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Best Washing Machines in Japan: Expert Review in 2024

budget-friendly Washing machine in Japan

A washing machine is a home appliance that contributes to green living or activities by conserving resources such as water and energy while washing various types of clothes without using human effort. The washing machine is often known as a clothes washer or simply a washer. These labor-saving and convenient home appliances are very common in daily life. We have analyzed and reviewed the various features of the washing machines currently available in Japan. We summarized the top six budget-friendly washing machines based on energy efficiency, price, size, weight, control system, and other features. This article might be helpful for you to make an excellent buying decision for your next brand-new home appliance.

If you are in a rush, we recommend buying the best suitable item based on your budget, available space to place the washer, color preference, and the market study summary in this article. Based on our study, we concluded that-
– The editor’s choice – Iris Ohyama IAW-T504 Washing Machine
– The overall best – Hisense Automatic Washing Machine
– The best value –Toshiba Washing Machine

The 6 best washing machine in Japan in 2024

1. Iris Ohyama IAW-T504 Washing Machine
2. Hisense Automatic Washing Machine
3. Toshiba Washing Machine
4. Sharp Automatic Washing Machine
5. Iris Ohyama IAW-T605BL Washing Machine
6. CB Japan Two Tank Small-size Washing Machine 

Here are the details of each energy-efficient, budget-friendly washing machine listed above–

Washing Machine
Photo: Iris Ohyama IAW-T504 Washing Machine

Brand name: IRIS OHYAMA
Item Weight: 28 Kg
Capacity: 5 Kilograms

The Iris Ohyama IAW-T504 model Washing Machine is a wonderful choice if you want a machine with premium features at a reasonable price. This item has a see-through cover to keep an eye on the water and washing state, an electronic control with an LED display, two water pipes, and a stainless steel inner tube. The compact design of the Iris Ohyama washing machine makes it easy to carry around your home.


A multifunctional control panel and LED display are just a few features and operations. You can select the right level by pressing the water level/spin button. If you need to add water while washing, push the water level/spin button, and then release it to stop adding. The timer displays your preset time when using the delay function; it displays the remaining washing time when washing. Furthermore, this product has a built-in drain pump and pipe, allowing you to drain dirty water quickly. If the washing load is unbalanced, a loud crash sound may be heard.

Automatic Washing Machine
Photo: Hisense Automatic Washing Machine

Brand name: Hisense
Noise: 47 dB
Capacity: 5.5 Kilograms

The body design of the Hisense washing machine is slim enough (50 x 54 x 88 cm) to be enjoyed in a single or regular room. This washing machine can wash your cloth within a very short time. You can wash clothing in 10 minutes after you come home late at night. Maybe you’re wearing it again the next morning.


It is very easy to use. The easy-to-understand course button and large digital selection course display reduce mistakes. The newly designed pulse sweater (rotating blades) creates a 3D and powerful water flow, which reduces the tangles of clothes while removing dirtIncreased Cleaning Power: The water flow shower creates a 3D water flow that removes dirt without unevennessKeep Clean: The uneven design of the washing board increases cleaning power while keeping it clean.

Washing Machine
Photo: Toshiba Washing Machine

Brand name: TOSHIBA
Item Weight: 31 Kilograms
Capacity: 4.5 Kilograms
Standard water level: 43 – 22 L
Standard Water Consumption: When Washing: Approx. 95 L

The TOSHIBA washing machine is an excellent choice for dorms and apartments because it has a built-in drain system and drainage tube. This product is a fully automatic washing machine and incredibly simple to use. It is compact and light, therefore easy to carry around your home. It has three water levels and a mode control that allows customization based on the amount of clothing.

The wash push button can change the washing mode, and the switch can control the water level. It has a couple of programs available, and all you need is to select your preferred washing program. Because this product includes a fully automatic cleaning mode, you can stop wasting time watching the washing machine work.

Sharp Automatic Washing Machine
Photo: Sharp Automatic Washing Machine

Brand name: SHARP
Product weight: 30 Kilograms
Noise level: 40 dB
Capacity: 5.5 Kilograms

If you are very sensitive about noise, the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine is the best choice for you. Its noise level is only 40 dB. That means you can barely listen to the sound of the operation. This product is very convenient for home use.

Features of Sharp Automatic Washing Machine

  • External dimensions: W 56.5 x D 54 x H 89 cm (Width is drain hose & height includes water supply hose)
  • Installable waterproof pan: 56 cm
  • Operating sound (washing/dehydrating/drying): 40dB/48dB/-dB
  • Estimated Time: Wash approx. 35 / 34 minutes
  • Standard water consumption: 98 L

This washing machine consumes very low power. Therefore, it is one of the energy-efficient and eco-friendly products. It also features a filter net on the side of the washing barrel that you can easily pull out while cleaning the tube and filtering the water. There is a cover plate in the spin tube that you can easily place over the clothes to prevent a high-speed throwaway while using the spin tube.

Washing Machine
Photo: Iris Ohyama IAW-T605BL Washing Machine

Brand name: IRIS OHYAMA
Item Weight: 31 Kilograms
Standard water consumption: 132 L
Capacity: 6 Kilograms

The 30-kilogram Iris Ohyama IAW-T605BL Washing Machine is a portable type of washing machine. The product is very convenient to use for a family with several members. The washer is a fully automated washing, rinsing, and spinning cycle unit to protect even the most delicate wool. It is ideal for small households, dorms, and camping. It is an electric washer and spinner that washes, rinses, and spins your clothing properly.

Features of Iris Ohyama IAW-T603BL Washing Machine

  • Product Size (W x D x H): Approx. 55.5 x 52.5 x 92 cm.
  • Rated Voltage: AC 100V.
  • Rated Power Frequency (50Hz/60Hz): 255W/300W.
  • Standard water consumption: 132 L.
  • Standard water volume: 50 L.
  • Waterproof level: IPx4.

With every order, this product comes with accessories such as a quick-connect adapter, water supply hose, and drain hose. This washer features a large wash capacity and a rust-resistant stainless steel drum that can handle loads up to 6 Kilograms.

Two Tank Washing Machine
Photo: CB Japan Two Tank Small-size Washing Machine

Brand name: CB Japan
Standard water Consumption: 19 L
Rated power consumption: [washing] 240 W / [drying] 120 W
Capacity: 3.6 Kilograms

This product is small enough to fit in a cabinet, RV, dorm, or bathtub. It is ideal for compact houses with limited space and a simple design. It also has a rust-resistant steel inner tube, a lint filter, a water inlet, and a drain pump that makes it simple to drain dirty water. The dial interface ensures user-friendly operation, and it’s ideal for various items like uniforms, baby clothes, and pet garments. If you live alone this can be an awesome fit for you. Due to its compactness and lightweight, it is a highly portable washing machine.

It has two tanks for quickly washing your clothes. It provides a Dehydration lid, lint filter, and instruction manual as accessories.

Factors need to be considered before buying a washing machine

When buying a washing machine, you should figure out the most suitable one for your designated area, the amount of power consumption by the machine, and some other parameters. Otherwise, you will be upset about making a wrong purchase decision and wasting your money. Therefore, it is better to consider the following parameters step by step before buying a washing machine:

  • Is the washing machine going to fit perfectly in your apartment? Measure the designated area carefully.
  • How efficient is the machine when it comes to saving water and energy and the load capacity of the washer?
  • Is the machine fully automatic or semi-automatic?
  • Do you prefer a front-load design (clothes are loaded through a door in the front; they agitate the clothes by rotating the drum) or a top-load design (where clothes are loaded through a door at the top of the machine)? 

Conclusions: All the information stated above has been published after analysis of information found from different resources. So before buying a washing machine, try to know the necessary specifications. As washing machines are costly products, you should have enough knowledge about the product before you buy them. Contact the seller or local vendor to solve the issue if you ever face any issues when using a washing machine. You can trust our reviews to find the best budget-friendly washing machine as we have thoroughly reviewed the major brands available in the Japanese market, and you can buy with confidence.

– Our editorial team reviewed and approved this article for publication according to our editorial policy.

You can also check the Amazon bestseller washing machine list:

Bestseller No. 1
ハイセンス 全自動 洗濯機 5.5kg ホワイト HW-K55E 最短10分洗濯 真下排水 予約機能 スリム 風乾燥 強力洗浄 一人暮らし 二人分のお洗濯
  • 抜群の洗浄力、充実の便利機能!二人分のお洗濯も楽々な5.5kg洗濯機!
  • 絡みにくいパルセーター 強力洗浄で服にやさしい
  • ステンレス槽:洗濯板の凹凸設計を採用することで洗浄力をアップしつつステンレス素材で清潔感を保ちます。
  • 立体シャワー水流で 頑固な汚れも
Bestseller No. 2
【新生活応援商品】 アイリスオーヤマ 洗濯機 5kg 幅54cm 一人暮らし 部屋干し時間短縮モード 脱水30%UP 折り畳みできる蓋 上部を収納スペースに有効活用 IAW-T504
  • 種類:全自動電気洗濯機
  • 定格電圧、電源周波数:AC100V、50/60Hz / 定格消費電力:[50Hz]330W[60Hz]360W
  • ◆選べる水位4段階水位は47L/34L/22L/13L(手動)の4段階。洗濯物の量にあわせて水位設定ができます。少量洗いもできて便利。◆いつもキレイな洗濯槽丈夫で汚れに強いステンレス槽。キレイを保つ2つのコースも。槽洗浄コース:見えない汚れもお手入れ簡単。槽乾燥コース:洗濯後に行うとカビ予防に。◆あんしんチャイルドロック『洗い』と『すすぎ』の2つのボタンを同時押し。電源が入っている間、ふたをロックします。◆シンプル操作パネル◆投入口洗剤投入ケース、漂白剤投入口、柔軟剤投入口があります。
  • 外形寸法(cm):幅約54×【2つの機能でお洗濯をサポート! 】部屋干しモード:乾燥時間を短縮。部屋干しのニオイも抑える! 予約タイマー:洗濯終了時間を予約。待ち時間ゼロに! ◆部屋干しモードヒーターを使わず風乾燥! しっかり水分を飛ばし、部屋干し時間を短縮! 生乾きのニオイを抑えます。◆予約タイマー何時間後に洗濯を終了させたいか、タイマー予約できます。最短:1時間後/最長:24時間後で予約可能。起床時や帰宅時など、生活スタイルに合わせて予約! ◆えらべる洗濯コース6種類標準:普段のお洗濯に。つけおき:頑固な汚れ、ニオイが気になるときに。お急ぎ:すすぎ1回で洗濯時間を短縮。念入り:厚手の衣類を洗濯するときに。毛布:2kgまでの毛布対応。すっきりキレイに。ドライ:デリケートな衣類をやさしく洗濯。奥行約53.5×高さ約83.5 / 質量:約28kg
Bestseller No. 3
ハイアール(Haier) JW-HS55C(W)ホワイト 洗濯容量5.5kg全自動洗濯機 槽風乾燥2キロ 一人暮らし ステンレス槽 ボディ幅52.6センチ
  • コース:標準/ジェルボール/香アップ/白さ追求/お急ぎ/ 洗えるスーツ/ソフト/槽風乾燥/槽洗浄(1.2.3)
  • 洗濯・脱水容量:5.5㎏
  • 風乾燥容量:2.0㎏
  • 標準洗濯時間:37分
Bestseller No. 4
洗濯機 全自動洗濯機 5.0kg 一人暮らし マクスゼン 風乾燥 槽洗浄 凍結防止 チャイルドロック ホワイトMAXZEN JW50WP01WH
  • ※通常配送でお届けする商品となります。設置工事につきましてはお客様ご自身でお手配ください。
  • 【定格消費電力】360W(50Hz)/410W(60Hz)。
  • 【機能】5種類の洗濯コース搭載(標準コース・ソフトコース・強洗コース・自分流コース・毛布コース)
  • 【仕様】標準使用水量:115L  標準脱水容量:5.0kg  標準水量:45L
DiscountBestseller No. 5
【新生活応援商品】 アイリスオーヤマ 洗濯機 6kg 幅55.5cm 一人暮らし 部屋干し時間短縮モード 脱水30%UP まとめ洗い 4日分一気に 光沢のあるガラス ブラックカラー IAW-T605BL
  • 【STYLISH DESIGN】 スタイリッシュ志向のあなたへ。 こだわりのデザイン洗濯機。 上質な雰囲気のガラストップ仕様。 これから始まる新生活を豊かに。 デザイン性も機能性も兼ね備えたこだわりの洗濯機で素敵な暮らしを始めよう。
  • 【一人暮らしのまとめ洗いも安心】 容量6.0kg。 1人分の選択量目安/1日“約1.5kg”。 約“4日分”を1回で洗える!
  • 【部屋干しモード】 ヒーターを使わず風乾燥! しっかり水分を飛ばし、部屋干し時間を短縮! 生乾きのニオイを抑えます。
  • 【予約タイマー】 何時間後に洗濯を終了させたいか、タイマー予約できます。 最短:1時間後/最長:24時間後で予約可能。 起床時や帰宅時など、生活スタイルに合わせて予約!
Bestseller No. 6
COMFEE' 上面 洗濯機 7kg 全自動 風乾燥 1-3人用 一人暮らし 予約洗濯 スピードコース ステンレス槽 ガラスドア CAC06W70U/EWW-JP
  • 【選べる洗濯8コース】 標準、つけおき、毛布などの大型織物を洗濯するコース(8つのプログラムで、2つずつ横に並んでおり、1つのプログラム表示灯を共有しています 点灯:標準、除菌、毛布、槽洗浄 点滅:つけおき、おしゃれ着、スビート、乾燥槽)、洗濯槽を洗浄する槽洗浄、乾燥槽を洗濯する槽乾燥など、8種類の洗濯メニューにより、多様で便利な選択肢を提供
  • 【風乾燥】ヒーターを使用せず、脱水槽の遠心力と通風口から取り込んだ空気で衣類の水分含有量を高速回転風乾燥。部屋干しの乾燥時間を短縮します
  • 【透明ガラス制振カバー】 安全制振カバーは手を挟まないようにゆっくりと閉まり、洗濯の様子が見えるガラスドアカバーは、強化ガラス素材で耐摩耗性・耐傷性・耐久性に優れた安心設計
  • 【衣類バケツの健康を守る】 見えない汚れをセルフクリーニングにより自動洗浄。シンクを乾燥した清潔な状態に保ち槽乾燥も細菌の増殖を抑制

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