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Best Gaming Chairs in Japan: Expert Review in 2024

Nowadays, it does not matter whether you are playing games on a brand new PS5 or Xbox Series X, or a heavily structured gaming PC; rather, you should be sitting comfortably in one of the best gaming chairs. It is far from better to play games on the couch or in any random chair for an extended period that can wreak havoc on your back. For the best gaming experience, we need a good gaming headset, gaming mouse, and good computer monitors; we also need the best gaming chair.

Gaming chairs are all designed with more backrests which provides more comfort to your entire back. Additionally, the cushions you will find on the seats of these pieces are a bit firmer than your average armchair or even office chair. The price range here can go from ¥14,000 to ¥74,000. There is a surprising amount of choices for gaming chairs, but that’s why we are here to help you find the best option for you. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 gaming chairs with the best specifications and the most reviews. So, let’s get into it.

If you are in a rush, you can buy the best item based on your budget, color & material preference, and our recommendations are given below. Based on our study, we concluded that-
– The overall best buy – AKRacing Wolf Grey gaming chair
– The editorial choice – AKRacing Pro-X V2 gaming chair
– The cheapest choice – GTRacing gaming chair

gaming chair
Photo: AKRacing Pro-X V2 gaming chair
Brand Akracing
Model Number AKR-PRO-X/RED/V2
Color Grey, Red, Orange, Blue, White
Material Type Polyurethane, Alloy Steel
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 65 x 65 x 127 cm

Very few gaming chair manufacturers in the world can provide such a premier quality gaming chair as AKRacing. They are producing the highest quality products available today in every marketplace. AKRacing gaming chairs have quickly become the smart choice for many consumers as they focus on ergonomics, design, and functionality. The AKRacing Pro-X V2 Gaming Chair is a high-performance chair featuring a durable metal frame, premium PU leather upholstery, and adjustable components. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended gaming sessions, while the reclining function and 3D armrests add to the overall gaming experience. The Pro-X V2 is also quite large, making it ideal for people with large bodies.

Reasons to buy: Great all-rounder for gamers looking for a comfortable and supportive chair with plenty of features at a reasonable price.

Drawbacks: If you prefer a fully breathable back or highly adjustable armrests, consider other options.

gaming chair
Photo: AKRacing Wolf grey gaming chair
Brand Akracing
Model Number WOLF-GREY
Color Gray, White, Purple, Red
Cover Material Polyester/polyurethane
Material Type Cloth/polyester
Weight 25 Kg
Product Dimension 65 x 65 x 129 cm

AKRacing Wolf Series is the newest addition to the gaming chair world in recent times. This chair does not compromise functionality, design, or quality. Keeping a deep eye on the durability and comfort of the product, the Wolf Series has been manufactured with a robust metal frame and extra thick seat cushion made from high-density molded urethane foam in the interior. The Wolf Series is set at a slightly lower height, around 124 cm -131 cm, but the seat is wider than the previous series. This has been designed to offer consumers a cost-effective model. This new series is available for purchase on many e-commerce websites and in different colors.

Reasons to buy: Budget-friendly choice for casual gamers who prefer a stylish and comfortable chair. Adjustable lumbar support for personalized ergonomics.

Drawbacks: If you need maximum adjustability, breathability, or support for taller users, you can check the other options.

Photo: GTRacing gaming chair
Manufacturer GTRacing
Product Dimensions 67.31 x 57.15 x 120.65-132.08 cm
Item model number GT002-VC
Weight 24.18 kg
Color Red, Blue, Purple, Grey, Pink, White


The GTRacing gaming chair is a top choice for pro gamers, boasting a cockpit-inspired near-future style that immerses users in an unparalleled gaming environment. Crafted with high-quality PU leather, it exudes class while delivering exceptional functionality. The chair’s 165° reclining range, ergonomic 3D shape, and lumbar support contribute to an ultimate gaming experience, ensuring comfort even during extended sessions. The meticulous attention to detail, including three-dimensional stitching and precise manufacturing, is reflected in its sturdy construction, supporting up to 220.5 lbs (100 kg). With adjustable features like a removable and height-adjustable headrest, seat height adjustment, and movable casters, it offers versatile customization.

Reasons to Buy: The cockpit-inspired style creates an immersive gaming space. Ideal for long gaming or work sessions with effective lumbar support. Comes with an instruction manual for easy assembly.

Drawbacks: The country of Origin is China, so some buyers may consider the “Made in China” factor when evaluating their purchase.

gaming chair
Photo: CORSAIR T-3 RUSH V2 Grey & White gaming chair
Manufacturer Corsair
Model Number CF-9010058-WW
Product Dimensions 85 x 58.5 x 44 cm
Weight 19.9 Kg
Color Grey, Charcoal, Black, White

Corsair is widely known worldwide as its products usually rank among the high-end category products. Most of the Corsair products including coolers, keyboards, cases, SSDs, and PSUs have been tested and reviewed; most of them have left a very good impression. The quality control power of this company is excellent. The gaming chair category ‘Corsair’; is a very new brand on the present battlefield, and it will be too hard to survive. This means Corsair will have to offer something more innovative and solid to make its way to the top.

Meet the T3 RUSH V2, your ideal ergonomic companion for gaming! Crafted with breathable fabric for a comfortable touch, this chair combines durability (supporting up to 266.6 lbs), customizable features like a 4D armrest and 160° recline, and a class 4 nitrogen gas lift for a seat height range of 18.9 to 22.8 inches. Perfect for reducing fatigue during long gaming sessions, it even rocks a muted monotone design for a sleek look in the gaming world. Elevate your comfort and style with the T3 RUSH V2 – the ultimate solution for a cozy and efficient gaming experience!

Reasons to Buy: Steel frame for stability and durability. Breathable fabric for added comfort.

Drawbacks: Higher price point compared to some alternatives.

Gaming Chair
Photo: Secretlab TITAN Evo Classic Gaming Chair
Manufacturer Secretlab
Package Dimensions 85 x 72 x 38 cm
Item model number R22PU-AOKDA
Item Weight 35 Kg
Material Faux Leather
Color Black


The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 stands out as the pinnacle of technological advancement in gaming chairs. This innovation combines the best features of the Secretlab OMEGA and TITAN, resulting in a chair that offers unparalleled comfort, deeper personalization, and exceptional durability. The proprietary cold cure foam, with a medium-firm feel, ensures a calm and cradle-like experience by promoting even weight distribution and pressure release. The unique pebble seat base, designed for optimal ergonomic support, guides users toward a healthy sitting position, while flared edges provide freedom of movement. The highlight is the 4-way L-ADAPT Lumbar Support System, a patent-pending feature that moves in multiple directions to conform to the user’s hip curve, ensuring comprehensive back support. The chair also features Secretlab NEO Hybrid Leatherette, offering a soft, comfortable, and supple feel akin to genuine Nappa leather but with enhanced durability.

Reasons to buy: Its cutting-edge technology, superior comfort, and exceptional lumbar support make it one of the best gaming chairs setting a high benchmark.

Drawbacks: A higher price point associated with the advanced features and premium materials.

gaming chair
Photo: AKRacing Nitro V2 Blue Best ergonomic gaming chair
Brand Akracing
Model Number AKR-NITRO-BLUE/V2
Color Blue, Orange, Red, White,
Material Type Alloy Steel, polyurethane
Weight 25 Kg
Dimensions 65 x 65 x 125 cm

This gaming racing chair has commendable features such as adjustable armrests to accommodate comfort, adjustable height, an easy tilt feature, free-moving wheels, good balance, an instruction manual, easy-to-build, ergonomic design, and additional back support. However, the slim build makes this chair uncomfortable for bulky users, affecting consumers’ growth for this product. The seat is stiff, and the impressive large weight capacity is rather useless apart from this case. Those people should consider other gaming chairs like the DXRacer Tank Series. All in all, it is a durable and sturdy chair with high-quality materials and an attractive exterior.

Reasons to Buy: Inspired by racing car bucket seats for a comfortable gaming experience. Trusted in major gaming competitions, emphasizing its suitability for professional gaming situations.

Drawbacks: Some users may find assembly challenging. PVC leather might not be as breathable as PU leather, armrests offer limited adjustability, and might not be suitable for taller users.

Photo: Dowinx Gaming Chair
Brand Dowinx
Model Number LS-66684D
Color Gray & Blue, Sky Blue,, Green, Brown, Black
Material Type Metal, Polyurethane, Alloy Steel
Weight 22 Kg
Product Dimensions 80 x 55 x 132 cm

The Dowinx Gaming Chair, now upgraded to the 68 series, presents an enticing combination of comfort and versatility. Boasting a casual design that seamlessly fits various interiors, the inclusion of a 4D armrest with eight adjustable levels ensures a personalized and ergonomic seating experience catering to diverse body shapes, postures, and desk heights. The upgraded 68 series fabric enhances aesthetics with dark stripes and delivers breathability, making it a little different. If you use this for a long time, your back and waist will usually get stuffy and sweaty. Breathable fabric keeps you comfortable, not too hot in summer or too cold in winter. It is covered with durable and scratch-resistant woven fabric. It feels great on the skin and is ideal for long periods of desk work. Simple but stylish. This chair was built with the concept of a design that releases tension without breaking the atmosphere or feeling. To easily blend in with your room, the concept has been changed, and the design of a regular gaming chair has been renewed.

Reasons to Buy: Breathable fabric suitable for all seasons. Reclining backrest, ottoman, and other features for a customizable experience. Coil spring cushion and S-curved backrest for enhanced comfort. Rust-free, backed by a warranty, and stocked spare parts for quick replacements.

Reasons to Avoid: The English language in the instruction manual is not guaranteed, and assembly precision is emphasized to avoid noise issues.

Gaming Chair
Photo: GXTRACE Gaming Chair
Color Gray, Blue, White, Red, Purple, Orange
Material Type Faux Leather
Product Dimension 54 x 48 x 128 cm
Weight 21.6 Kg

The GXTRACE Gaming Chair is designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring comfort and support for the head, shoulders, lower back, and legs. With a high-back design reminiscent of a luxury car seat, this chair promotes an ideal sitting posture, making it suitable for gaming, studying, or office work. The resilient urethane construction prevents stiffness, and the bionic curved chair back focuses on protecting the lumbar vertebrae, reducing fatigue during extended use. Stain-resistant polyurethane leather adds durability, and the fully equipped design features adjustable armrests, a stylish nylon chair foot, and ergonomic details for a comfortable gaming experience.

Reasons to Buy: Luxurious and comfortable feel with sturdy metal frame. Prevents stiffness, and the bionic curved chair back focuses on lumbar protection, reducing fatigue during prolonged use. Easy and convenient assembly.

Drawbacks: The product description lacks specific details on features such as weight capacity, material composition, and specific dimensions, potentially leaving some crucial information undisclosed. Seeking additional details may be necessary for a more informed purchase decision.

Gaming Chair
Photo: SKYE Gaming Chair
Brand Eeasky
Model Number 3008
Color White, Beige, Brown, Green, Grey, Black, Red
Material Type Polyurethane
Product Dimensions 48 x 55 x 108 cm
Weight 22.5 Kg

The SKYE Gaming Chair stands out with its stylish and luxurious design, offering top-class comfort suitable for various settings like home, office, gaming, and breaks. The chair features significant improvements in sitting comfort, with a soft seat cushion made of raw sponge and an innovative mesh design for breathability, providing a first-class sofa-like feel while gaming. The wide ergonomic backrest, incorporating unique shoulder wings, ensures a secure fit, maintaining optimal comfort during gaming, work, or relaxation. The chair exudes luxury and style, making it an attractive addition to various home environments. Its trendy colors contribute to a balanced aesthetic appeal. The chair provides a reclining angle adjustment from 90° to 135° with a locking function. The rocking feature adds a relaxing touch during breaks, enhancing stress relief and making gaming more fun. The rocking hardness is fully adjustable to suit personal preferences. Being factory-direct ensures affordability and good quality. The chair undergoes development, design, and production within the factory, promising a cost-effective product. A mature quality control and after-sales service system is in place, with a one-year quality service provided.

Reasons to Buy: Stylish Luxury Design, complemented by trendy colors, making it a visually appealing choice for various settings. Simple assembly with dedicated tools. One-year quality service is provided.

Drawbacks: The instruction manual is in Japanese, potentially causing difficulties for users who prefer or require instructions in English.

Gaming Chair
Photo: AutoFull C3 Gaming Chair
Manufacturer AutoFull
Product Dimensions 70 x 70 x 128 cm
Item model number C3
Weight 25 Kg
Color Brown, Black, White, Ash, Grey


AutoFull C3 Gaming Chair, a global top brand with over 1 million users, has maintained its position as the #1 selling gaming chair brand from 2016 to the present, serving as a strategic partner for prestigious pro tournaments such as LPL/KPL. Backed by a reliable 3-year warranty, the AutoFull C3 boasts an ergonomic design specifically crafted to mimic the Asian spine, providing 3D lumbar support tailored to the Japanese body. The chair’s cool appearance is enhanced by high-quality racing-style PU leather, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Offering versatility for both gaming and work, it features a reclining backrest, a multi-functional 2D armrest, and a retractable ottoman for quick rest breaks. With a robust steel frame, explosion-proof steel plate base, and SGS Class 4 gas cylinder, the chair ensures sturdy support and safety. Its 4.3-inch thick orthopedic cotton seat promises long-lasting comfort and pressure dispersion during extended use.

Reasons to Buy: The AutoFull C3 features a 3D ergonomic lumbar support designed to mimic the curve of the Asian spine, ensuring comfort during long sitting sessions and reducing lower back pain and fatigue. Made of high-quality racing-style PU leather, the chair is stain-resistant and easy to clean. AutoFull provides a substantial 3-year warranty for all its products, offering customers peace of mind and assurance of long-term durability.

Drawbacks: While buying, one should be cautious about the dimensions of the chair to ensure it aligns with their specific size preferences. Individuals with unique size requirements may need to verify if the chair provides the desired comfort and fit.


We have outlined all the information you need to get the best gaming chair that is right for your intended use and comfortable for long-term use. However, we know that the final choice is still yours. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us. And, if you are planning to buy a gaming laptop, you can read our article: Best Gaming Laptop in Japan: Expert Review in 2024. To read more reviews such as the best budget laptops, and best wireless mouse you can check our Electronics Products category articles on the Sakuron Japan website.

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