはA4サイズの本やモデム類も置けます。収納物が見やすいオープンラックで足元のものも取り出しやすく快適。
  • 【作業がはかどる広々スペースの天板サイズ】 幅94×奥行48cmの天板でパソコンや書類を広げることができます。 ノートパソコンや周辺機器も置けるのでマルチタスクが可能。タイピングや書き物もしやすい奥行きなので作業がはかどります。
  • 【水や傷に強いこだわりの天板素材】 天板には合成樹脂化粧繊維板を使用。テープの粘着や文字の書き跡にも強く、撥水性に優れている為飲み物をこぼしてもサッとひと拭きでOK。
Bestseller No. 2
L字デスク ゲーミングデスク 机 PCデスク 幅110cm パソコンデスク 右棚左棚 学習机 オフィスデスク 収納袋付き作業机
  • 【商品仕様】本体サイズ:幅110×奥行80×高さ75CM。L字型デスク、パソコンデスク、pcデスク、ラック付きデスク、勉強机、オフィスデスク、学習机などとして使用できます。
  • 【大きな収納スペース】大型のL字型デスクに比べて、この小さなL字型のデザインにより、部屋の隅のスペースを最大限に活用します。拡張可能な収納ボードは、デスクの一番奥約80cm近くまで伸ばすことができます。本やA4ファイル、プリンターなど、在宅仕事、勉強、ゲームのためのあらゆるモノはすべて手の届くところにあるようにします。広い下部スペース(86*48*74cm) は長時間作業中に足をリラックスさせるのに役立ちます。
  • 【自分好みのレイアウト】サイドデスクを左右付け替えることができます。このL字型パソコンデスクのデスクトップサイズはで、2台のモニターまたはノートパソコンを配置するのに十分な広さを提供できます。お客様個人の好みやレイアウトに合わせて、サイドデスクを左右付け替え可能です。シンプルでモダンなデザインは、あらゆるコーナーや場所に適しており、自宅でもオフィスでも使用可能です。
  • 【組み立て簡単】詳しい組立手順書、分かりやすい取扱説明書、完全な部品、必要な組立道具を提供します。一人でも簡単に組み立てられます。
Bestseller No. 3
サンワダイレクト パソコンデスク 幅120×奥行60cm モニターアーム対応 机 PCデスク 組立簡単 ホワイト 100-DESKF004
  • \シリーズ累計 販売台数450,000台突破!(2024年1月時点)/ 幅120cm×奥行60cm×高さ70cmの シンプルデスク です。シンプルな作りなので オフィスデスク ・ パソコン机 ・ 勉強机 ・ ゲーミングデスク ・ 作業机 ・ テレワーク デスク など様々な使い方ができます。
  • 【頑丈設計】耐荷重は50kg! パソコン や周辺機器などをたっぷり載せられます。天板裏の補強パイプ・横揺れを防ぐバックフレーム・脚先のアジャスター・強度と耐久性の高いスチールフレームで、ガタつきのないしっかりした使用感を実現しました。
  • 【モニターアーム対応】従来の デスク の場合、天板裏の補強パイプが邪魔になり、クランプが取り付けられないことがありました。本製品は改良して、補強パイプの位置を内側に設計。モニターアームやデスクライトなどのクランプ機器を取り付けるスペースができて、より便利な構造になっています。
  • 【組み立て簡単】シンプルな構造なので組み立てもとっても簡単♪工具も付属しているので、特にご用意していただくものもありません。約15分くらいで組み立てできます。<組み立て方>①脚にアジャスターを付ける→②天板にリンフォースメントを付ける→③リンフォースメントに脚を付ける→④脚にバックフレームを付けて完成!
DiscountBestseller No. 4
YeTom デスク 机 l字デスク机 pcデスク 作業机 125cm x 125cm オフィスデスク ゲーミングデスク パソコンデスク 収納袋付き勉強机 computer desk コーナーデスク 引き出し付きデスク ビンテージ
  • 【様々なシーンで大活躍】l字デスクは部屋の隅を最大限に活用でき、家庭でもオフィスでも日常作業に十分なスペースを確保できます。こちらのコーナーデスクは実用性が高くて色々なシーンに合わせて使えます。ゲームプレイ、パソコン作業用、テレワーク、在宅勤務などとしてご利用いただけます。
  • 【左右入れ替え可能な収納スペース】机の下には引き出しが2つ設置されていて,必要な文房具が収納できます。pcデスクには丈夫な収納袋とフックが付いており、書類、バッグ、イヤホンなどの収納が便利になり、天板もすっきりします。引き出しやサイドポケットはコーナーデスクの左右どちらにも自由に取り付けられます。
  • 【より心のこもったデザイン】オフィスデスクの后ろには隙間が設けられており、各種機器の充電ケーブルが邪魔なくパソコンデスクの上を通ることができます,天板もすっきりしました。
  • 【組立簡単&耐久性高い】*【重要】*壊れやすい木製の床や畳の上に組み立てる場合は、部材が床を壊さないように、十分な厚さのボール紙やカーペットを敷いてください。分かりやすい説明書あり、女性にも組立簡単です。汚れに強く、高強度のメラミン化粧板を採用し、キズや熱・水分に強く、長持ちしやすいコーナーデスクです。机の天板はフィレット設計で、安全性が高く、衝撃時に怪我を防げます。
Bestseller No. 6
PAMRAY デスク パソコンデスク 幅80×奥行40 収納袋付き ヘッドフォンフック付き 勉強机 在宅ワーク 机 組立簡単 シンプル パソコンデスク ホワイト
  • コンパクトなデスクのサイズ -- 幅80cm x 奥行40cm x 高さ74cm。小さい部屋にも収まり、ゆとりのある足元スペースで収納力もバッチリ。家庭用オフィスでの仕事や、学生やティーンエイジャーの勉強や執筆に最適な書斎デスクです。
  • 便利な収納 -- サイドの収納バッグとヘッドフォンフックは、オフィス用品を置いたり、ヘッドフォン、バッグ、その他の小物を掛けたりするために追加されました。パソコンデスクトップスペースの効率的な利用をサポートしています。
  • 簡単な組み立て -- 詳細な組み立て説明書と必要なすべての工具が付属しており、この小さな机を15分以内に簡単に組み立てることができます。
  • 堅牢な構造体 -- X字型の背部補強と調節可能な脚パッドがデスクをより安定させます。

Last update on 2024-04-12 .

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