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Best Bike Trailers for Kids in Japan: Review in 2023

Bike Trailers

Are you looking for a fancy way to run around town with your little ones but with a bike? We suggest using a bike trailer for this. The bike Trailer can be a good and excellent way to get your family for an adventure. But you can be easily confused to decide which trailer is suitable for you because there are many trailers with many features. With so many components such as adjustable suspension, storage, storage capacity, and multi-sport capabilities, it can make a difference between trailers. We hope you will like the trailers and good for your kid.

When and where should you use the trailer?

It depends on you how you do you plan to use the trailer. If you frequently travel by bike or have a plan for after-school bike outings with your kids, In that case, you will need briefcase comfort band space for backpacks that will make your daily trip very easy and smoother. 

If you don’t go on outings frequently, on the weekend, or on occasional tours, then the features such as suspension and cargo space may get less important. A basic and low-in-price trailer should suit your needs. If you go on outings frequently, a budget trailer will do the work. If you are an athlete and want to teach your children daily, you may need a multi-sport trailer. This kind of trailer is dedicated to the skier, runner, biker, etc. Now you have an idea and understand your needs and understand which type of trailer is suitable.

Comparison of Top 3 Bike Trailers for Kids

1. Instep Take 2 Bike Trailer by Pacific Cycle, Inc.

Instep Take 2 bike trailer
Instep Take 2 bike trailer

The Instep takes 2 is best for occasional use and short trips on paved roads. It is a single-functional trailer with no jogger, stroller, or cross-country solo models, and it can carry up to 80 pounds. INSTEP TAKE 2 is a functional entry point for those who are not ready for a big investment; it is an affordable trailer with an impressively large interior space for both the cargo and the passenger, But it is not a very comfortable experience for passengers or bikers. But it meets high-quality safety standards. It is very secured by the belts, which keep the passenger secured. The Take 2 is very well-ventilated, containing a mesh-covered window in the encourage airflow, but it will perform poorly during the rain test. For people who may be riding in inclement weather, then Instep takes 2 is not the best option.

When it comes to versatility, the Instep Take 2 is a limiting factor; they are the same, like 16”, and these are plastic wheels, but we would Like to use a trailer with a good interior design, but it comes in off-road, it would not perform well. The Instep Take 2 is an affordable trailer that offers good interior design, large passenger, and cargo space; all faults aside, the Instep take 2 is good to go product.


  • Lightweight
  • Wide passenger seat
  • Large cargo space


  • Plastic tire rims break
  • Quickly shows signs of wear

2. Burley flatbed bicycle trailer

About the Burley flatbed trailer:

  • Open cargo that can carry long things, a great way to carry cargo up to 45 kg on the bike
  • Low floor and low center of gravity design allows you to tow with minimal force while providing excellent stability
  • The front and back are wide enough to carry long objects that have been difficult for bicycles
  • Load Capacity: 99.3 lbs (45 kg)
  • Total Equipment Weight: 14.3 lbs (6.6 kg)
  • Size when unfolded: Length 33.8 x Width 31.0 x Height 16.1 inches (83.8 x 78.5 x 40.9 cm)
  • Size when folded: Length 33.1 x Width 23.0 x Height 4.2 inches (84 x 58.4 x 10.7 cm)

The Burley D’lite has impressed us with its versatility and has won our hearts. You can also purchase attachments for biking, cross country, jogging, and basic strolling. But when you are not carrying your children, the seats fold flat and create a surface for hauling the cargo, which adds usefulness beyond children. The interior is very fantastic than many competitors. And the sides bow out, which creates a little space for the little ones. Adjustable suspension and larger wheels make it more comfortable to travel off-road and extend adventures. The parent is moving together as one, and the experience is very good.

After knowing this, this trailer may get your favorite trailer, but you should consider it; changing attachments can be challenging for you, but as you are not changing the attachments daily, it must not be a serious issue. The D’lite contains a mesh screen and a vinyl window to protect the kids from sunlight and rain. But not to mention, the trailer is not 100% weatherproof. So, if you live in an area where the weather changes quickly, it may not be the best choice. And lastly, folding and unfolding the trailer may be tricky for you for the first time so you may need some practice. Even with these minor flaws, D’lite may be appreciated for its extreme versatility and high-quality build. We think you will love using this trailer for many years.


  • Simple and compact fold
  • Lots of room for kids u0026 cargo
  • Highly versatile


  • It can be not easy to switch out attachments
  • Not completely weatherproof
バーレー(Burley) 自転車用トレーラー フラットベッド(FLATBED) 長い物も運べる 最大45kg積載 展開時サイズ 長さ83.8cm 幅78.5cm
  • 長尺モノも運べるオープンカーゴ、45キロまでの荷物を自転車で運ぶための最適な手段です。
  • 低床・低重心設計で最低限の力で牽引することができる上、すぐれた安定性を実現。
  • 前後は大きく開いており、自転車では難しかった長尺物も運べます。
  • 【耐荷重量】45kg

3. Burley Bee Bike Trailer

Burley Bee bike trailer
Photo: Burley Bee bike trailer

Burley Bee is an easy-to-use and highly functional bike trailer, but the price is less than half of its many competitors. It has one of the easiest hitches, and it is easy to hook up. And also, it is one of the lightest trailers and also with a strong connection of hitch. It is also one of the easy-to-pull trailers. The rain shield is very good and keeps the kids dry on rainy journeys. One of the features of this trailer is the generous cargo space, which makes it easier to fit any supplies for the whole day; it can also handle many groceries.

Burley Bee is a simple-function trailer. It has no attachments for strolling and jogging, which puts restrictions on its versatility and lifespan. There is also minimum padding in the seat and no suspension system, so kids may not be comfortable. The footwall is flat, and the design is to rest on the ground when it is not attached to the bike so that it can cause potential damage, but all faults aside it is a well-designed product, at this price range we can forgive some of the drawbacks if you are looking for around-town cruiser then, Burley Bee is good to go.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use hitch
  • Large cargo space


  • Minimal padding
  • Unreinforced foot area
  • Single function only
バーレー(Burley) 自転車用ベビーカー ビー(BEE) イエロー 2人乗り 【展開時サイズ】長さ82.6cm×幅76.2cm×高さ91.4cm
  • 自転車でのけん引専用設計にすることで価格を抑え、軽量化を実現した2人乗り用ベーシックモデル。
  • 上位モデルと同じバーレー独自の安全設計・快適性。
  • 「BEE」があれば、家族でのサイクリングやショッピングがより安全に、楽しいものになることは間違いありません。
  • 【耐荷重量】45kg

Price Range of Bike Trailers

The main difference is the most and least expensive, deciding how often you use the bike trailer. You will get what you have paid for, and a trailer under 100 dollars does not work as well as expensive ones. However, there is mid-budget ground, and it is possible to reach and compromise the comfort for the most budget.

Some of the trailers have below-average prices, for a slightly higher price, the  Burley Bee is a top-notch product; it will long last and will give you satisfaction for many years; this product which can save your money will be best for you if you don’t jog stroll and ski. BURLEY D’Lite is also value for money. It contains a very lightweight design, the best hitch. It also gives very good protection to the passengers and outstanding versatility; in short, The BURLEY D”Lite is also value for money.

The Instep Take 2 is the best trailer for people who don’t want to break the bank. With a large interior design and well-ventilated, but considering some of the drawbacks, we can also say that it is also value for money in this budget.


Choosing the right trailer for your kid can be the difference between an outing and a frustrating debacle and an early return home, with a lot of options. A competitor will be the best for nearly every lifestyle and budget. In the end, the trailer that gets you out and ready to move on is good to go. Happy Journey!

Amazon best seller bike trailers list-

DiscountBestseller No. 1
Burley Travoy® コンパクト折りたたみ式カーゴバイクトレーラー ブラック
  • Quick Hitch は工具不要の取り付けが可能で、自転車から自転車へ簡単に移行できます。
  • ショッピングや通勤用のアクセサリーバッグをフルラインでカスタマイズ。
  • 拡張可能な牽引アームは、バイクラックや大きなタイヤにさらなるクリアランスを提供します。
  • ツイストハンドルとプッシュボタンホイールで、数秒でブリーフケースサイズに折りたためます。
Bestseller No. 2
バーレー(Burley) 自転車用トレーラー フラットベッド(FLATBED) 長い物も運べる 最大45kg積載 展開時サイズ 長さ83.8cm 幅78.5cm
  • 長尺モノも運べるオープンカーゴ、45キロまでの荷物を自転車で運ぶための最適な手段です。
  • 低床・低重心設計で最低限の力で牽引することができる上、すぐれた安定性を実現。
  • 前後は大きく開いており、自転車では難しかった長尺物も運べます。
  • 【耐荷重量】45kg
Bestseller No. 3
ポルタス・アーバンカーゴ・トレーラー サイクルトレーラー バイクトレーラー 自転車 トレーラー自転車トレーラー スチール底で破れない 耐荷重45kg 防水カバー付き
  • 配送や業務で使うので、とにかく丈夫なトレーラーがほしい。別にレースに使うわけではないので、アルミフレームよりも頑丈なスチール製の方がよい。「底面が布地のものはもうコリゴリ。破けてしまって1年もたなかったよ。」そんな貴方にお勧めしたい
  • 公道走行可能です。サイクリング、キャンプ用の軽貨物から、 工業部品や農機などの硬くて重たい荷物まで、余裕で対応します。
  • ポルタスのトレーラーは、リーソナブルで使い勝手がよいと評判です。 コストパフォーマンスで選ぶなら、ポルタス・アーバンカーゴです。
  • 組立は簡単です。フレームオープン式で開いて組むだけです。手間はかかりません。
Bestseller No. 9
Police Bike Transport Games / Truck Driving Games / US Police Car Driving Transporter Truck Games
  • -Easy missions of police atv quad bike & police bike driving
  • -National Police Bike of Limo Car Transport game
  • -US Police Transport Bike driving in multilevel car transport
  • -In these police bike games of super powers of bikes transport.
Bestseller No. 10
バイクトレーラーヒッチコネクタ 自転車トレーラーヒッチ バイクカプラー サイクルトレーラー用アタッチメント サイクリングアダプターアクセサリ 子供 ペット 貨物 トレーラー用
  • セット内容: 自転車トレーラーヒッチ 2 個セット。
  • 高品質の素材:高品質の鉄で作られており、頑丈で耐久性があり、防錆性と耐食性があり、重い荷重に耐えることができます。
  • 使い方は簡単:自転車トレーラーヒッチコネクタの取り付けは、ナットで自転車に固定し、トレーラーアタッチメントを挿入してピンアイロンを取り付けるだけです。
  • 幅広い用途: 自転車トレーラーヒッチコネクタは、あらゆる種類の自転車や電動自転車に適しています。 各種トレーラーと組み合わせてお子様やペット等の輸送にもご利用いただけます。

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