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8 Best Bidet Toilet Seats in Japan: Expert Review in 2024

Japanese Best Bidet Toilet Seat or Washlet

A toilet washlet contains a bidet shower with various functions. It is an advanced system for hygiene and comfort which uses water to clean the user’s bidet regions after using the toilet. A toilet bidet seat can keep you fresh and rejuvenated. The washlet utilizes a warm-water nozzle that you control in either the pulsating or oscillating mode. After cleaning, a simple and soothing hands-free drying system is employed, which is adjustable in temperature. Washlet also features a heated seat, a water-saving dual flushing system, automatic flushing, and remote control. Nowadays, it is very popular in the household. Therefore, over 60 million units have already been sold from the year 1980 till date. Now let’s discuss the top eight products that can fulfill your demand for sure.

If you are in a hurry, you can buy the best item based on your budget, preference, and our recommendations given below. Based on our research, we concluded that-
– The Overall Best – TOTO (Model TCF8CM57 (SC1)) washlet
– The Editor’s Choice – Panasonic (Model CH931SPF) washlet
– The Lowest Budget Product – Toshiba Bidet Clean Wash (Model SCS-T160)

Panasonic (Model CH931SPF) washlet
Photo: Panasonic (Model CH931SPF) washlet

Brand: Panasonic
Model No: CH932SPF
Dimensions:47 x 16 x 52 cm
5.1 Kg
Color: ‎Pastel ivory

The Panasonic CH931SPF seamlessly integrates into modern bathrooms. The washlet utilizes a tank water heating system, ensuring a continuous and soothing warm water supply. Drawing directly from the tap water supply, the water pressure range of 0.049-0.735 MPa allows for a customizable and refreshing cleansing experience.

The CH931SPF goes beyond basic functionality with its powerful pulsating spray, ensuring a thorough and invigorating cleansing experience. The stainless nozzle and self-cleaning feature prioritize hygiene, and the attached control unit offers easy access to personalized settings.

The sleek and easy-to-clean “smooth form” design not only adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom but also simplifies maintenance. The Panasonic CH931SPF Washlet is a harmonious blend of form and function, epitomizing Japanese ingenuity and commitment to enhancing the daily routine. Upgrade your bathroom experience with the Panasonic CH931SPF Washlet, where comfort, efficiency, and hygiene converge seamlessly.

TOTO (Model TCF8CM57-SC1) Washlet seat
Photo: TOTO (Model TCF8CM57-SC1) Washlet seat

Brand: TOTO
Model No: TCF8CM57 (SC1)
Dimensions: 38.4 x 53.1 x 13.1 cm
4.6 Kg
Color: ‎white

The TOTO-TCF8CM57 (SC1) is an instant device that boils water when washing; the hot water does not get cold even after continuous use. It is also effective in saving electricity because it makes hot water only when it is used. After use, when you automatically startup from the normal “deodorization,” it switches to “power deodorization,” which has about twice the suction amount and deodorizes odors.

This TOTO washlet does not cause any discomfort for the next user. It has a technology that makes it difficult to get dirty and easy to remove the dirt. It is easy to clean by eliminating the seams on the toilet seat. The color of the toilet bidet seat is also very attractive. This is lightweight but still strong enough to carry the heavy load of an adult. You can easily adjust the water pressure of the bidet shower. Therefore, it is one of the best washlets in the market.

Photo: TOTO (Model TCF8GM23-(NW1)) toilet bidet seat

Brand: TOTO
Model No: TCF8GM23 (NW1)
Dimensions: 53.1L x 38.4W cm
6.38 Kg
Color: ‎White

The special feature of TTOTO-TCF8GM23 (NW1) is that it can automatically spray mist (water) onto the toilet bowl to create a cushion of water, and for that reason, it doesn’t get dirty easily. By eliminating its sleeves on both sides, it is easier to clean the floor surface. The toilet space is also wide; The toilet seat and nozzle are made of pure resin with high stain resistance. Even if it gets dirty, it is easy to maintain with just a single wipe. The nozzle will be thoroughly cleaned with water before and after using the washlet.

The nozzle will last a long time in conjunction with clean disinfecting water. Once it is set, the toilet seat-heater will automatically turn off and save electricity. The device can remember the frequency of use of the toilet, and the toilet seat heater automatically cuts down to save electricity.

Panasonic Beauty Toilet washlet (Model CH942SPF)
Photo: Panasonic Beauty Toilet washlet (Model CH942SPF)

Brand: Panasonic
Model No: CH942SPF
Weight: 5.25 Kg
Color: ‎Pastel Ivory

The Panasonic beauty toilet washlet comes with a 1-year warranty after purchase. The cost performance is good for this product. By following the instruction manual, you can install it very easily. It is comfortable to use without any water leakage issues. The design is very attractive. There are some special features of the Panasonic-CH941SPF model toilet bidet seat. There is no need for the battery to use it.

Although the product’s price is low, you can be satisfied with the performance. So, this can be a budget-friendly washlet for you.

Toshiba Bidet Clean Wash (Model SCS-T160) toilet seat
Photo: Toshiba Bidet Clean Wash (Model SCS-T160) toilet seat

Model No: SCS-T160
Product Dimensions: 54.3 x 48.9 cm
 4.1 Kg
Color: ‎Pastel Ivory

Among all the bidet toilet seats available online, the Toshiba Bidet Clean Wash is the most convenient one to use. It has a storage-type water supply system which is convenient for daily use. It automatically starts the deodorizing operation when you sit down and will automatically shut off after about 1 minute. It keeps the nozzle clean which is known as auto nozzle cleaning.

The air bubbles are mixed into the water flow to wash your bidet skin gently. Most buyers are pleased with the exciting features provided by the Toshiba bidet clean wash (model SCS-T160) toilet seat.

washlet seat
Photo: LIXIL INAX (Model CW-RG1-BN8) washlet seat

Brand: LIXIL
Model No: CW-RG1/BN8
Product Dimensions: 55.4 x 47.7 x 17.6 cm
3.4 Kg
Color: White (Off-White)

LIXIL INAX CW-RG1 / BN8isan affordable entry model that allows you to experience a high level of performance. It is a new standard of hot water storage type that has achieved the energy-saving standard of 2012 while maintaining the cleaning feeling. The basic performance is high level, the design is improved, the clean toilet seat is installed, and the cleanability is also improved.

The braille display is used for the operation unit, so it is easy to use for anyone. It maintains a comfortable temperature. It’s always warm, even in the cold winter.

Toilet washlet seat
Photo: LIXIL INAX (Model CW-RT2/BN8) washlet seat

Brand: LIXIL
Model No: CW-RT2/BN8
Product Dimensions: 55.4 x 42.1 x 14.9 cm
3.6 Kg
Color: White

INAX CW-RT2/BN8 has a beautiful toilet seat that is very easy to clean frequently. The new material quickly wipes away dirt from the back of the toilet seat. It is easy to clean the original INAX toilet seat. The best thing is that it is a stain-resistant product for the first time. INAX has been recognized worldwide for its anti-microbial specification. In addition, the nozzle tip is removable. INAX features that stand up to the cleanliness and cleaning power.

The device uses a separate nozzle for the butt and bidet. It is comfortable to wash and has a clean design that is gentle on women. It can automatically switch between power deodorization and full power deodorization according to usage conditions. The deodorizing cartridge’s life is approximately seven years.

Bidet Toilet Seat
Photo: LIXIL INAX (RG-Series) Bidet Toilet Seat

Brand: LIXIL
Model No: RG Series
Product Dimensions: 55.4L x 47.7W cm
3.6 Kg
Color: White (Off-White)

RG Series bidet toilet seat comes with a convenient energy-saving function for long periods when not in use which is a great feature. The butt nozzle and bidet nozzle have different cleaning designs. The SIAA mark is displayed on the products whose quality is controlled. According to the Antibacterial Product Technology Council guidelines, the information is disclosed based on the results evaluated by the ISO 22196 method. The nozzle tip can be replaced to keep the nozzle clean at all times. When you press the switch after sitting, the nozzle is forcibly washed with plenty of hot water.

Furthermore, the back of the toilet seat is made of antifouling material, so even if it gets dirty, it can be wiped quickly for easy cleaning.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about toilet bidet seats

How much power do bidet seats draw?

Tank-type bidet seats generally draw a maximum of 600W at their peak, while tankless-type bidet seats draw up to 1400W. However, a bidet seat will only draw a high wattage during an active wash cycle when all temperatures are set to maximum levels. It may be 4-5 minutes per day. Most of the time, the bidet seat will be sitting idle with a very low power draw (especially if eco modes are active). They do not require dedicated circuits so long as there aren’t any other heavy appliances active on the same circuit. 

Features to consider while buying toilet bidet seat or washlet:

There are several features you should consider while buying a washlet. Such as-

Standard features:
Most toilet bidet seats have standard features such as a heated seat, hot water, warm air dryer, front feminine wash, and rear bidet washing modes. You should check the availability of those features. The other features, such as the water temperature, spray pressure, nozzle positioning, and seat temperature, should be adjustable.

Unique features:
Bidet seats may have some unique features that set them apart, like an automatic opening/closing lid, LED night light, etc. When comparing the various bidet models, you’ll need to decide which of these features is most important to you.

Size compatibility:
Before buying a bidet seat, you should first make sure you have a compatible toilet. So, you must find out what kind of toilet you have.

Spray pressure strength:
The strength of the spray is a very important feature. Some users prefer a gentle spritz, and others want a blast. Therefore, most models have an opportunity to adjust the spray pressure to do the job as per your expectation. You may buy a bidet seat specializing in higher spray pressure for those looking for extra strength of spray pressure.

Warranty coverage:
Warranty coverage is also an important point for the bidet comparison factor. A longer time warranty is always a great thing to have in your back pocket. Most models offer one to two to three years of warranty coverage, and some also have optional extended warranties. Make sure to pay attention to what’s covered as part of the warranty.

Brand reputation and reliability:
Warranty coverage is also an important point for the bidet comparison factor. A longer warranty is always great. Most of us have a horror story about an expensive item bought and having some issues. This can happen to anyone. However, what makes the experience truly horrible is when the company that produced it doesn’t stand behind it. Buying a bidet seat is no different. So, we always recommend buying products from a reputed brand. At least you can get great support if there any issue arises after your purchase.

Mistakes to avoid while buying a toilet washlet seat:

Not having an electrical outlet nearby:
The vast majority of bathrooms do not have an outlet near the toilet. Although it may seem funny, a few individuals purchase an electronic bidet seat and have no idea they need an electrical outlet. Electric bidets do not run off batteries, and all models need to be plugged into an outlet.

Purchasing the wrong size bidet seat:
It is very troublesome to purchase the wrong size bidet seat. It is very important to understand whether the new bidet size is compatible with your toilet or not. 

Buying less when expecting more:
A bidet seat is a home appliance used daily, multiple times a day, often by multiple members of a single household. You should buy the cheapest option possible just because “it’s a toilet seat.” Think of buying a bidet seat as a long-term investment regarding your health and hygiene. For a long time use and a hygienic lifestyle, you should buy something dependable and high-quality product.

Not knowing the difference between a tank, tankless, and hybrid heating bidet:
When buying a bidet toilet seat, a key feature is what kind of water heating system it uses: tank, tankless, or hybrid. The difference in performance can influence the overall experience of your bidet seat.

Unrealistic expectations:
Bidet toilet seats are incredible hygiene devices that can change your bathroom habits. However, the toilet washlet or bidet seats are not miracle products. Using a bidet will be a positive life-changing experience, but a huge mistake some users make of having unrealistic expectations for what they can do. Doing a little research is the best way to avoid making mistakes while buying a bidet toilet seat.

Things to notice:
Before buying a washlet, be sure about each & every detail and how it should be implemented & how to use it. Sometimes lack of knowledge may lead to unexpected failure of product functionality. The device may get damaged within a few days & you can get yourself hurt. It is necessary to be realistic about your expectation. You should know your budget and what you’ll be getting at the desired price range, understand the sizing of a bidet seat, and know what features you want.

The information provided in this article has been published after analysis of the available data in different resources. As a washlet is an expensive product, you should know enough about the device you will buy. So, before buying a washlet, try to know the necessary details. Contact the seller or local vendor to solve the issue if you ever face issues using the device. To read more reviews on home appliances such as the best vacuum cleaner, robotic vacuum cleanercoffee makerfloor matmicrowave oven, and washing machine, you can check our home appliance category articles on the Sakuron Japan website. Feel free to share your feedback with us by using the Contact Us page.

– Our editorial team reviewed this article and approved it for publication according to our editorial policy.

You can also check the Amazon bestseller toilet bidet seat list:

Bestseller No. 1
Novita BD-N310T Digital Toilet Bidet Toilet Seat Warm Water, Stainless Nozzle, Auto Nozzle Cleaning NOVITA BD-N310Tデジタルトイレビデ便座温水、ステンレスノズル、自動ノズル洗浄、乾燥機能を追加しましたホワイト220V暖房シートシンプルな英語ユーザーズ・ガイド。 [並行輸入]
  • 空気の泡クレンジング - 泡洗浄機能は、ソフトで効果的な機能の提供します。
  • 連続ウォームCleaning-温暖化の水がソフトになります
  • スタンバイ機能は、少ない電力消費回路が短絡した場合に電源をオフにbreaker-。
  • 温水は、ステンレスノズル、自動ノズルクリーニングは、ドライ機能が追加されました。
DiscountBestseller No. 3
LIXIL ( リクシル ) INAX シャワートイレ CW-RG10 / BN8 オフホワイト RGシリーズ 便座 温水洗浄便座 省エネ 後付け
  • 【付属の部材だけでかんたん取付け】INAXのシャワートイレは、コンセントがあれば特別な工事が必要ありません。付属の部材で簡単に取付け可能です。また国内メーカーのほとんどの便器に対応しており、メーカーを問わず付け替えができます。※一部国内メーカーの便器でも取付けできない商品があります。
  • 【忙しい毎日にかんたんお掃除】汚れが入りやすいつなぎ目がなくサッとひと拭きでOK。便フタ・本体が着脱可能で、今まで手の届かなかった奥の汚れもお掃除できます。また鉢内スプレーで便器の表面を濡らし、汚れを付きにくくするのでお掃除もラクラク。
  • 【多彩なノズルの機能で清潔で心地よい洗浄】おしり洗浄とビデ洗浄それぞれのノズルを搭載。女性に気配りした清潔設計に。シャワー角度は真下に飛び散るようになっており、水滴が周囲につきづらい設計です。またおしり泡ジェット洗浄機能でパワフルでありながら気泡を含んだシャワーが優しく汚れを落とします。
  • 【見えない菌にまで気配り】国際規格に準拠した抗菌加工をトイレに施し、誰もが安心して使えるトイレに。ノズルオートクリーニング機能で使用前後にノズルを洗浄。またノズルは先端が着脱でき、簡単に交換が可能なため清潔な状態を保てます。
DiscountBestseller No. 4
LIXIL (リクシル) INAX シャワートイレ CW-RAA20 / BN8 オフホワイト RAシリーズ 瞬間式 便座 温水洗浄便座 後付け
  • 【付属の部材だけでかんたん取付け】INAXのシャワートイレは、コンセントがあれば特別な工事が必要ありません。付属の部材で簡単に取付け可能です。また国内メーカーのほとんどの便器に対応しており、メーカーを問わず付け替えができます。※一部国内メーカーの便器でも取付けできない商品があります。
  • 【忙しい毎日にかんたんお掃除】汚れが入りやすいつなぎ目がなくサッとひと拭きでOK。便フタ・本体が着脱可能で、今まで手の届かなかった奥の汚れもお掃除できます。また鉢内スプレーで便器の表面を濡らし、汚れを付きにくくするのでお掃除もラクラク。
  • 【強力脱臭で次の人にやさしい思いやり】Wパワー脱臭機能を搭載し、着座中はパワー脱臭、立ち上がるとより強力な脱臭に切り替わります。使用後のにおいを気にせずトイレをあとに。使用中もボタンを押せば強力モードで脱臭可能。
  • 【多彩なノズルの機能で清潔で心地よい洗浄】おしり洗浄とビデ洗浄それぞれのノズルを搭載。女性に気配りした清潔設計に。シャワー角度は真下に飛び散るようになっており、水滴が周囲につきづらい設計です。またおしりワイド洗浄機能で合計5か所のポジションに調節でき、思い通りの洗浄が可能です。
Bestseller No. 5
bidet toilet seat、非電気ビデ 機械式ビデ セラミック ホワイト 非電気式 機械式ビデ 便座用 調節可能 淡水スプレーアタッチメント
  • 非電気ビデ 美しい、シンプルなアウトライン、エレガントなライン、雰囲気、ファッション。
  • 淡水ビデは調整可能な水流とノズルを自動的に変換できます。
  • お尻のお掃除や女性のお掃除に最適な非電動ビデ。
  • 単一の引き込み式セルフ クリーニング ノズルを備えたウォーター スプレー ビデ。
Bestseller No. 6
トイレ掃除用ノズルセット(トイレ用) ビデシャワーヘッドセットトイレシャワーヘッドセットシャワーヘッドハンドヘルドブリスタースプレービデノズルビデステンレス鋼ハンドヘルドビデスプレーセットターホースキットアクセサリー衛生管理 1.5M スプリングホース
  • 1.【セット内容】本セットはポータブルなスプレーガン、1.5メートルのホースと壁設置支柱を含有します。
  • 2.【材質優良】バスルームのシャワーヘッドはステンレスと銅で作られており、耐久性のあるブラシ仕上げの表面は耐久性があり、傷、腐食、変色に耐えるように錆びません。
  • 3.【多機能シャワーヘッド】 極細な水流で清潔に便利ですスプレー、シャワーの手持ちビデとして使用して、バスタブやトイレ、浴槽、ペット、洗車、地面なども活躍できます(あなたの体、車、頭、犬のために入浴すること、洗面所、壁と角をきれいにするためにも使われることができます)。
  • 4.【取り付け簡単】便器のおむつスプレーにはすべての取り付けコンポーネントが装備されており、専門の衛生を必要とせずに10分以内で簡単に設置でき、トイレや壁に取り付けることができます。

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