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Best Microwave Oven in Japan: Expert Reviews in 2024

Best Microwave oven in Japan

Microwave ovens are one of the essential types of equipment in every modern kitchen in recent times. Most people are moving towards electronic appliances to make their life easier. There are a lot of restaurants, offices, and many industries which depend on microwave ovens to maintain their daily needs. A microwave oven is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that offers a whole range of uses. It can help you by heating foods, grilling meat items, baking, melting, and many more. Again, this is also a good time saver. A menu might take about thirty minutes to be ready by a stove, whereas a microwave oven might reduce the duration up to ten to fifteen minutes. Thus, a microwave can provide you with an easy and trouble-free life. In this article, we will review the 6 microwave ovens in Japan. It will help you to buy microwave ovens for your home.

If you are in a hurry, you can buy the best item based on your budget, preference, and our recommendation given below. Based on our study, we concluded that-
– Overall best product – Sharp microwave oven
– Editor’s Choice – Panasonic microwave oven
– Popular on Amazon – Hitachi microwave oven

The 6 Best Microwave Ovens in Japan in 2024

1. Panasonic microwave oven
2. Toshiba microwave oven
3. Hitachi microwave oven
4. Sharp microwave oven
5. IRIS OHYAMA microwave oven
6. COMFEE microwave oven

Here are the details of each microwave oven listed above-

Panasonic Microwave Oven
Photo: Panasonic Microwave Oven

Brand: Panasonic
Power consumption: 1400 W
Capacity: 22 Liters

Panasonic is one of the most popular brands of electronic appliances in the world. Smart TV, air conditioner, fridge, cooker, microwaves, washing machines, and many other homes and kitchen appliances are now on the favorite list of many modern people. Panasonic microwave oven is one of them. It is one of the biggest microwaves with 22L of space. But you can also find this with 15L and 16L of space.

This microwave provides a thousand wattages of power that prove how efficient the oven is. For this efficiency, the food inside the microwave heats up quickly. “Screw antenna” attached with the machine reduces uneven defrosting. This screw antenna stirs the microwave to reduce unevenness and helps heat the food properly from the ins and outs. Because of the large capacity, you can microwave food in more quantity at a time. It will reduce electricity consumption. Moreover, its outlook is stylish and will increase your kitchen’s beauty. If you are a decoration lover, then this microwave is highly recommended.

Photo: Toshiba Microwave Oven

Brand: Toshiba
Power consumption: 1400 W
Capacity: 16 Liters

Another popular brand in the high-quality home and kitchen appliances race is Toshiba. Smart one-touch automatic heating technology is one of the unique features of this microwave. Since it is a ‘flat house’ type, a large quantity of food can be microwaved at a time which reduces power consumption. You can control both the wattage and the timer manually in this microwave oven. This feature makes this oven different from others. The structure of this machine is user-friendly. So, you can place this anywhere. The outlook is also decent.

One interesting feature missing in this Toshiba microwave is the screw antenna. A screw antenna stirs the microwave to reduce unevenness and helps heat the food properly. If Toshiba could add this feature to their ovens, it would increase more efficiency of their appliance. However, this microwave oven holds one of the top positions on the consumer list.

Hitachi Microwave Oven
Photo: Hitachi Microwave Oven

Brand: Hitachi
Power consumption: 1300 W
Capacity: 17 Liters

Next comes the microwave oven of the Hitachi brand. The functionalities and structure of this microwave are almost like the previous Toshiba brand. Users can control the power consumption rate and the timer manually. The stainless-steel body frame makes this microwave oven more durable. The interior of this oven is flat.

Moreover, this machine contains a humidity sensor. Three auto-cooking methods are installed in this microwave oven. So, this machine can also be a very cool choice as your kitchen appliance. This machine also lacks the spinning feature that is very efficient while heating your meal.

Photo: Sharp Microwave Oven

Brand: Sharp
Power consumption: 1250 W
Capacity: 18 Liters

If you are looking for one of the best-rated multifunction ovens, then Sharp is here to satisfy you with their advanced multi-functioned microwave oven. You can cook many dishes, toast, grill, pre-cooked heat food, melt, and perform other necessary functionalities with this oven. Higher wattage helps to heat food quickly and more efficiently. Microwaves of Sharp provide more than a thousand wattage of power consumption rate that is pretty rare among all other kitchen appliances. It is the mightiest microwave on this list. The attached sensors ensure that all section of the meal is heated equally. It is necessary to maintain the actual taste of the meal.

In low-budget microwaves, this heater sensor does not function properly. So, the food quality gets reduced. But this Sharp flat sensor microwave is free from these issues. The operation of this oven is also user-friendly. Finally, the stylish outlook will surely attract the consumers’ minds and add more decor to the kitchen.

IRIS OHYAMA Microwave Oven
Photo: IRIS OHYAMA Microwave Oven

Power consumption: 1460 W
Capacity: 18 Liters

Wattage is a prime scale while measuring the efficiency of a microwave oven. Microwave ovens with higher wattage are very much on-demand in most cases. Iris Ohyama microwave ovens are capable enough to fulfill that demand. These microwave ovens are very powerful, as well as multi-functioned. Storage capacity is also big enough. The Iris microwaves do not contain the rolling feature. So, you can put a large number of meals inside the microwave at a time. A user can manually change the power and timer according to what he/she is trying to cook.

The compact design helps to fit the microwave anywhere in the kitchen perfectly. This oven is available in two colors. So, you can choose according to your home decor. You can easily bake, grill, toast, and melt with this kitchen appliance more effectively.

COMFEE Microwave Oven
Photo: COMFEE Microwave Oven`

Power consumption: 1300 W
Capacity: 17 Liters

This microwave oven is the last one on our list. Technologies are very advanced in recent times. Multiple brands for the same product are available in the market. All are competing to make their product, and their brand stands out amongst all. Comfee’ is such a type of brand capable of giving a good fight with other popular brands. Their microwave ovens have all the necessary features installed in an attractive outlook. This microwave oven is also multi-functioned with several sensors. The wattage of the machine is very high. It helps to cook the food fast. It has two heating methods for multi-purpose use.

The humidity sensor detects the amount of water vapor and changes in heat and automatically operates the temperature and heating time. This ensures the best heating and makes food taste more delicious. Besides, the huge space allows you to place a large volume of food. The compact design helps to place this machine in a suitable place in your home. The ventilation system of this oven is also well-structured. So, this microwave can surely be your perfect choice for all positions.

What to consider before buying the best microwave oven?

Microwave ovens of recent times are usually of different structures with multiple functionalities. So before buying, you must have a clear vision of that item.

  • As in most cases, a microwave is a part of your kitchen appliance, so it needs to fit in your kitchen. If decoration is prime to you, you can think about how it will look with all the surroundings.
  • No matter how beautiful or efficient your microwave is, it matters nothing if your oven does not fit in your kitchen. So, size matters.
  • The higher the wattage is, the cooking time also gets faster.
  • Price is always a vital issue. Microwaves with extra functionalities and high build quality tend to be more expensive. Low-budget microwaves are also available in the marketplaces. But they are not recommended at all. Usually, these types of ovens do not last long.
  • Noise should not be a big concern regarding a microwave as the frequency level of the noise is not going to harm our listening ability at all. But even if it bothers you, visit the showroom and check before buying.
  • Proper ventilation can be one of the major concerns in terms of over-the-range microwaves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about a microwave oven?

What should and what should not warm in a microwave?

If you think you can warm everything in your oven, that is a misconception. It would be best if you had a clear idea of increasing the microwave lifetime and maintaining food nutrition. Processed meat, frozen meat, eggs, sauce, and rotten meal; keep these foods away from the microwave. Clean the ins and outs of your microwave both before and after use. You can apply this as a precaution.

Can microwave ovens be harmful?

Microwave ovens use microwave energy to cook food. These microwaves pass through the food cells that initiate the water molecules inside the food to vibrate and expand the heat throughout the food. This microwave radiation can cause harm to human body cells and burn tissues. Microwaves burn plastic that releases harmful chemicals and bad smells. So, while heating meals, remove unnecessary materials like plastic, aluminum foil, etc. Proper precautions while using a microwave can add more efficiency to this.

Is a microwave oven better than a stove?

Curious minds might have a question regarding this issue for obvious reasons. Initially, it was considered that a microwave oven consumes a lot of electricity which is a pretty wrong concept. Microwave ovens have better cooking efficiency than gas stoves. Moreover, these microwaves consume less electricity than conventional ones. So, it will be an intelligent move if you jump from a gas stove to a microwave oven.

Popular uses of a microwave oven:


    1. Reheat the pre-cooked food.

    1. Melt food items like butter, and ice cream.

    1. Make citrus foods juicier.

    1. Toast bread items.

    1. Grill meat items.

    1. Disinfect the kitchen appliances and more.

All the information stated above has been published after analyzing information found from different resources. So, before buying a microwave oven, try to know the necessary specifications. To read more reviews on home appliances such as the best rice cookervacuum cleaner, toilet washlet seatrobotic vacuum cleanerfloor mat, refrigerator, and washing machine, you can check our home appliance category articles on the Sakuron Japan website.

– Our editorial team reviewed this article and approved it for publication according to our editorial policy.

You can also check the Amazon bestseller microwave oven list:

Bestseller No. 1
アイリスオーヤマ オーブンレンジ 18L フラットテーブル ヘルツフリー 全国対応 レンジ~600W オーブン~200℃ 自動メニュー11種 トースト 1年メーカー保証 アッシュ AMO-F1811-B 【限定】
  • 電源:AC100V / 定格周波数:50/60Hz
  • 【レンジ】[定格消費電力]900/1250W [定格高周波出力]500/600W [発振周波]2450MHz [タイマー]600/500/400W 10秒~30分、200W 10秒~90分 【グリルオーブン】[ヒーター]上 石英管ヒーター500W、下 シーズヒーター400W [定格消費電力]930W [温度調節(オーブン)]110~200℃ [タイマー]10秒~95分
  • 商品サイズ(cm):【外形寸法(ハンドル、突出部を除く)】幅約47×奥行約36×高さ約29.4 【加熱室の有効寸法】幅約28×奥行約29.2×高さ約18 / 庫内総容量:約18L(※庫内総容量とは、JISの判定基準に基づき算出された容量です。) / 製品質量:約15kg
  • 区分名:Bオーブンレンジ(ヒーターの露出があるもので30L未満のもの)(※区分名は、家庭用品品質表示法及び省エネ法にもとづき、機能・加熱式・庫内容量の違いで分かれています。) / 消費電力量:【電子レンジ機能の年間】65.2kWh、64.1kWh/年 【オーブン機能の年間】5.3kWh/年 【年間待機時】1.6kWh/年 【目標年間】72.1kWh、71.0kWh/年以下(※年間消費電力量は、省エネ法特定機器「電子レンジ」測定法により測定した数値です。実際に使用する年間消費電力量は、周囲環境・使用回数・使用時間・食品の量によって左右されます。コンセントに電源プラグを接続した状態で、表示部が消灯しているとき[待機時]の消費電力は0Wです。)
DiscountBestseller No. 2
シャープ 過熱水蒸気 オーブンレンジ 31L コンベクション 2段調理 ホワイト RE-SS10-XW
  • 庫内有効寸法:幅405×奥行315×高さ235mm
  • 総庫内容量:31L(2段調理)
  • 本体重量(kg):17
  • 扉開き方:縦開き
Bestseller No. 3
日立(HITACHI) カウンタートップ 電子レンジ オーブンレンジ 22L 一人暮らし シンプル操作 MRO-HE4Y R レッド
  • 【加熱方式】レンジ/オーブン/グリル
  • 【レンジ機能】レンジ出力[自動]最大1,000W(※)[手動]800W/600W/500W/200W相当/100W相当。「牛乳」「野菜下ゆで」「解凍」などがオートで簡単。あたためから解凍まで幅広くお使いいただけます。※1,000W(最大3分間)。オート調理のあたため等の限定したメニューにのみ働きます。
  • 【オーブン機能】250℃/1段/ヒーター式。オーブン調理でパンやお菓子も作れます。
  • 【トースト機能】片面焼き。食パンなら一度に2枚まで焼けます。
DiscountBestseller No. 4
日立(HITACHI) オーブンレンジ ヘルシーシェフ 31L MRO-S8A W ホワイト ボイラー式過熱水蒸気 重量センサー 250℃1段式ワイドオーブン
  • 外形寸法:幅48.7×奥行43.0×高さ36.5cm(ハンドルなどを入れた最大奥行寸法:46.1cm ドア開放時の奥行寸法:69.5cm)
  • 庫内有効寸法:幅40.1×奥行34.4×高さ21.8cm
  • 加熱方式:レンジ、オーブン、グリル、スチーム、過熱水蒸気
  • センサー種類: 重量センサー+蒸気・温度センサー
DiscountBestseller No. 5
日立 オーブンレンジ ヘルシーシェフ 30L MRO-W1A K フロストブラック 300℃2段式ワイドオーブン ボイラー熱風式過熱水蒸気 Wスキャン 新生活 一人暮らし 二人暮らし
  • 本体サイズ:幅49.7×奥行44.2×高さ37.5cm (ハンドルなどを入れた最大奥行寸法:50.0cm / ドア開放時の奥行寸法:71.6cm)
  • 庫内サイズ:幅40.1×奥行32.2×高さ21.8cm  総庫内容量:約30L
  • 加熱方式:レンジ、オーブン、グリル、スチーム、過熱水蒸気
  • センサー種類:Wスキャン(重量センサー+センター赤外線センサー)、温度センサー
Bestseller No. 6
日立 電子レンジ オーブンレンジ ヘルシーシェフ 22L MRO-S7Z R レッド ボイラー式過熱水蒸気 250℃1段式ワイドオーブン
  • 外形寸法:幅48.3×奥行38.8×高さ34.0cm(ハンドルなどを入れた最大奥行寸法:43.3cm ドア開放時の奥行寸法:64.4cm)
  • 庫内有効寸法:幅29.5×奥行32.3×高さ21.3cm
  • 加熱方式:レンジ、オーブン、グリル、スチーム、過熱水蒸気
  • センサー種類:重量センサー+蒸気・温度センサー

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