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6 Best Twin Baby Strollers in Japan: Review in 2024

Twin Stroller

If you are searching for a high-quality double stroller for your baby, we hope that our review will help you find out. There are various kinds of double strollers available on the market. But finding a great one should not be that hard. We have reviewed many double strollers. Among them, we have short-listed some of the best quality double strollers considering their ease of use, maneuverability, weight, folded size, build quality, and car seat attachment so that you can get all the details and pick the best one according to your budget.

In this article, we are going to discuss some top-quality twin baby strollers available on Amazon Japan-

6 Best Twin Baby Strollers in Japan (Available in 2024)

1.Besrey Twin Baby Stroller
2. Combi Twin Baby Stroller
3. Graco Twin Baby Stroller
4. Joie Evalite Twin Baby Stroller
5. Katoji Twin Baby Stroller
6. Kinderwagon DUO City HOPII Two-Seater Stroller

Here are the details of each item on the above list-

Besrey Twin Baby Stroller
Photo: Besrey Twin Baby Stroller

Brand: Besrey
Weight: 9.5 Kg
Folded Size: 0.16 cubic meter
Maximum Capacity: 30 Kg

Special Features:

  • Compact size, ultra-lightweight, easy to fold.
  • Materials: Frame: Aluminum alloy, Canopy: Linen fiber, Sheet and Shade are easily removable, so you can always keep it clean.
  • Recommended Age: 0 – 36 months,
  • Set Contents: 1 Dedicated rain cover, 1 Japanese instruction manual.

The Besrey Two Seater Baby Stroller is a very simple and budget-friendly double-baby car. It has the option of non-polar adjustment angle of the rear seats is 95 ° -175 °, the front seat three-stage adjustment at 95 °, 125 °, 145 °. It also has four wheels. There is a large size net under the seat to carry some lightweight necessary clothes or foodstuff.


  • Very cheap price, Light and compact
  • No need to buy additional assembly
  • You can pass easily through the train ticket entrance in Japan


  • Limited lifespan of 7-10 months
  • You can not keep your baby facing both directions with this double stroller
Combi Twin Baby Stroller
Photo: Combi Twin Baby Stroller

Brand: Combi
Weight: 12.6 Kg
Applicable age: 1 month – 36 months
Color: Black

Special Features:

  • Tri-fold Compact Storage: Effortlessly folds into a compact size for easy storage.
  • Independent Seat Recline: Each seat reclines independently, providing customizable comfort for each child.
  • Interlocking Brakes: Central brake pedal locks all rear wheels for added safety.
  • Large Wheels: Offers excellent stability and vibration absorption for a smooth ride.
  • 14L Large Basket: Convenient storage with easy insertion and removal, accommodating essentials during outings.

The Combi Twin Baby Stroller stands out as an ideal choice for parents with twins or siblings of close age. Boasting a “high rigidity body,” this stroller provides a smooth and comfortable experience for your little ones. Its tri-fold compact storage design ensures hassle-free storage, effortlessly folding into a neat and compact size. The snap-to-close mechanism, a standout feature, automatically raises the backrest even when fully reclined, allowing for quick and convenient storage. This stroller impresses with its thoughtful design, prioritizing comfort, safety, and convenience for both parents and their little ones. The independent seat recline, compact storage, and interlocking brakes make it a reliable and practical choice for families on the go.


  • Versatile Recline: Independent seat recline allows customization based on each child’s preferences.
  • Compact Storage: Tri-fold design with a snap-to-close mechanism for convenient storage.
  • Interlocking Brakes: Enhanced safety with a central brake pedal for all rear wheels.
  • Stability: Large wheels provide stability and smooth maneuverability.
  • Spacious Basket: Ample 14L basket capacity for storing essentials during outings.


  • Country of Origin: Manufactured in China, which might be a consideration for some consumers.
  • Load Capacity: The basket load capacity of 11.0 lbs might be limiting for larger or bulkier items.
Graco Twin Baby Stroller
Photo: Graco Twin Baby Stroller

Brand: Graco
Weight: 12.2 Kg
Applicable age: 7 months – Up
Color: Black

Special Features:

  • Versatile Seating: Front and rear seats for varied preferences, with a sitting or standing option for the rear.
  • Reclining Front Seat: Adjustable recline function for the front seat, providing comfort for infants.
  • Convenient Parent Tray: Handy tray on the handle for storing essentials like smartphones and drinks.
  • One-Hand Folding: Effortless one-hand folding mechanism for quick and secure storage.
  • Ample Storage: Large basket with a generous capacity for storing belongings during outings.
  • Front Wheel Suspension: Ensures stability on various terrains.

Meet the Graco Room For 2 – the perfect twin baby stroller for families on the move. Ideal for children approximately 7 months and up, it features a front seat with a reclining function, child tray, and a rear seat for older siblings, complete with seat belt and handle. Convenience is key, with a one-handed folding mechanism, locking function, and a spacious basket for belongings. The stroller also caters to parents with a handy tray atop the handle. With a front wheel suspension and caster lock, the Graco Room For 2 ensures a smooth and secure journey for both little ones and their older siblings.


  • Flexible Seating Options: Adaptable for different preferences, accommodating both sitting and standing.
  • Convenient Storage: Large basket and parent tray for easy access to essentials during outings.
  • Easy Folding: Simple one-hand folding for quick and efficient storage.
  • Stability: Front wheel suspension and standing platform handle ensure stability.
  • Comfort for Kids: Reclining front seat and multiple harness options enhance child comfort.


  • Weight Limit Restrictions: Care must be taken not to exceed the weight limit of 22.7 kg or the height of 114.3 cm for the front seat, bench seat, or standing platform.
Joie Evalite Twin Baby Stroller
Photo: Joie Evalite Twin Baby Stroller

Brand: Joie
Weight: 10.1 Kg
Capacity limits: 15 Kg
Color: Gray, Black, Deep Sea

Special Features:

  • Single-Handle Operation: Effortlessly push with one hand, catering to the needs of busy parents.
  • Compact Fold: Folds down to a mere 39 cm for convenient storage and transport.
  • Great Sun Protection: Large sunshade and back window for optimal child monitoring and protection.
  • High Seat Design: Shields the child from dust and ground heat, prioritizing comfort and safety.
  • Spacious Storage: 32 L capacity basket, angled for easy loading and removal.
  • Front Guard: Equipped with a front guard for added child safety.

The Joie Evalite two-seater baby stroller is an excellent choice for two infants. The Evalite Duo redefines convenience with its lightweight and compact design, offering a seamless 2-seater strolling experience. Due to its light weight, this stroller stands out as a remarkably agile option for parents, particularly women, seeking easy portability and flexibility. The single-handle operation allows for effortless one-handed pushing, catering to the demands of busy moms. This is a budget-friendly baby car. It comes with medium-sized canopies and a storage bin under the baby seats. The recline is very easy to use. The Evalite Duo combines lightweight construction, practical features, and safety enhancements, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking a convenient and comfortable 2-seater stroller for their little ones.


  • Exceptional Mobility.
  • Effortless Folding.
  • Large sunshade and back window for child comfort and easy monitoring.
  • Spacious and easily accessible storage basket.
  • Excellent outlook
  • Wide range of color collection


  • Perfect for infant age, but this item is not good for 2-3 years age of babies.
  • Poor car seat attachment.
  • It has four single tires. Some users may prefer the stability of a two-tire system.
Katoji Twin Baby Stroller
Photo: Katoji Twin Baby Stroller

Brand: Katoji
Weight: 10.1 Kg
Capacity Limit: 20 KG
Color: Navy Blue

Special Features:

  • Adjustable Sunshade and Large Canopy.
  • Reclining Front Seat with Adjustable Angle.
  • Front Guard Tray for Carrying Drinks or Items.
  • Compatibility with Automatic Ticket Gates.
  • Removable Handle Pouch for Easy Access to Essentials
  • Spacious Storage Basket for Diapers or Wipes
  • Rear Canopy for Comfort in the Back Seat.
  • Compatibility with Special Rain Cover for Rainy Days,
  • Folds up compactly for storage or transportation in your car.

Introducing the Katoji Twin Baby Stroller – a versatile 2-way design allows your little ones to ride comfortably, whether sitting or standing at the back. The front seat serves as a recliner with three adjustable levels for nap time, and the large canopy with three angles provides optimal sun protection. Maneuver through automatic ticket gates effortlessly with its narrow width. This stroller ensures a secure ride with features like standing and sitting belts. The front seat boasts stepless reclining (105-135°) and includes a removable guard tray, while the handle pouch adds convenience. With a large storage basket and rear canopy, the Katoji Twin Baby Stroller offers a comfortable and practical solution for outings with your dynamic duo, even on rainy days with the optional rain cover.


  • Versatile 2-Way Design.
  • Adjustable sunshade, reclining front seat, and large canopy enhance comfort for children.
  • 3-point belts, standing belt, and front guard tray prioritize child safety.
  • Automatic Ticket Gate Compatibility.


  • Rain cover sold separately, adding to the overall cost
  • May be bulky and heavy when fully loaded, potentially challenging for some users to maneuver.
Kinderwagon DUO City HOPII Two Seater Stroller
Photo: Kinderwagon DUO City HOPII Two Seater Stroller

Brand: Japanese childcare
Weight: 9.8 Kg
Applicable age: 3 Months and Up
Color: Black

Special Features:

  • Slim and Compact Design.
  • Double Tires for Stability and stable riding, providing peace of mind for both parents and children.
  • The large canopy with front and back windows offers excellent sun protection and child monitoring.
  • Folds compactly, easily fitting into your entryway or car trunk.
  • Includes a convenient shopping basket with a load capacity of 4.5 kg.
  • The slim profile makes it easy to check out the ticket gate.
  • Comes with a rain cover that covers the entire area so you can rest assured even on rainy days.

The Kinderwagon DUO City HOPII is a sleek and compact vertical 2-seater stroller designed with the convenience of a single-seater stroller. With a slim profile, it effortlessly navigates through ticket gates and narrow roads. The lightweight and compact design ensure easy maneuverability in supermarkets and tight spaces. The front seat, suitable for 6 months to 3 years, features a removable guard for easy child placement, while the elevated rear seat enhances the child’s view. Both seats recline for a comfortable nap (front: 90-130 degrees, rear: 90-110 degrees), and the large, adjustable canopy provides sun protection and can be easily removed. The stroller’s double tires offer stability and easy balancing, allowing it to pass through narrow spaces with confidence. Folding compactly for space-saving storage, it includes a shopping basket, cup holder, and a rain cover for convenience on rainy days. With a total weight capacity of 88.2 lbs, the Kinderwagon DUO City HOPII ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for both little passengers.


  • Effortless mobility.
  • Adjustable sunshade, reclining front seat, and large canopy enhance comfort for children.
  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • Stable riding with double tires, especially in narrow grooves or uneven terrain.
  • Sun and Rain Protection.


  • Weight Limitations with each seat supporting maximum 20 kg, with a total weight limit 40 kg, which may not be suitable as children grow.

What to consider during buying a twin baby stroller?

The twin baby stroller is a need for a family with multiple children. A twin baby stroller helps the parents in their day-to-day activities, from running errands to trips to the park. It can give you the ability to strap two children into one space to do your work easily. Moreover, it is very nice to have the ability to carry two children at a time with the same stroller to enjoy the same environment at the same time. So it is a very good thing for any house with more than one child of strolling age. Many strollers come with sunshades, large storage bins, adjustable leg rests, reclining seat-backs, and other useful features that can make your baby’s trip more comfortable.


You also have to consider your budget and what features and functionality you want. There are many options out there. Also, you might have some questions, including how big? Which style? What features do you need? Which features are useless? We hope our review will help you to figure out the answer to these questions. If you like our post, please feel free to share it with others. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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You can also check the Amazon bestseller Twin Baby Strollers list:

DiscountBestseller No. 2
【2人乗りサイズでもコンパクト!】二人乗り 2人乗り ベビーカー 軽量 折りたたみ ドリンクホルダー 大型幌 小回り 2歳半 3歳 4歳 双子 兄弟 姉妹 アミティエF ネビオ Nebio
  • アルミ合金フレームで軽量
  • 改札も通れるスリム幅53cm
  • 着脱可能なフロントガードトレイ
  • フロントガードトレイにはドリンクホルダー付き
DiscountBestseller No. 3
Joie(ジョイー) 二人乗りベビーカー Evalite Duo エヴァライトデュオ グレーフランネル 1か月~ () 41942 1個 (x 1)
  • [本体サイズ] W57xD121xH107cm / 折りたたみ時:W57xD45xH108cm
  • 【対象年齢】前席:6か月~15kg(36ヶ月頃) / 後席:1ヶ月~15kg(36ヶ月頃)
  • リクライニング:前席 3段階110°/125°/143° 後席:無段階117°~163°
  • Joieの軽量タイプの二人乗りベビーカー ※専用レインカバー付き
Bestseller No. 4
Twins Magazine: April 2024 (English Edition)
  • Twins, All About (Author) - Allen, Laura, Pacitti, Lindsey, Greene, Gemma (Narrators)
DiscountBestseller No. 5
カトージ 二人乗りベビーカー 二人でゴー 4か月~ () 41911 ネイビー
  • [本体サイズ] W54xD112(最大116)xH107cm
  • 【対象年齢】前席:生後4ヶ月~体重20kgまで / 後席:2歳半(生後30ヶ月)~体重20kgまで
  • 後席は座っても、立っても乗れる2way仕様
  • 前席はリクライニングシートでお昼寝OK(リクライニング角度:105-135°)
Bestseller No. 6
besrey ベビーカー 2人乗りベビーカー 双子用 背面タイプ 折りたたみ可能 振動緩和ポール付き ワンタッチ開閉 紫外線防止 横になりうる お祝い ギフト 生後6か月-36か月
  • 【本体サイズ】使用時:W54.5cm × D102.5cm × H101cm、折畳み時:W54.5cm × D26cm × H110cm   座面の高:53cm 耐荷重:30KG
  • 【素材】フレーム/アルミニウム合金、幌/リンネル繊維 シートと日よけはカンタン取り外しできるので、常に清潔に保てる
  • 【対象年齢】0~36ヶ月【セット内容】:専用レインカバー×1、日本語取扱説明書×1
  • 【注意事項】前のガードを取り外す際は、ガードの両端にある白いボタンを押し、同時に引き抜いてください。 輸送中の破損を防ぐため、製品は丁寧に梱包されています。商品を受け取ってから、ベビーカーをダンボール箱から取り出す際は、二人での作業をお勧めします。 必ず説明書中ブレーキ部分指示に従って、ベビーカーを止めてください。

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